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The vacancy you are applying for may require a different skill set than those you use in your current position.
People want to feel like they own the problem and the solution, so creating cross-functional initiatives that expose employees to new areas of the company so they can solve problems and work together is what makes work fun.
The CEO recognized that the lack of a strong, cohesive culture was holding the organization back from meeting its business objectives. Divya Ghatak: In the past a lot of people had come on board where we had not been deliberate about a right culture fit for applicants, and recruiting wasn’t consistent because we hadn’t identified our core values. Boss: With 20 years of experience, what has been your observations in HR between large and small companies, and what makes GoodData unique? Ghatak: The level of impact and speed at which you’re able to move is a defining element between large and small scale companies. What makes us unique is having a CEO and leadership team who believe in a people strategy, which is highlighted by our GoodVoices program. Ghatak: We were one of the first data companies to look at data in the cloud and the only one who has an end to end platform. Creating that connection between the employee and the organizational vision and making them know that they have a big part to play in realizing that vision is always a challenge. We enjoy the game so much the way it is now that we didna€™t want to hold it back from you, but we plan to add a career mode in the future. The Trophy Room automatically keeps track of the heaviest of each fish species, and you cana€™t remove them.
When you have cast the line, the Tackle Box, Live Well, and Home buttons slide off the screen to give you more room to see the action and reel. Besides that, the phone has physical limitations as to how fast it can track your motions & recompute the display.

After speaking with the CPOs of other major talent destination companies in Silicon Valley such as LinkedIn and Facebook, Divya developed a plan to reshape the internal culture and align itself with the kind of company GoodData wanted to be.
So we instituted Talent Scorecards to standardize the hiring process to make decisions more deliberate and therefore talent acquisition more predictable. At GoodData, we’re only about 300 employees so our agility isn’t weighed down by too much bureaucratic process.
What we aim to do [as a smaller organization] is work across all levels in the company, whereas in larger organizations strategy is defined at the top. We stay ahead of competition by being deliberate, understanding the environment and our competition, investing in people through our company training and bootcamps, and exposing people to growth opportunities since you must grow people to grow the business. People aren’t motivated by money nowadays, but rather opportunity to shape the industry and define it; they want to add their value and make a dent in the world, and if culture isn’t a fit for the employee then they leave. A company built by people who care about doing something different and creating value for customer is one that will sustain its value over time. Leadership team needs to be excited about doing something different, whether it’s doing something revolutionary or truly care about making a difference in a very measurable way, and doing so on a daily basis. The ability to talk about problems—positives and negatives—and this goes both ways [top down, bottom up, across functions]. His upcoming book “Navigating Chaos: How to Find Certainty in Uncertain Situations” will be out in 2015.
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You need a CV that will get you successfully through the paper sift and on to the interview stage. You may have to reduce the information offered on your current job and elaborate on the information on the previous role or outside activities.

Not only is Divya making a significant contribution as a female executive in the technology industry, but she is also paving the way for more effective human resources and people development within GoodData’s organization. The hiring process may be a bit slower but the people coming on board now are much more aligned. At GoodData, our strategy is defined by what our people want and then embedded into the culture, so there’s a real opportunity here to put your own stamp on things.
When you build a system of belief in the people and systems then organizational growth is a positive byproduct. Leadership needs to be able to hear feedback in a candid way, which is what we use thru our GoodVoices program because we got a lot of candid feedback from employees and we shared all of it—every bit of it—at a [previous] meeting.
This website will cover two proven formats that work for applicants who are over 40 and have either lost their job or want to change their career.
We did this in an all hands and it built enormous trust amongst employees because issues were raised, everyone was cognizant.
Realistically the member of staff looking at your CV will only spend 30 seconds reading it before they move on to the next one. Processes, embedding core values in the culture, and [receiving] feedback from employees  is owned by leaders and People Champions, or people who represent different functions.

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