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The Workplace Improvement Collection is a series of guides for you to make improvements in your workplace. Available either individually, or all together at a discount, each of the guides will help you bring about performance improvements, when measured against current performance levels. An understanding of productivity and the search for improvement is a must in developing a dynamic approach to work.
These guides will provide you with many ideas, tips, insights and techniques to make a tangible difference in your area of responsibility and hopefully beyond.
The aim of this guide is to provide a basic understanding of how to improve productivity in any business organization. Whether you work in an office or on the shopfloor, in a for profit or not for profit organization the bottom line is productivity. Pick any performance problem in your area concerning substandard performance, either with an individual employee or group of employees, apply this approach and improve it!
Completely revise the way you undertake employee evaluation and selection using profile analysis.Take any job, or group of employees profile the job or jobs, determine the job holders skills, knowledge, qualities etc, then compare and get an instant picture. Part of any improvement process begins in developing a sound conceptual model of what it is you're trying to improve.
This is a simple and effective guide to overcoming the problems that get in the way at work. One of the significant ways technological advancements have improved the workplace is through greater productivity and efficiency.
The technological solution being increasingly embraced by businesses is the use of e-Learning to deliver employee training. Communication is an essential component of doing business, and the technology being used to facilitate better communication is seemingly endless.
Employees no longer have to commute to an office each and every day to be a valuable employee.
There are thousands of tools designed for remote work situations, from Skype to Google Hangouts.
Two key concepts are 1) it is a visual representation of the project or projects and 2) it requires you to limit the current capacity for work in progress – i.e. Although the capacity restrictions were originally defined by the specific capabilities of a particular machine on the plant floor, it seems to apply fairly well to people also! When each person only works on the number of tasks they are actually capable of completing, productivity improves and they enjoy the pleasure of placing a high percentage of tasks in the final segment of the kanban board – “DONE”. As with most things these days, all you really need to do is type “kanban board” into your browser and the all the knowledge and offers for kanban products including digital kanban boards, just show up on your screen. Save Time and Money: Learn the methods to validate if your solution fits a real customer problem BEFORE you build anything. Telescopic pillars increase productivity and improve workplace safety05 January 2010SKF has introduced a family of telescopic pillars, called Telemag CPI. Posted in Bottled Water Coolers, Health, Office Motivation, water coolers, Well Being at Work on November 20, 2015 by Eden Springs.
It is well known how dangerous and potentially life threatening severe dehydration can be, but what of the effects of mild dehydration? Adults should aim to drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily to keep us adequately hydrated, more if we are exercising.
Drinking coffee every day doesn’t have to be a bad thing – in fact, it can have some positive effects when consumed in moderation. Coffee consumption only becomes an issue over time, as excess consumption means drinkers will build up a tolerance to the effects of caffeine – meaning they need to drink significantly more to achieve the desired ‘buzz’.
The problem with consuming so much of the hot stuff is that, once we start drinking it regularly (and excessively), it stops giving us the ‘kick’ we crave. With coffee shops more popular than ever, it’s easy to see how the coffee bean has become an essential part of daily life – particularly for employees who rely on a regular fix to bring some scrumptious sustenance to their working day. Coffee may be a tasty treat, but variety is the spice of life – and water is an essential part of our everyday. Posted in Office Motivation, water coolers, Well Being at Work on December 10, 2014 by The Eden Water Cooler.
It’s that time of year again and workers everywhere are getting themselves geared up for the annual office Christmas party. Posted in Bottled Water, Bottled Water Coolers, Office Motivation, water coolers, Well Being at Work on November 11, 2014 by The Eden Water Cooler. Last week saw the return of the annual UK Bottled Water Conference hosted by Zenith International. Posted in Bottled Water Coolers, Office Motivation, water coolers, Well Being at Work on October 24, 2014 by The Eden Water Cooler. Motivating your workforce can be somewhat difficult, especially when many of the tried and tested methods are fast becoming tired exercises. There are, of course, an array of essential management skills which impact on employee productivity – all of which are uniquely valuable – but one immensely effective way of keeping your staff thirsty for work is simply to lead them to water. Here are just some of the ways that an office water cooler can mean big things for your company’s output.
