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This page is dedicated to the memory of those loved ones that have passed away and to those of us left behind who miss them.
I will remember you as a very kind hard working precious man devoted for his family and friends. It's been a year since you left us, it all happened so sudden, we didn't get to say "I LOVE YOU" or even "GOODBYE". MaryKay lost her battle with cancer this year, but she excepted Jesus as her personal savior last June. In Loving Memory ofKevin Don Schulenberg -- Born 7-16-78; Died 3-27-97Kevin we miss you so much! I lost the dearest sweetest son a mother could have he was my youngest and so full of life he has left such a void in my heart that nothing can ever fill. The Lord send his angels to get you alittle over two years ago, tho the time has passed your meomories has stayed. We remember you by everything, your basketball skills you taught some of us, your skills in teaching your brother to be a better basketball player.
Once again our birthdays have come and gone.I can not celebrate mine without the thought of you. Hey Sam, It seems like it was only yesterday that I saw you at school, but I realize that I will never see you again.
You were so young when God called you home that it has taken me a lot of years just to come to terms with all the emotins that I have been feeling. Tracy was my adopted brother, and even though we were'nt related, I loved him just as much. I didn't really see you much and you lived so far away, and when we came to see you we really didn't stay. This is dedicated to the one person who lived on this Earth and taught me more than anyone else. Deputy Snaples was 22 years old at the time of his death and had just finished his shift as a Corrections Officer when he was killed by an intoxicated driver who was already under suspension for prior DUI's. Grandma the last few weeks I took care of you I feel I had gotten to know you better than I had ever known you before.
There's no words to say what i want or that will bring you back but you were a great dad and wonderful grampy I know your in a safe place and looking down on us all today makes 4 years and it seems like just yesterday still We love you so much even though the tears still fall, But I guess that's just part of missing the best guy in the world! In my dreams, you are alive and well, precious Les, in my heart you live on, always there, never gone.
He will always be remembered for his caring and easy going demeanor, his big blue eyes and smiling face.
I miss you so very much, It has only been 3 months, and I still think you will walk trough my door, but I know that will never be true, I wish I would have been able to tell you that, I love you, and could have gave you a hug, one last time, I wish she would have never took you away, but I will make grandma one promise that I will be there for every court date, she has, its a shame that she is out enjoying her life when she took yours it don't make since to me, but God will give her day if justice, don't, you are soo very much missed, its going to be hard to get trough these holidays with out you, you were the life of all the holidays, Dad I promise you that I will make sure that she will do the most time she can get, I wish I would have known what she had been doing to you, I will be thinking of you every momment of the day and night, sweet dreams dad I LOVE YOU and your grandchildren Love you so much if you had only been here to see how much you were cared about!
Paul was my father who died of lung cancer in 1982, the year his youngest grandchild Samantha was born.
Steve you left me to soon you promised me on Jan 17th of 2000 only two days before you passed away that you would marry me and love me forever, well I guess God had somthing different in his mind but one thing I can say is you will always remain in my heart because you made me laugh, cry you were a funny kind of guy and you will be greatly miss. This often starts out as a simple request, but ends up with mommy at the table, sometimes alone, finishing a project, writing out notes or trying to figure out a mathematical equation that I  had never learned myself while doing the "old math" in school. With four children and what seems like endless homework, there are times when homework help turns into me simply helping a bit too much.
At a recent open house at my 2nd grade son's school, the teacher said that every year, it never fails, a parent uses their non-dominant hand to complete their child's homework. While I agree with her statement and would never use my non-dominant hand to do my child's homework (I prefer to stand over them and tell them the answers and then they write it in themselves when we are short on time) I do think that parents are sometimes put into situations that call for a little creative help. This "creative help" can often turn into parents doing much of the homework for their child in lieu of said child getting a missing assignment mark on their records. The way I see it, they should be learning the concepts in school, practicing at home, then testing to make sure the concepts have gotten through to them. I would write more, but we have a project due next week, a book report to edit and well, never mind. Help, helpful, Homework, Kids. Share the experiences of a single woman property owner in an economically-challenged, high-crime urban area. But every time we go, my husband takes me out past the break and holds me and lets me play and feel safe in the water.
