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Two years ago we lost the space shuttle Columbia, captured Saddam Hussein, and laughed at our first Rick James joke.
From start to finish this album delivers mind melting riffs, syncopated grooves, staggering melodies, and exquisite harmonies. For those who are ready to submit themselves to the concept, they are in for a very interactive, and colorful experience unlike anything any band has ever provided before or since.
The crown jewel of the album is undoubtedly the title track “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3”, it has easily become a live favorite as the band’s most anticipated and exciting live experience. ABOUT USPPcorn is a website designed to engage users all over the globe with its variety of content covering news, lifestyle, and entertainment.
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Check out the two amIright misheard lyrics books including one book devoted to misheard lyrics of the 1980s.

This is the most recent information about Coheed And Cambria that has been submitted to amIright.
Named after 2 characters in the fictional story that Co&Ca are telling with their music, and related comics and graphic novels. I assumed Claudio was speaking of a march in which innocent people were killed for a good cause.
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It has been nearly 12 years since the initial release of Coheed and Cambria’s landmark album In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, the sophomore follow up to Second Stage Turbine Blade. In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 is a must-have for your collection, embodying every detail that progressive rock listeners from all generations can enjoy.
The tale is meant to be secondary, Claudio uses this setting to escape his own reality as it allows him to hide his scars from all of us.

Claudio has a very special way of getting our attention, and making sure we hang on every word. Over the years, it has become a staple at each event, molding itself into every setlist as the bands endearing, and dramatic anthem. It is the second installment in an ongoing concept album epic that spans across seven albums all going hand in hand with a series of science fiction graphic novels entitled The Amory Wars.
Anyone who listens to this album long enough, will surely wonder just what exactly is happening conceptually. Coheed and Cambria have unquestionably knocked it out of the park, and it will be exciting to get our hands on fresh vinyl copies of the reissue.

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