Having an office water cooler not only offers some light relief for your employees, but also provides numerous health benefits for your team. Mental alertness means your employees are not only better prepared to work, but also equipped to work at their best. As a general rule, your employees should be drinking between 100 and 200ml of water at frequent intervals throughout the day –equating to around 8 full glasses. Posted in Bottled Water, Bottled Water Coolers, Health, water coolers, Well Being at Work on July 25, 2014 by The Eden Water Cooler. As counter-intuitive as it may sound, your body needs water to breath: the lungs consist of 85% water.
The skin is the largest human organ, both by weight and by surface area, consisting of 70% water. Posted in Bottled Water, Bottled Water Coolers, Health, Office Motivation, water coolers, Water Delivery, Well Being at Work on June 18, 2014 by The Eden Water Cooler.
It is about that time of year when the weather starts to heat up and it is important that we all stay hydrated, especially at work.
Posted in Bottled Water, Bottled Water Coolers, Health, water coolers, Water Delivery, Well Being at Work on May 21, 2014 by The Eden Water Cooler.
Stay hydrated at work with these top tips for turning your average glass of water into a revitalising treat.
Posted in Bottled Water Coolers, Health, water coolers, Well Being at Work on May 15, 2014 by The Eden Water Cooler.
Once considered the hiding place for employees taking an extended lunch break or catching up on personal gossip, managers are now realising that water coolers are an essential investment for any office. Much like a watering hole on the plains of the Serengeti brings all kinds of animals and exotic creatures together, in an office, the water cooler acts as a hotspot for employee interaction.
Studies have shown that water coolers act as a venue for ‘micro-meetings’, whereby employees interact and exchange information without even realising they’re doing it.
To some extent, having a water cooler in the office even keeps your employees more active – it’s alarming the number of office workers who don’t leave their desk during the day.

Approximately 60% of our body’s mass is made up of water, proving it’s essential that we keep well hydrated. With temperatures reaching 28 to 30°C across the UK this summer, it’s not surprising that people were reaching for their water bottles. You will take in air naturally and you don’t have to plan to keep your supply topped up, but maintaining the correct level of water means that you have to do something about it, personally. When you’ve suddenly felt dehydrated, perhaps your mouth is dry or your body feels tired, you have already reached a high stage of dehydration and you should have dealt with the lack of water going into your body, somewhat sooner. Apart from the amount of dehydration that occurs naturally as you go about your normal daily activities, where you increase your body’s temperature, your body will require more water immediately. Being thirsty encourages you to take in water immediately, but in reality this is a sign that you are already too far dehydrated. There are good reasons why experts suggest that you drink around eight glasses of water a day, which equates to about 1.5 litres of water.
Healthy people anticipate the need to drink before they become thirsty and head for the bottled water cooler or the fridge.
Workplace health programs that improve employee health by reducing, preventing or controlling diseases can affect worker productivity.
Improvements in physical, mental, and emotional health enhance stamina, concentration, and focus leading to greater work output.
The Workplace Improvement Collection will develop in you the edge needed to make the difference in your organization, your department, to the working lives of those you are charged with and of course your own career prospects.
At the heart of these guides is the application of ordered common sense, so often missing in our daily work lives. In just a few short hours, deployed over a week or so, you can get this invaluable breakdown of your process time. You dona€™t need to search for opportunities for productivity improvementa€”they exist in every workplace situation all of the time. Developing an accurate conceptual model of the organization, the department and the resources allocated leads to improved decision making, planning, control and coordination capabilities. It therefore covers the age-old problem of how to fit all the things we have to do into twenty four hours, how to handle those knotty problems that always crop up, how to store things so that we can find them when we need them and at the end of the day - how to switch off.
The way we do business, from the management and collaboration with employees to recruiting and training, has drastically been altered as the result of constantly evolving technology, mobile apps, and software platforms. Businesses are finding that by sourcing the right technology they can get more done with fewer resources and smaller budgets.
From instant messaging tools to customer service platforms that can be incorporated into a website, there are so many opportunities for not only colleagues to communicate better with one another but also for businesses to more effectively communicate with their clients and the public. Also becoming increasingly essential in the modern workplace are secure virtual data rooms, which let employees and colleagues easily and securely share documents and data without privacy or security concerns.
Today’s workplace is all about increased efficiency, unique environments, innovative opportunities and a focus on productivity.
