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Keep in mind that everyone who reaches old age has lived through loss, illness, and disappointment.
I would like to second the idea that it can take a lifetime to live in the moment and truly savor its pleasure.
I feel like such a sap weeping while reading this post but this couldn’t have come at a better time. In reading of the book and on happiness, I get the feeling that most of your responders imply that happiness results most from what influence we have had on others. ABOUTThe Legacy Project has systematically collected practical advice from over 1500 older Americans who have lived through extraordinary experiences and historical events.
30 LESSONS FOR LIVINGNamed a “Best Self-Help Book of 2011” by Library Journal and available wherever books are sold. Positive people associate themselves with positive language and the same is true for those who embrace power and powerful thinking. In spite of all the definitive and exhaustive lists of words to connect with and in spite of your best efforts whether intentional or not, you will never be able to evade the words that invoke a host and range of emotional responses that people, both young and old connect with. There’s so much interest in this topic that a veritable mountain of books has been published over the past few years on the “how to be happy” theme.
Nevertheless, the overwhelming opinion of America’s elders is that people need to make a daily, conscious decision to maintain a positive attitude. Over and over as they reflected on their lives, I heard versions of “I wish I’d spent less time worrying” and “I regret that I worried so much about everything.” Indeed, from the vantage point of late life, many people felt that if given a “do-over” in life, they would like to have all the time back they spent poisoning the present moment with fruitless rumination about the future. To stay positive, the elders suggest you focus on the short term; many endorsed the idea of dealing with immediate problems rather than spinning endless “what-ifs” in your head. The elders told me that acceptance isn’t purely passive; rather, it’s something we can actively foster. When people seek happiness, they often think about “big-ticket” items: buying a house, finding a partner, having a child, getting a new job, making more money.

Some respondents told me that they wish they had learned to make a positive attitude a conscious choice, to practice acceptance, and to savor the small stuff earlier in life. For years I focused on the idea that all moments pass and therefore none is worth holding on to.
I’m at a crossroads in my life and I need to decide whether to continue working at a job that used to be fun and fulfilling but has since lost its luster or to just take a leap of faith.
It’s true that looking back over their lives, the elders do support taking calculated risks to find a more fulfilling job (taking into consideration practical things like the job market). As a blogger or as someone that conveys a message to others through words, whether it’s spoken or written, people associate with your words and “how” those words are communicated.
Despite all the advice, people often struggle to maintain a positive attitude in the face of the challenges, losses, and stress life throws at us.
Based on their life experience, they exhort us to take charge and to assume control – not over what happens to us, which is often impossible – but over our own attitude toward happiness.
They recommend actively working toward acceptance of problems and limitations as a key to a positive attitude. The elders tell us that a positive attitude depends on thinking small: the morning cup of coffee, a warm bed on a winter night, a brightly colored bird feeding on the lawn, an unexpected letter from a friend, even a favorite song on the radio (all pleasures mentioned in my interviews).
As Malcolm, 70, told me: “It seems to take a lifetime to learn how to live in the moment, but it shouldn’t. Now in my advanced years I am able to take deep joy in certain moments of my life, to feel the strength of the present. They are now 25 and 30, and they look back on trips I took with just one of them as highlights of their childhoods. I at 83 have always felt the most happy satisfaction when I have done something(anything) to help another.
At the other end of the life course, some youth groups are using the book as a springboard for interviewing elders.

I often wonder whether most depression cases could not be solved with the advice to help others or a cause in some way.
The selection and careful arrangement of words that in all your efforts to communicate your message, to share your passion regardless of the topic find ways into the emotional channels of people that are strangers to you that often times turn into loyalty, friendships, fans and followers.. Her advice: “I think the most important thing I learned was not to take things for granted.
I did it because I had something to share that I thought may be of interest to other people. You cannot be entirely prepared for what will happen to you in life, but I learned that despite everything that happened, life is worth living and you can enjoy every day especially because of the little things in life. I write not only to share my knowledge, experience and thoughts to help others that blog, but because I know that through the power of words I'm helping someone along in their path regardless of what that is to success too.Thanks for reading. Blogging gives you a voice, but more importantly, the way you blog changes everything for someone.
Some may tell you that powerful words and power are synonymous and belong in their own arena. I can tell you that I believe that power and positivity are kin to one another in my perspective because I believe that they compliment one another, they feed off each other, they co-exist together and that with one it is very possible to find the other if not immediately..
Listening to the successes of other bloggers have given many people a reason to do something that they’ve never done before in spite of fears that exist due to starting something far outside their comfort zones. Confidence, belief and faith in yourself start to take form as a byproduct of such ingredients along the journey of experiences you have along the way on the path you’re on.

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