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You didn't have much of a life by many standards but you touched my life and I will remember you. She will have a new body, perfect in every way and we shall spend all of eternity in Paradise.
He was also my best friend He was always there when I needed him, He never broke a promise. About ten years ago he he was able to contact his sister, he still has 2 brothers that he was unable to find. Your 17th birthday just past, but it was only tears and sadness, only cause you wasn't with us here to celebrate. It has been said that absense makes the heart grow fonder.I trully believe this as your memorie lingers as if your passing was yesterday.

Everyday is still a struggle for our family, we just can't believe that you are truly gone. You were always there for me, as you were for everyone else, and I never took the time to say "thank you". Your sense of humor will always be remembered the way you used to joke and play, I was never really the type of person to show my feelings but I love you very much. I will always have those memories of those hot summer nights with us swimming and scared to go near the edges liek someone was going to be there. Renelyn, Andre and 11 other teenagers were getting together after finally ending our Sophmore year. You were my best friend in the whole world, and though you sometimes led a somewhat tortured life, you were always an excellent police officer and a loving father to your children, as well as a great friend to many. I think about you all the time and pray that I could just give you a hug, kiss, and tell that I love you just one more time. No we didn't talk everyday, nor did we hang out, but I promise you that you will forever live in my heart.
I will always cherish your last words to me- "I Love You" Your time here on earth was cut short, and even though I miss you with all my heart, I know that you are in Heaven and I wouldn't bring you back for anything. I remember as a child you would take us kids to the bakery and you would always buy us something and the times you would play with us or make us laugh. I miss you and think of you every day, but I know you are happy because you are with Jesus and Papaw, your mom and dad, and your son in Heaven. Precious child, you left too soon, though it may be true that we're apart you will live forever, in my heart.
It has been over 2 years since you left us now yet the pain of losing you still weighs heavy on my heart. Your strength and faith has helped me to live without you, but I can never be complete again -- you took part of me with you.
Mommom I miss you so much but I did have you here in my life much longer in fact I had 27 years with you. Youleft this world for a better place but what you left behind will never be forgotten - Geri, my sister, your wife of many years misses you very much.
But still I feel and know your with me everyday of my life and I know babydoll we will see eackother again.
He left behind a loving wife of 35 years, 4 children and 4 grandchildren who miss him terribly. I pray to God everyday to be reunited with you so we can share His Kingdom together forever.
I am peaceful knowing that you are at peace and with those who loved you and whom you loved. I had dreamed of having a beautiful daughter all my life and now I have to live without you. Everything here is being remembered by you, you was such a great friend, you were always nice to your brothers friends. Eveyone misses you very much and I want you to know that you will always be my little angel.
You will always be a part of the family and I will see you soon someday, I miss you and I love you. We would like to say that we love him and miss him and he will forever be in our hearts from now and until we meet again. At 10:30PM the group decided to go for pizza at a local pizza hangout, so the group for the others while they got they're parents permission to go.
I cant describe the pain I fill for your loss.Many things remind me of you and that comforts me. We knew each other so long, but not long enough.I was in total shock when your brother called to say you'd been wiped off the face of the earth by a drunk driver, while on your way home from work at the Sioux City Police Department. I will look to the day I will see you again and I can wrap my arms around you and give you the biggest hug and kiss and tell you "I Love You"!!! He was murdered by 3 people because they were scared of him because he was physically and mentally stronger than them. For all the infinite wisdom of this world, it was you, my precious Leslie, that showed me God. Though it was God's turn to share in megans wonderful personality and uniqueness there will always be a place in my heart for her! Dad you were upset because I was pregnant and bringing another child into this insane world you said. I ask the Lord to bless you, as I pray for you today; to guide you as you go along your way. So until my journey is over I'll wait by the open door that Jesus says come and enter in the land of peace and joy. Tyler Joseph" He looked up at me with tears in his eyes, I guess then he knew how much I loved him He worked in a steel mill for 30 years had alot of health problems, In 1985 they said he had 7 to 10 years left, He died on april 11 1997. 1933, His parents died when he was 16 and he rode his bicycle from NYC to a small town in South Jersey. You were taken from us so soon but we know that you are in good hands and that we will all see you again one sweet day. Love his mother Sharon Smith two sisters Crystal Greenlee and Amanda Allenbaugh and one brother Buddy Shoults and many friends and other family. Date of birth: Sept 10, 1954 Date of death is April 10 2005He is survived by his wife Bobbie, his mother Katherine Simpson, a sister Susan Smith, 2 children, Justin and Pamela, 2 nieces Amanda and Stephanie and 2 step sons.

