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All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. A flowchart is an outline or schematic drawing of the process your team is trying to measure or improve. Process mapping is especially useful in the measure and analyze phases of Lean Six Sigma methodology. Tell what the major clusters of activity are—the ones that are essential to the total process. Show what the process would look like without the steps that have accumulated over time to shore up an inefficient or faulty process.
Step 2: Write the major steps across the top of a board, flipchart or piece of paper in the order that they occur in the process.
Step 3: Under each major step, list the sub-steps that make up that element of the process.
The top-down flowchart can be used for planning new processes as well as examining existing ones. Step 2: Across the top of your board, flipchart or paper write the names of the people or organizations involved in the process. Step 3: Under the name of the person or organization responsible for the first step in the process, draw a box and write that step in the box. Step 4: If any of the other people or groups help or advise the ones with primary responsibility for that step, draw an oval under the names of those people or groups. Step 6: After the first step is complete, put the second step under the people responsible for it.
Step 7: Connect the first step to the second step, and then add ovals for any helpers or advisors in the second process step. The completed chart tells not only how the process operates at each step, but who is involved and what responsibility they each have. The deployment chart can be as simple (just major steps) or as involved (sub-steps and sub-sub-steps) as you need to make it. Generally top-down and deployment charts are enough to examine a process, but sometimes teams need more detail to see where problems are occurring.
Step 1: Draw the first symbol, and then write a description of the process step inside the symbol.
Step 3: Continue this way until you have completed the process or the part of the process you wanted to examine. A detailed flowchart can be a powerful tool for examining a process that has built up needless complexity, but be warned.
Global competition and increasingly complex supply chain operations place enormous pressure to improve efficiency, accelerate throughput, and increase quality for a lower total cost. Apriso delivers this capability with Apriso Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI), a Apriso application that ensures enterprise manufacturing intelligence is readily available to enable faster decision support.
MPI Intelligence Packs complement MPI to provide a€?out-of-the-boxa€? visibility through pre-configured analytics, KPIs, dashboards and reports. Delivered as a completely integrated Apriso solution for enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence or as an enhancement to your existing manufacturing execution system (MES), MPI dramatically reduces the time and cost of collecting and aggregating operational data. MPI offers easy-to-use tools to create and modify analyses that can be shared and deployed across a plant or the entire enterprise. Read more about Aprisoa€™s comprehensive software and services solution for Manufacturing Intelligence. Once this information is captured, the billing office must understand the schedule for billing this particular student’s charges. Although most schools offer several payment schedules, the most common being one, two, and ten payments, placing the student on the correct billing schedule immediately encourages on-time payment and sets the groundwork for the school’s cash flow forecasting. The school must then begin capturing every charge relating to the student’s time on campus. Once the bill goes out, payments are received and applied against the outstanding balances. Schools are in business of providing an education to young men and women. In return, they charge tuition.