Just by removing the large amount of tasks that hang around in your conscious or subconscious mind, you can relieve your stress of being overwhelmed.
Designed for industrial automation systems, including workstations, assembly lines, packing stations and despatch areas, the products are available as two or three section units. It lubricates the joints and eyes, aids digestion, flushes out waste and toxins, and keeps the skin healthy.
According to scientists the feeling of thirst that we all experience, is often an indication that our bodies are already becoming dehydrated. It is easy in the workplace when deadlines are looming and despite your best efforts your inbox refuses to shrink, to forget to do something as simple as have a drink. Although an estimated 80% of Americans sink several cups a day, they’re not the only caffeine cravers.
Without a chemistry degree, it can be difficult to understand why coffee becomes a vital lifeline that we depend upon.
The filling of these receptors with adenosine is what contributes to tiredness, which caffeine interferes with.
Some studies claim that the body absorbs the antioxidants provided by coffee quicker than it does from fruit and vegetables. While caffeine consumption can have positive effects, too much of the drug can have some side effects.
From alluring americanos to indulgent lattes, we just can’t get enough – and the key is to think about how much we drink. Whether you love them or hate them, here are some tips to make sure you have the best time possible.
By cultivating a feeling of synergy among your staff, you can have a team whose primary instinct it is to work effectively. Simply by taking advantage of fresh water’s various benefits, you can have work completed more quickly and to a higher standard.
This amount of water is necessary to replace what’s lost through perspiration through the day.
Introduce a cooler to your office and watch productivity levels skyrocket – it really is good stuff.
Ironically, the sensation of thirst occurs only after the body has started to become dehydrated. When you are not properly hydrated it may be your brain that starts to feel the effects, with headaches, poor concentration and reduced short-term memory. Clinical studies have shown that adequate hydration may improve the way your heart works and reduce your risk of developing heart disease.
In order to take in oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide, our lungs must be continually moistened with water. Besides the obvious health benefits – which aren’t to be ignored – research has indicated that the humble water cooler can act as a meeting point, forming a hub of office productivity. At the watering hole, lions and zebras meet side by side, both agreeing to mutual peace (however temporary this may be!). In fact, the information exchanged in these informal and quick ‘chats’ is often more valuable than that exchanged in a board-room meeting. Having a water cooler gives them a chance to get away for a minute, stretch their legs and refresh their mind, boosting their productivity.
In fact, nearly 75% of our brain is made up of water, and research has established a clear link between hydration and our ability to think clearly. What is surprising is the number of people who allow themselves to become dehydrated before they top up their water supply, especially when the temperatures are much lower. What you may not know accurately is that while you may be able to go without food for more than a month, even in a relatively cool climate, you will be lucky to last a week without water.
For the benefit of your health and body functions you need to replace this water as you’re losing it. This is why you can notice dehydration more on a hot summer’s day, because if you are combining good quality exercise or hard work in your garden in a heated environment, your dehydration levels will increase far quicker than on a cold winter’s day. Young children need their water supplies kept high because of their constant movement and their ability to be up and running again after just a few moments’ rest.
If your alertness levels fall, you become tired and headaches can take hold, you may also lose some ability to concentrate well because you are already in the first stages of mild dehydration.

Some you will consume directly and you will take another full litre of water into your body’s system through foods.
Furthermore, people who wish to eat less so their weight doesn’t increase dramatically can drink a glass of water 15 minutes before a meal so that this rehydrates the body and makes the stomach feel comfortable before the first food arrives. If you’re still not fully embracing technology in the workplace, the opportunities are endless.
Here are some simple ways to integrate technology into your business, whether it's large or small, and improve productivity simultaneously. It also diminishes productivity because employees are required to take time out of the workday, and in some instances that can also include travel time to reach a training site. Many e-Learning options also include mobile training modules, so employees can simply access training on-the-go. Technology also drives each of these elements of the modern work environment, and opportunities continue to expand and grow over time.
In fact a recent study concluded that even mild dehydration can affect our mood and ability to concentrate. We often attribute fatigue, headaches and diminishing concentration in the office to pressure and stress, when actually we should be heading to the water cooler and nourishing our hardworking brains and bodies with that life sustaining substance, water!
