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Go ahead and book your session with one of our a€?Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutesa€? specialists. In the unlikely event that you find you have not become a happy non-smoker after your 60 minute sessiona€¦we will conduct AS MANY SESSIONS WITH YOU AS IT TAKES. The new sense of focus in your healthy life and becoming the person you always knew you could be. No matter how hard you thought quitting cigarettes was, armed with the Quit60 program you have the single, most powerful tool in existence to quit in just 60 minutes.
Did you know that ongoing studies over more than 50 years have shown that smokers who try to quit without some form of help fail more than 95% of the time! Maybe your smoking habit is triggered by something else: the drive home from work, a coffee break, the start of a new stressful project or even socialising with certain friends. It is true that smoking does provide a temporary hit from nicotine, just as, say, a couple of red wines. Also, non-smokers who have absolutely no dependence on cigarettes can (and do) just as easily suffer the negative physical effects of smoking without any addiction at all.
Quit60 uses a highly developed combination of NLP techniques and advanced hypnotherapy that allows clients to successful quit cigarettes in just one 60 minute session, guaranteed. For many years hypnosis has proven very helpful in modifyingA even the most deeply ingrainedA habits.
Yet the Quit60 Method can offer such a guarantee because of our 95%+ success rate in just a single session. The hypnosis component of the Quit60 Method allows you to access the deepest levels of your unconscious mind where your most ingrained habits are stored and actioned from.
The NLP component of the Quit60 Method reframes the patterns in both your conscious and unconscious mind that lead to your using cigarettes.
Youa€™re probably thinking, a€?Is there any real difference between the Quit60 Method and other methods of hypnotherapy to quit smoking?a€? Well, leta€™s look at the statistics and you can see for yourself.
The following graph clearly illustrates the difference between various therapies used to help you quit cigarettes.
A The Quit60 Method has been proven to be close to 20 times more effective than going alone, 6 times better than standard NRTa€™s, and over four and a half times more effective than other methods of single session hypnotherapy.
And despite the obvious difference in success rates, many medical professionals are quite impressed with the results of even single-session hypnosis (perhaps because the main comparison is with the NRT treatments most commonly prescribed amongst the medical profession). Studies show that of those who try to quit smoking alone without any additional help or support (hypnosis or otherwise), the success rate is very low. Those who use behaviour modification, NRT Therapy, or medication (specifically Zyban) approach an average about a 25% success rate. A more recent study (October 22, 2007, presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians) found hypnosis to be more than twice as effective as going a€?cold turkey,a€? and more than three times as effective as NRT. Singh, S (2011) a€?Popular antismoking drug raises chances of serious cardiac eventa€? Reported by S. Such research is difficult to be comprehensive as it is not practical in all cases to follow up with test patients over a lifetime.
Call and ask for our FREE information package.A Alternatively, if you call and make a booking straight away, we will give you a $50 discount! For hypnotherapy treatments, finding a qualified local therapist is extremely difficult, and if you do find one, you should expect to pay at least $200 a session (usually more for someone who is at the upper end of the success spectrum).
If you are really serious about quitting, call us now.a€?Together we can ensure your success.
7The new sense of focus in your healthy life and becoming the person you always knew you could be. 1Studies show that of those who try to quit smoking alone without any additional help or support (hypnosis or otherwise), the success rate is very low. 2Those who use behaviour modification, NRT Therapy, or medication (specifically Zyban) approach an average about a 25% success rate. 4A more recent study (October 22, 2007, presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians) found hypnosis to be more than twice as effective as going a€?cold turkey,a€? and more than three times as effective as NRT. 8.Singh, S (2011) a€?Popular antismoking drug raises chances of serious cardiac eventa€? Reported by S.
So you will spend at least $800 to $1,000 for 4 to 5 sessions and still only expect a 66% success rate.
Realistically, if you do decide on using hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking and you shouldna€™t settle for anything less than Quit60 and our 95%= success rate and lifetime guarantee.
Improve Your Public Speaking ConfidenceFor many, speaking in front of an audience is more frightening than skydiving or swimming with sharks.
