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The honeymoon is a welcome break to the hectic planning and constant organisation involved in pulling a wedding together.  Shortly before your trip you’ll probably look at your passport and give consideration to a few things: the photo (yuck!
You can access both the passport application form and form PD2 from the UK Government Directory site.  Alternatively, Confetti can provide these passport forms, along with all the remaining name change forms, letters and paperwork you’ll need as part of our new personalised name change service.
If you are planning on getting married abroad you will be unable to apply for a post-dated passport as you will need to begin and end your trip abroad with a passport in your maiden name.  Of course, any bride could wait until after their wedding ceremony to change the name on their passport, and then take care of all their marriage name change paperwork on their return. For brides who decide to put a little extra organisation into their married name change before their wedding it can be a great relief to get that one extra job done and they can kick back on their honeymoon as Mrs Newname.  And on her return it’s an extra bit of motivation to tackle the whole name change task.

Name change can be a daunting experience, both in terms of feeling a loss of identity, and the extra mountain of paperwork that it creates. Expect to save about 6 hours of time and effort with the Confetti name change kit.  You can apply any date to your name change notifications, so if you want to take care of all your name change paperwork before you get married you can get the information now, apply for a post-dated passport, then have all your documents ready to send when you return from your honeymoon. Love, love, love the idea of having this cute framed ring holder on my bedside table or bathroom sink. And you can discuss this topic and more with hundreds of brides and brides-to-be in the Confetti forums!

We all know this, but this article fully assumes it’s the woman that makes the change. I would totally use this to hold my ring while I wash my face, apply lotion and for storing my ring overnight.

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