Drinking a few cups a day can keep you alert at the office and even improve concentration levels – making you more productive as a result. The ‘alert’ feeling we get from consuming coffee is exactly what keeps us going back for more – but if we have too much, we lose that feeling. Living by the ‘everything in moderation’ mantra, coffee can be a tasty treat and a welcome perk during your working day. Proven to help with brain activity and keep us alert throughout the day, there really is no substitute for H2O.
For example 60% of the UK population only drinks one glass of water a day or less, with 1 in 250 people failing to meet their total daily fluids needs.
One incredibly simple way to instil that sense of office culture in your workforce is through the use of office water coolers.
Our bodies become dehydrated overnight, which is only worsened by caffeine – so trading in regular coffee breaks for trips to the water cooler should leave your employees revitalised and ready to perform.
A simple cup of water also flushes out toxins, and keeps the oxygen and nutrients in your bloodstream flowing nicely.
So, by providing easily accessible, easily dispensable fresh water in the workplace, you’re able to keep your employees healthy and, as a result, optimise business output. For this reason it is very important to drink water often, without waiting to feel thirsty.
Even your ability to perform arithmetic and the rapidity of your psychomotor skills can be reduced.
But if the liver is forced to help in the work of the kidneys due to insufficient water consumption, the body will accumulate extra fat that would have been burned if there had been adequate water intake. The environment in which we work, with climate-controlled heating and air conditioning, low humidity, and even simple things like soap and cleaning solutions can damage the protective outer layer of the skin, reducing its ability to hold moisture.
When there is not enough water these waste products are not removed effectively which can cause damage to the kidneys. The cartilaginous tissue at the end of the bones retains water to lubricate the movement of your joints. In an office environment, the water cooler levels the playing field, where everyone from CEOs to interns can meet to quench their thirst and discuss work. This is due to the fact that employees can become anxious in formal environments – productivity and creativity are maximised when your employees are relaxed and stress free. If this percentage dips by even a small amount, our brains simply cannot function as efficiently. When you increase exercise or do hard work that causes perspiration, you’ll need to replace the lost water before your body realises it is running low on supplies. Pregnant women are a high risk for dehydration and need to maintain a steady level of water because of feeding two people. Feelings of thirst, fatigue and irritability are subtle warnings from our body that fluid is needed to restore equilibrium and to stop further symptoms such as headaches and dizziness developing.
Now could be the time to get a hold of our caffeine habits – but first, let’s take a look at what makes it so hard for caffeine addicts to moderate their intake. It is important that you stay hydrated, especially at work, as drinking water can help to improve alertness and productivity. It may not seem like it, but touches as minimal as this can have a profound effect on office morale and the overall unity of the team. The otherwise likely sluggishness, fatigue and irritability resulting from dehydration are best avoided if you’re looking for a workforce that is bright and efficient. On top of that, regular water intake is great for your kidneys, you can’t fight benefits like that.
By the time you begin to feel thirsty, the body is already dehydrated to a level of 0,8% to 2% of body weight.
This is due to the fact that dehydration causes the level of energy production in the brain to decrease. When the body is dehydrated it tries to prevent respiratory water loss by producing histamines which close off the capillaries in the lungs.
The National Kidney Research Foundation recommends that drinking two litres of water a day can reduce your risk of developing kidney stones.
When well hydrated the two opposing surfaces slide smoothly; if the cartilage is dehydrated, the damage from friction increases, causing deterioration of the joints and leading to pain, such as arthritis.
Formal meetings create an unnatural environment for human interaction, and their cold and sterile nature can negatively impact your employee’s ability to respond to questions or actively participate. Scientific research has proven that dehydration has a serious negative affect on our ability to concentrate on tasks.
The elderly are particularly susceptible to a rapid decrease in hydration and can fall ill when their water levels are often kept just a shade above dehydration. These are the important factors when producing the goods and services in our workplaces on a day-to-day basis. More about: Learn the concepts of business team building and develop your business team into a goal orientated group.
Use the Eden Springs water calculator below to see just how much water per day you need to be drinking to keep your mind and body hydrated. Having a space, however small, to congregate with their fellow employees provides a welcome interval to their working day and can be a catalyst for huge productivity. Studies have shown that a person’s ability to concentrate progressively declines when the body is subject to a water deficiency of just 1 to 2%. Dehydration has also been proven to impact on our short-term memory, and the more dehydrated we are, the less effectively we are able to recall our thoughts.

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