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To create a cozy meditation area in your garden we need to focus on the main elements of the meditation garden. Another element od medidation area in your garden is a sense of separation from the rest of the landscape.
There are lots of ways to create a meditation corner in your garden, depending on a bugdet and the size of the garden. Subscribe to our free newsletter to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, photo shoots, and more. Garden is an ultimate personal getaway and while it might take a lot of work and effort to maintain you can always take a moment to sit back and enjoy all the work done on your lucious greenery. If you are on a tight budget choose a shady location for your garden seating so that you won’t have to buy and install sun awnings. Speaking of alcoves you can build a garden seat with a built-in sun awning that looks like one while a gazebo will add even more appeal to the garden. Need a place where you can go to relax and unwind without everyday distractions? Your garden may become a place for you to find focus and center yourself. We know that the sound of running water has a calming effect, just what we need for a medidtation area. Anything from a simple rock garden to an intricate labyrinth, choose a meditation garden that is perfect for you. A meditation room will give you a place to participate in daily yoga, chants, and meditation without interruption.
You can choose a shade of a big tree or an alcove if your garden features any structures or additional architecture. Perched on a hill or surrounded with trees and bushes gazebo will look like a place from a fairy taile. It can be a garden room, a pod or a gazebo but it can also be a structured depressed area covered with grass much like the conversation pit in the interiors. Use creative landscaping techniques to emphasize it and add a little privacy to it if you want to use it as a resting place or a place for meditation. While we have no reason to believe that any information contained on this website is inaccurate, we do not warrant the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of such information, nor do we undertake to keep this website updated.
It is well known that oriental designs are among the most peaceful and relaxing of all types. You can create a little path that leads to your meditation corner and install a mirror over there.
Your relaxation corner also has to provide you with privacy, try to separate it by installing a bamboo fence or curtains. Image Source: Blansfield Builders Imagine having a room in your home that heals your mind, body and soul?

For a more formal and minimalistic garden opt for a modern hanging chair or a round pod bench.
Create your own private corner of the world and enjoy the stress reducing benefits of your garden. A room that allows you to escape the daily stresses of life and connect with a higher power?
The benefits of meditation are still being uncovered, but all discoveries to date show that meditation has a rich healing, transformative power like no other. Some studies have shown that meditation actually has the power to change the way our brains work.While there is not a specific set of rules that need to be followed when creating a meditation room, there are some things you should take into consideration.
Image Source: Grace Design Associates 1) Choose a Feel-Good SpaceYou want to pick a room in your home that makes you feel good. In addition, you want it to be a quiet room in the house, and definitely a room with a limited amount of traffic.When choosing the room, pay attention to the lighting as well.
This means that you might want to choose a room that faces the sun for the time of day you plan to meditate. You want a place that allows you to relax your mind and your body, without being distracting.Collect this ideaYou want your meditation room to be a quiet, peaceful room. A few basic recommendations include a small table, a yoga mat, a throw rug, and a pillow for meditation.Collect this ideaMake sure your meditation room is clean and clutter-free. Image Source: Barrett Studio3) Bring Nature Into Your Meditation RoomNature is organically relaxing and healing, so it only makes sense that you bring some natural elements into the room where you want to relax and meditate. In fact, most believe that mediation is all about connecting yourself – mind and body – with nature and your surroundings. This could be a plant (consider the scent of jasmine), a vase of cut flowers, jars filled with sand and seashells, or even a small water fountain.In fact, a water fountain is a must for every mediation room. Image Source: Map Interiors4) Play Meditative MusicAlthough not a necessary element, music can be very relaxing for many individuals.
It does not necessarily have to be classical music, but any sounds you find soothing, such as ocean sounds, birds chirping, or the whistling sounds of the wind.
Make sure the tracks are long enough to continue playing through your entire mediation session, and consider putting the sounds on repeat to avoid interruption.Collect this ideaIf you are not lucky enough to meditate near the ocean, then consider listening to the sounds of water through meditative background music.
Image Source: Escale-Design5) AromatherapyAnother element to consider in your mediation room is aromatherapy. The use of essential oils from plants, such as lavender, chamomile, and peppermint, can really soothe the soul, the mind, and the body.From burning candles and incense, to heating oils, you can receive the benefits of aromatherapy while meditating. These are all great reasons why you should include aromatherapy in your meditation room.Collect this ideaFrom burning candles and incense, to heating oils, you can receive the benefits of aromatherapy while meditating.
Image Source: Espacio Syluz6) Add a Personal TouchWhen creating your mediation room, you definitely want to include some of your own personal touches.

This can be any element, smell, sound, or object that particularly soothes your body and relaxes your mind.Think of items, such as bells, chimes, crystals, a statue of Buddha, affirmation stones, beads, and artwork.
Any of these are great elements for creating a serene and peaceful environment for you to focus solely on meditating.Remember, however, that you do not want to overcrowd the space.
Image Source: Tinge Interiors7) Fresh Air is ImportantAside from the aromatherapy smells you have in the room, you also want to make sure you have fresh air. Fresh air has many benefits, including boosting your brainpower, improving your overall health, and helping you feel refreshed.If your space is outdoors, this will not be difficult to obtain.
However, if you are indoors, you want to make sure the room is well-ventilated, and you have the opportunity to experience a cool breeze now and again.If you are in a room that does not have any windows or ceiling fans, consider bringing in a standing fan that also functions as an air purifier.
Try to create a room outside, but if not, then make sure your indoor room has great air circulation. Image Source: Jason Jones8) A Serene Paint PaletteAside from the physical elements and sensory objects, you also want to take into consideration the color of the room. Some may prefer a very dark paint palette— thinking the dark colors would make the room feel womb-like and envelope them in relaxation. Image Source: IDFOMAHA9) Lighting Makes a DifferenceAs was mentioned earlier, best-case scenario is that you find a room that has lots of natural light.
It is recommended that you choose a sheer fabric in a light shade that will diffuse the light.If the room you choose lacks natural light, you really want to focus on the light fixtures you choose.
Make sure you have the ability to have both options, because your mood can change from day-to-day.If you have chosen an outdoor space, make sure the area is not too bright from sunlight during the time you wish to mediate. If possible, try to create a shade with an umbrella or a structure that allows you to hang sheer curtains. This will keep the sun from irritating your eyes and keeping your mind too awake.Collect this ideaLighting sets the mood for your meditation room, so be sure to have dimmers, candles and shades on windows.
Image Source: Garret Cord WernerThere are many elements that you should consider when creating a mediation room.
Choose a quiet spot to avoid noisy distractions and bring in elements of nature, creating a good base to start from.Take what you have learned here and start looking around your home. You just may be surprised at what room brings you the relaxing feeling you are looking for, and deserve.

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