Oh, how I wish I could go back to the morning of September 3, 1998, when I saw my brother alive for the last time. I love you my son, and I can't wait to be seated with you at the right hand of our Father, God. She was a VERY popular girl, because she was caring, funny, beautiful, and always there for you when you needed her. To Megan: Why god had to take you so tragically nobody will know but what puts me to sleep every night is I know your safe in heaven looking after your family and friends because thats the kind of person I knew you to be. I keep hoping for the phone to ring and you are on the other end asking us to go to the flea market, or coming over to go look at cars. Yes insane it is but she is a beautiful child, both of your grandchildren are, but you know that because you are watching them grow. Davey and the girls miss you so much and sha sha and brother Tim and Dennis Steve it's not the same since you left oh I'm crying as I'm writing this. On June 20, 2003, Tracy and some friends went hiking up a mountain, and that was the last mountain he ever climbed. Eddie said you are probably fixing everyones cars in heaven and you bought yourself that corvett you always wanted. I only had 15 years with you and you have been gone 15 years and it still hurts, at night I lay their thinking about you and the days you and my dad your son played ping pong all night saying one more game Joyce to my mom as we watched with our coats still on.
All my life I asked her to stop smoking, Well she did only to find out 2 months after she stopped. I am also a step dad to my 2 oldest boys, if it was not for him I never would have been abe to take on the role of dad for them and for that I am greatful. God must have wanted you to be safe and wanted you to be with him, for you to die in that car accident. You knew just what to say when I was down and u knew how to make me smile u Are my best friends Karla adn I wish I had told you that. I know you would tell me not to cry for you, for you are free of pain and at peace and in a much better place. But i have come to realize that god needed you more than us, even though I would love to have you here now. I will always regret not having taken the time while he was alive to show him how much I cared. Never forget that we love you, and today and always I loyally remain "Daddys little girl" and I miss you with all my heart and soul.. It's been almost two years and the pain and tears are just as strong as the day we lost you, but we know you are with God in Heaven and waiting on us. Then you will know how to be His friend, Like Abraham and Enoch." Always reminding us "I'll be gone one day and you'll remember that the greatest gift I ever gave you was to introduce you to Our Father and His Son.
I wish I could feel your touch again, see your face, feel your warm embrace but it is not to be. He was two years younger than me, and his death only goes to show, that you just never know when your time is up.
But he taught me more in those 3 years than I had ever learned in the other 40 years of my life. We are always thinking about you, no matter what is going on in each of our lives, you are there with us. I loved him so much, and never thought that I would ever lose him: my inspiration and by all means my hero. I learned more about the Bible, God, and the way that I am supposed to live, act, think, etc. 19, 1999, Tara was walking home from a basketball game at school, with her best friend, Rachel Gericke. I wouldnt have fought with him all the time, I would have been the loving sister that he deserved, instead of what i was to him. He was speeding, and swerved to miss hitting an animal in the road, when his car spun around and hit a tree. Your tears would fall and you would mourn, but my pain well there would be no more.As I kissed your cheeks and said good-by the angel waited by my side. He said," Come we must go, for the Lord is waiting in the sky." A journey we took that didn't take long.
She has been making GREAT progress, and hopefully will be back to normal, though it will take some time. As for Tara, all we can do now is remember all the wonderful memories she brought us, and all the love she poured out to everyone.
I would have done anything for you, I would have stayed under that car all day holding you.
I know that someday I will walk down the streets of gold,A place where there is no pain.I went to my ball game, I had 12 kids waiting for me. Love Always, Cecil ( Wrote In Loving Memory Of - Cecil Dudley Scott ) For my sister Shirley. I will never forget all she did for us.The last words me and Mom shared were I love you,talk to you later.

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