Finally, by collecting more of the charges that are billed the school will increase its revenue.
Understanding the billing process as well as the reasons for improving it is just the first step. Get nonprofit articles, best practice advice, fundraising ideas and invaluable industry reports and webinars delivered for free! Subscribe to our free email updates to get nonprofit tips, resources and freebies sent directly to your inbox. Process innovation covers a wide range of incremental and radical changes to the way an organization operates. On this website you will find inspiration for doing process innovation and information about how I can help. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. This might be the output of your work with a top-down flowchart or you might use some other technique to create this list. If more than one person or group is responsible for a step, extend the box so it is also under the name of that person or group.
Industry-leading manufacturers leverage enterprise manufacturing intelligence solutions to help achieve these objectives, resulting in greater visibility to increase manufacturing excellence across their globally distributed operations.
MPI gives you broad, real-time visibility to shorten cycle time, reduce scrap and rework, increase quality, and achieve better schedule adherence. This capability lets you analyze specific functional areas a€“ either individually or as a unified view a€“ across your manufacturing operations.
Greater operational efficiency lets you readily perform mission-critical analyses on current or historical data with greater precision and accuracy.
MPI offers an ideal global solution for measuring and continuously improving manufacturing operations performance. RAP Data Integrator, available as part of MPI, provides a global view of your operations as well as cross-plant visualization, making it possible to more easily compare performance across sites. By combining BPM with intelligence, Apriso Manufacturing Process Intelligence delivers flexibility, agility and efficiency with data aggregation, contextualization, analysis, visualization and propagation. Capturing information completely and accurately is the most important step in the process, as incorrect address or biographical information renders the rest of the process moot. Of course, the primary charge will be tuition, but financial aid must be appropriately applied, if applicable, and any secondary charges such as meal plans, bookstore items, lab fees, and field trips must be charged accurately. Managing receivables at this point is more a matter of accuracy in data entry than anything else, but timely reporting can benefit the organization by identifying delinquencies. This is where the right personalities in the business office can make the biggest difference.
The accurate billing and collection of this tuition drives revenue for the school and ensures its long-term sustainability. Using electronic billing, for example, can reduce the amount a school spends on paper, postage, and envelopes. By having a well-documented, consistent, and fair process, each parent will have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and will also understand that no one gets treated any differently. Join us for Improve Your Billing Process on Thursday, July 11th at 1:00 PM ET to learn how your organization can be more efficient and effective in each phase of the billing process. He has nearly twenty years of experience in accounting, professional services, sales, and marketing. Today, the implementation of Information Systems (IS) is a primary catalyst for process innovation. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription.

Includes step by step instructions on creating Top-Down, Deployment and Detailed flowcharts.
In this article we will look at Top-down flowcharts, Deployment flowcharts, and detailed flowcharts. MPI includes pre-configured data mapping, OLAP Cubes and KPIs for consistent, real-time visualization of your operational performance. RAP Data Integrator dramatically reduces the time and cost of integration while reducing dependence on IT. However, when mailing statements, batching them and using bulk mailing rates can also help cut down on unnecessary costs.
At Blackbaud, he actively gathers market feedback to understand nonprofit needs and market trends in order to improve the quality of Blackbaud’s accounting products and services. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and e-business platforms are examples of Information Systems that may radically change key processes within organizations. Many people in sales have just the one step, which is to have a 1on1 appointment with their prospect. It can also be accessed by other popular reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) tools, including SAP Business Objects and Crystal Reports, among other 3rd party applications. Engineers can utilize this intelligence to benchmark performance, identify opportunities for process improvement and accelerate root cause analysis (RCA). Real-time visibility to all of your manufacturing operations results in greater efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction when responding to changing demand or unexpected events. It requires a very specific personality, as a fine line must constantly be walked between customer service and duty to the school.
When the prospect is clearly looking for your product or service this is the way to get the sale. MPI lets you better identify costly bottlenecks or constraints to accelerate decisions that can maximize efficiency, reduce inventory and lower costs.
The process starts from the first time you meet a student, whether through an online application or in person.
Jeff was also a Global Account Manager for Cabletron, Inc., and he began his career as a Controller at a regional optical chain. Jeff currently serves as the treasurer on the Board of Directors of disAbility Resource Center, one of three centers for independent living in South Carolina, and he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.
Then what?If the person you’re speaking with shows a little interest, then one option is to offer an appointment to discuss your service. There are several personality types that like to buy from people they have gotten to know over time. They rarely buy a service from a total stranger unless they really need the service urgently. I belong to a couple of referral clubs, run my own monthly networking and education event with a few partners, conduct free marketing seminars, am a member of Rotary, and on the board of a non-profit. Or, they might connect with me on LinkedIn or subscribe to my newsletter.  With each successive decision to engage with me the relationship grows stronger and moves closer to a coaching engagement or paid workshop.Do you see what I mean by multi-step? If you already have multiple steps, which ones work best for you to build relationships and get sales? He helps professionals and small business owners grow personally and professionally through a combination of new knowledge, more purposeful action, and a fresh mindset. Michael specializes in the areas of sales, online marketing, public speaking, and strategic planning.

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