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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The original plan involved a small pilot of 150-200 students at the new high school next fall. Next year, the same questions will be asked in the survey and this data will be used to evaluate the impact of this initiative in the classroom.
However, with Apple’s big announcement about their electronic textbook program last month, the Superintendent has proposed a larger-scale plan to implement iPads 1:1 at all four high school campuses next fall. Technology June 4-7, 2012 equipment.- navigation- finding and installing Informal EdTech Trainers It will be providedapps feedback will be by district- electronic textbooks collected through Educational observation and Technology discussion.
EdTech Trainers May 2013 test data toOnly core subject areas Professional previous year.– math, science, English, Campus admin and Developmentand social studies. Coupled with the iPad initiative will be the flipped classroom instructional model that facilitates project-based learning.

Doug Brubaker, AssistantAnalysis of technology Superintendent ofsurvey data and self- Technology Technologyassessment to identify Conference Room Areas of Developmentchallenges to improvement and April 2012implementation and Projector and challenges are Jan North, Directormodify professional presentation identified.
Participants will Training will held complete a at district formal survey inProvide optional iPad Technology Eduphoria at the Jan North, Directorworkshops throughout Training Lab and conclusion of the of Instructionalsummer focused on provided by training. Technology Summer 2012reinforcing previously districtlearned skills and Educational Informal EdTech Trainersbuilding new skills. The follow- up self-assessment in December will re-evaluate their skill level and identify needs for continued professional development in the spring semester.
This instructional model will allow for more individualized learning and promote project-based learning. We will continually evaluate the progress of this initiative using the following methods: Ashley M. In Tom Connellan’s book, “Inside the Magic Kingdom: Seven Keys to Disney’s Success”, the fifth lesson states that “customers are best heard through many ears” (1996).

Goal #1: To develop a comprehensive professional development plan for the iPad and flipped classroom implementations based on various data sources, including technology survey results, teacher self-assessments, and student assessment data. Disney stresses the importance of using both formal and informal methods to evaluate how they are doing. Technology 100% students (no cost)Purpose is to evaluate May 2012 complete surveystudent technology skills Campus principals by May 25, 2012. Every staff member should be a “listening post” and keep their ears open to what their customers are saying (Connellan, 1996). A follow-up survey in November will re-assess their level of engagement and evaluate the impact of iPads and flipped classroom instructional model on their learning.

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