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Alert on the sunny deck of conscious thought, we sail always surrounded by a deep sea of subconscious thoughts and impulses.
We feel completely in charge, yet how often the subconscious mind stealthily steers and even undermines our best intentions! The conscious mind is willing to make sacrifices, work hard, and carefully chart a course toward a golden island of success.
Many of our most deeply felt and admirable impulses also find their origin in this strange creature that frolics and schemes well below the sunlit surface of rational thought and logic. Although Freud’s objective was a complete understanding of the subconscious mind, most of us would settle for a way to keep the Dragon from stomping on our plans.
I am no psychologist but have devised a method to make my subconscious Dragon an ally instead of an obstacle to success. In fact, if your subconscious were completely in charge you would spend your days pursuing nothing but cheap thrills and sinful pleasures.

When you launch a project or undertake a stint of hard work, tell yourself that when it’s over, you will get a treat.
Maria, I would say if we are disciplined and we know that we are working in the right direction then success is with us. The main problem I face in discipline, I try to keep myself in discipline but sometimes I think it is very difficult to keep yourself in discipline, when you get used to any habit then it would go forever, so why not we should have positive habits for success?
I train my dragon by keeping my thoughts focused on the things I want to bring into my life. Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review.
I see you were using a different context of Dragon, but found this article to be interesting nonetheless. I had encountered this simile of the Inner Dragon before, but how you present it makes it very powerful: Train your dragon.

Recommendations are always based on a belief that the product will provide excellent and valuable information or service. Indeed, trying to avoid or ignore what we fear to look in the eye will only make us return to the same point time and again.
Facing that we have this inner Dragon will help us recognize this Beast even it it has dressed up as Belle.

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