The good news: hypnosis can reverse these feelings of fear and anxiety naturally and easily.
Our Hypnotherapists work with clients to increase confidence, reduce anxiety and overall see public speaking as a way to display the true genius within you.  We will help you re-program the mind to be comfortable in front of an audience and regain control when stepping in front of a group.
While in the hypnotic state, you will gain access to the inner clarity that was previously blocked.  You will learn how to relax yourself and bring yourself back to a good, confident place when speaking in front of a large or small group. In a study in American Health Magazine, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have a 93% success rate compared with lower results from other methods of therapy which require far more sessions.  Click here to learn more about hypnosis and its high success rate.

In most cases the improvements brought on through hypnosis will actually pay for the cost of hypnotherapy. Clients usually feel extremely relaxed following a session of hypnosis and leave with a feeling of calm alertness.
From the quietly confident doctor whose advice we rely on, to the charismatic confidence of a motivating leader, self-confident people have qualities that everyone admires. Self-confident people inspire it in others: their co-workers, their family, their bosses, their clients, and their friends.
Your degree of confidence shows in many ways: through behavior, body language, how you communicate, the words you use among others. Possessing little self-regard, or low self-esteem, can lead people to become depressed, to fall short of their potential, or to tolerate abusive situations and relationships.
You will likely have to rewire your brain with new more positive thoughts that take time to cement themselves into your brain. Day in, day out, you are bombarded with subtle messages aimed at negatively influencing your subconscious mind. Everywhere we turn, society and advertisers are influencing our minds with subliminal and not-so-subliminal messages which knock our feelings of confidence. The problem is they are spending billions of dollars to get you to buy their products and how do they motivate you to spend? We have to turn that around and flood our minds with messages which increase your level of confidence in all areas of your life. Anyone -- literally anyone -- can become confident no matter what their previous experiences, education or background.
Hypnosis is actually easier for individuals just like you and me -- once you begin, you'll be blown away at the speed you can move, and how easy it is to achieve your goals when your subconscious is working full time on your behalf and nor advertisers!
Hypnosis opens the door to higher self-esteem and confidence by helping you relax, focus and influence your subconscious mind. Hypnosis works by cultivating information and traits already present in you so that you can achieve your full potential. It means with little effort and minimal investment you could be living a stress-free life of confidence and happiness - before you know it! Whether you're a seasoned meditator, or someone that has never tried to meditate before, this program will give you the help you need to take your confidence to another level! Every night before you sleep, this session prepares your subconscious mind to rewire itself as you sleep peacefully and blissfully. Your subconscious mind takes in all the positive empowering messages and while you dream, processes them all to integrate them into your life. All the negative messages you were exposed to during the day are replaced by self-esteem inspiring messages. This is crucial to changing the negative programming we have all been exposed to for decades. Best Audio Quality - Makes the inductions and deepenings more effective, as well as the Stereo Imaging, and Binaural Beats.
NLP - I use Future Pacing and Analog Marking to add more impact to this session, which lasts a very quick hour. With over 2 hours worth of audio hypnotic sessions, Program Yourself For Confidence is engineered to help you finally achieve the self-esteem that you have dreamed of. That's a real world package worth $119.85 (it is more than worth it as you'll discover for yourself).
When you take action today, you're getting the morning, afternoon and evening sessions available by instant download -- so no waiting! When you purchase the Program Yourself For Confidence program you will have a full 60 days to experience the program, grow your self-esteem, and ensure your satisfaction. But you are fully covered by my iron clad, no quibbles satisfaction policy, which means if you are not totally delighted with this program you will get a prompt and courteous refund. You don't have to -- now you have the chance to finally build that life of your dreams, from the comfort of your own home. True Confidence is a very real possibility once you understand how to program your mind for confidence. It is on that basis that I am clicking the secure order now button below and entering my credit card details to reserve my copy this instant!
After all, you want to be a non-smoker and youa€™ll easily save many times the cost of your investment.
