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Marcie Mom: Dermatologists have told me that self-esteem is a concern for teenagers with eczema, and even asked me to do a teen graphic book (I did one for the toddlers here).
Marcie Mom: Now, knowing what is self-esteem, I’m assuming the whole point is we can do something about it, something to improve it even for teenagers with eczema that is apparent on their skin. The way children think about their experiences influences how they feel about themselves and the way they cope with challenges in life.
Annie is a return guest to my blog, who previously shared on her own teen eczema experience here.

Parents can take this one week to soak in your advice and teens reading this, chin up and believe in yourself!
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I feel confident that she can really help those of you with eczema teens, as Annie had personal experience with eczema and cares deeply for teenagers.
People with “low self-esteem” tend to shy away from challenges (speaking up, reaching out to others in friendship) because they may experience feelings of not “measuring up” for whatever reason. Most teens across the board, report feel ‘insecure’ to one degree or another at one time or another.

But if that teen has a strong support system, among family and friends, plus personal strengths in the areas of abilities, talents, etc.
But it will make it easier for the teen to deal with whatever emotions come with the territory, Teens with real self-esteem may feel “down” about the way their skin looks, but they don’t stay down for long.

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