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When you have a big production studio backing you, like with Kill Dil, it helps for the project to do well and I hope this film does that. These days it is very difficult for a film to get through to the audience with just the story and content. The way he has performed will make sure that this will be remembered by people for a very long time. It was such a delightful experience and especially with a director like Shaad Ali who is not just a good director but a great human being. I don’t want to do films just for the sake of being busy because I have my music as well to cater to.
I want to do only certain kinds of roles and give the rest of my time to other creative work. I want to concentrate on music and releasing my album because it’s been a while since I have done that. Youngistaan neither says something new nor does it reinforce time-tested wisdom in a way that you actually want to pay attention to it, feels Paloma Sharma. Once his father passes, the ABKP supports Abhimanyu’s candidacy as the acting Prime Minister until the next election, which is six months away. The party’s seasoned politicians believe that Abhimanyu will be their fall guy until the next election and take the blame for a highly unpopular government. Perhaps it is because the mainstream filmmakers of this country have been suddenly instilled with a strong belief in the youth of this nation that we have so many films targeted at my generation or perhaps it is because of our newfound purchasing power -- either way, I ask for forgiveness for being a cynic well in advance.
Youngistaan was supposed to be a political drama but ended up being a romance for most of the two hours and 14 minutes.
Youngistaan makes tall claims of political awareness as well as being pro-youth and pro-change but it absolutely fails to grasp the basics of geopolitics and international affairs. The Prime Minister of the Republic of India simply does not give a Manoj Kumar-esque speech at the Headquarters of the United Nations, explaining the meaning of Namaste.

E-voting is highly unlikely to be implemented without several debates in both houses of Parliament and several, several years of adjournments. Furthermore, the makers of Youngistaan practice perfect political correctness when it comes to the side stepping one of the most important youth issues -- reservation -- since it means getting into that murky history of caste in which we are all complicit. There are moments in this film where Bhagnani actually believes that he is the PM of the country, and then there are moments where Sharma believes that she is not a Neha but an Anushka. When you hear the soundtrack, you think that maybe it is in these soothing sounds that Youngistaan will find its salvation. All in all, Youngistaan makes claims like Modi, implements policies like Rahul and has a persistent cough like Kejriwal, and I certainly wouldn’t vote for it. A 130 tire is just slightly bigger off than the standard 110, and it definately works for the better, ur bike does get an improved grip on the road, thats ASSURED, so u can b a little more daring and take those high speed turns that u always wanted to! I'm planning to go for a long Drive of 3000 Kms in another 15 days, is it advisable to go, if yes what are the things to take care of. To fit a broader tyre on the enfield is possible, but above 130 would be serious mods to your bike. Secondly what happens for a smaller tyre at the rear, is that your overall gearing goes down, ie, for the same given speed on road, your bike's engine will run at a higher speed than a stock bike, this helps acceleration, but the losses are an overworked engine, and lesser top speed. The Besk way to the use disk is to give few small pull of the lever but slowly.This will not give u jerks and at the same time birng ur mustang on halt quickly.
What will be the cost of the whole package with a new swingarm and by altering the present swingarm.
Apart from that, there has no problem; in gact the handling and control and the speed on the leans has really improved.
I don''t think you should go for tyres that are much above the stock, as it would reduce speed and besides necessitate modifying the swing arm.
I remember after Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, I would consult Aditya Chopra on films and how I should take my career forward.

Director Syed Ahmad Afzal doesn’t need to concern himself with all of that, of course. You really want to believe that someone like Abhimanyu, someone young and full of new ideas, can change the country. Firstly yes to fit a tyre that is broader than normal is something that has to be measure for first. I would like to ask the guy who got his rear rim to an eliminator's, that how did he route his brake, and the drive chain. The best way to counter this is to get a custom front sprocket made, with one teeth extra, so you can take care of the over all drop. I have 95 std Enfieldflagreply to threadreply with a quote Deepak Surwade12:00 AM Tue, January 22, 2008 I need to know whether anyone in Pune does tyres.
Yes the COG( center of gravity) does change, but in 1 inch the change wont be much, but any more and you can feel a noticeable difference. But I also learnt from a (what i beleive) a bullet expert you can put jeep tyres on the bullet. A wide tyre only looks good, coz the width of the stock tyre are adequate for the bikes power.
Fitting this you have good look and comfort on your vehicle, but loose a little pickup and mileage. Always start ur breaking with rear break(may be few few seconds) and then use front and rear simultaineously afterward.

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