Whatever the trigger, the fact is that smoking is a habit and so is as much a part of your life as any other habit really. Habits make life easier.A Imagine having to relearn how to drive or eat or clean your teeth every day. NOT SO!A If you want to see the effects of REAL physical addiction look up what happens to someone on crystal meth. But does drinking a couple of wines regularly and enjoying them make you addicted to alcohol?
In fact over 30% of our successful clients report feeling as though they have never had a cigarette in their whole life!

Our treatment process has been developed over more than ten years to correctly provide exactly what is needed to let youA change the way you think about and deal with your smoking habit.
And whilstA multiple-session hypnosis has a reasonably high 66% success rate at helping people quit cigarettes, it is not complete enough in itself to guarantee you will become a lifelong non-smoker.
The result is that nothing is left to guesswork or hope and every area that needs to be addresses to ensure success is dealt with as it should. Even multi-session standard hypnotherapy, the best of the alternative methods, is less than 60% as effective as Quit60. The study compared four separate quit smoking methods used by highly-motivated former hospital patients.A 50% of patients using hypnosis quit successfullyA after onlyA one hypnosis session with recorded sessions for follow-up. Yet the Quit60 Method, with more than ten years of 95%+ success with clients worldwide becoming lifetime non-smokers after a single session by far and away the most successful modality to quit cigarettes available today. When people have attempted various methods to quit smoking and are not successful, they tend to talk about it more often. Eliminating habits like smoking and overeating can add up to thousands of dollars of savings annually. When prearranged, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover through Paypal secure online payments. Additionally, the Benefield Building is also home to several other professional firms, such as real estate, investing, and massage. Although conventional wisdom once held that as few as 30% of the population could be hypnotized, Dr. Gaining the trust of others by being confident, is one of the crucial activities in which you achieve success. Would you buy that deodorant, if the commercial you saw 18 times last night, didn't promise the perfect mate and excitement? It is a method of clearing the clutter from thoughts and actions that can be crippling to your efforts to better manage your live with confidence. Listen every morning for 21 days and you will be astounded at the effortless difference they made in your life.
Remember, you can download the Program Yourself For Confidence sessions today and ALL the risk is on me! So you can book your session with a a€?Quit Smoking In 60 Minutes Specialista€? with complete confidence. That is based on the thousands of successful clients worldwide over ten years who became non-smokers for life.
Nevertheless in some cases the above drug with clearly documented dangers is sometimes prescribed before hypnotism.
Just like when passengers on an airline are not happy, or customers at a shop feel ripped off. So realistically, if you do decide on using hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking and you settle for anything less than Quit60, you really are just wasting your money.
Additionally, we utilize methods from Neurolinguistic Programming as well as from the Emotional Freedom Technique.
Kappas’ hemispheric approach to hypnotherapy proved that everyone could be hypnotized.
The closest alternative therapy to Quit60 is standard, multi-session hypnotherapy which, although showing better results than other therapies, is still far less effective than the proven Quit60 Method.
Success rates off 66% still mean one in three people investing in themselves to quit smoking is using a method that is letting them down. At the end of the day if the client is serious about quitting there is no realistic alternative to Quit60.
London (2003) stated, a€?Smoking cessation is an area in which hypnosis has been particularly effective. F Hasan, one of the studya€™s authors, said,a€?Our results showed that hypnotherapy resulted in higher quit rates compared with NRT alone. Hypnosis is safe, natural, effective and does not have the side effects of prescription medication. Reduced stress levels frequently end the need for expensive, temporary tension reducing activities like drinking, substance abuse, and thrill-seeking. Hollywood actors, writers, directors, and producers come to me to help them achieve their very best in film and on stage. The majority of our clients are referred to us by people who we have helped to quit smoking and we want to help as many people as possible give up this destructive habit. Because of our 95%+ success rate we are the only quit cigarettes program that offers a LIFETIME guarantee. Life would be impossible without habits.A The good news is that habits CAN be changed, with just a little awareness and application. Joseph Barber of the University of Washington, Seattle, for example, found that hypnotic intervention can be integrated into a treatment protocol for smoking cessation.

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