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Have you asked them?  More importantly have you asked the user of your product, not just the company buyer who buys it? So, you need to know the reason the customer says they may quit buying from you — and you need to look closely at how you know this.
Never for a moment should you accept any piece of information you hear from a customer as being 100% factual.  Everything needs to be verified. If after you’ve asked them to explain more and you still have some doubt, then wait until later in the conversation and then bring the topic back up again.

My focus here is in showing you the importance of truly understanding the real reason the customer is potentially going to stop buying from you. Your objective at this point is to take the reason they’ve given you and frame it in a question around what you understand is one of their biggest needs. Your objective is to find out the real reason for the potential change and be able to respond quickly with information the customer may not have considered into the equation. Will you always be successful?  Not always, but unless you try, you will never know.  Even if you do lose, you still will have benefited from learning new information from the customer.

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