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Les effets de la meditation ont ete observes dans de nombreuses etudes, et demontrent le lien entre psychisme et organisme (et donc la sante). Intensive meditation training, immune cell telomerase activity, and psychological mediators.
A non-elaborative mental stance and decoupling of executive and pain-related cortices predicts low pain sensitivity in Zen meditators.
On peut obtenir les memes resultats en arretant de regarder la Tv, d’ecouter la radio, de lire les journaux. Ceci dit l’intention mise dans nos pratique aident bien a debrousailler tout le fatras! A Researchers from several institutions recruited 60 college students, including 27 smokers. J’ai commence mes recherches apres une mort clinique, un coma et des soins intensifs.

Half the subjects learned a form of A meditation called integrative body-mind training, or IBMT, practicing for five hours over a two-week period.
In contrast, the smoking habits of the relaxation therapy group showed little change.Study participants also answered a questionnaire that gauged their craving levels. Their responses revealed a significant decrease in craving in the meditation group, but not in the relaxation therapy group.To understand the brain mechanisms underlying these differences, Posner and his colleagues used a functional magnetic resonance imaging machine to examine activity in the subjectsa€™ anterior cingulate and prefrontal cortices, which play a major role in impulse control. They saw that smokers had poor activity in these brain regions, indicating impaired self-control.
The activity of these regions increased significantly in smokers who learned meditation, but didna€™t change in subjects who followed the relaxation regimen.A The meditation group also showed a sharper decrease in the activity of the posterior cingulate cortex and cerebellum, brain regions associated with problem solving -- which may also kick into gear when smokers resist reaching for a cigarette, Posner said. Although these brain regions are useful for situations requiring intense focus, they may sabotage efforts to quit smoking.a€?Ita€™s counterproductive to concentrate on wanting to quit,a€? Posner said. When filling out questionnaires on their smoking habits, many patients initially reported no change in the number of cigarettes they smoked per day.a€?I was not aware of my smoking reduction while filling out the self-report questionnaires,a€? one participant said.

But after I thought carefully and checked my pocket, actually I only needed a half pack per day recently. However, further follow-up studies are needed to determine whether smokers need additional meditation training to control their habit, Posner said.IBMT is one of several forms of meditation already used to treat addiction.
Although the new study supports its effectiveness in curbing smoking, more studies are needed to determine whether other forms of meditation are just as effective, Posner said. Whether IBMT can be used to treat other forms of substance abuse also remains to be seen.Posner also cautioned that the participant pool was small and not representative of the general population. Although IBMT reduced smoking in the college students studied, it may not work well for everyone.

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