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First of all, they're all original - from the lyrics to guitar chords and tabs up to the drumbeats and the arrangement of the song it's something I've never heard of before.Second reason, who could separate me from Ed Westwick - the sweetest bad boy image ever. I closed my eyes and turned away as they put an Ivy line on the top of my hand near my wrist. So if you're drained from working, or if you're waiting for something to upload or for your reports to run, then take a break and check out the web sites that I will feature in my blog.Let me share with you the Hottest Web Places. Click here for an updated gossip experience.This website also includes a synopsis of every episode. I was holding on to my seat from the time the movie started.I first saw Speed Racer's advertisment in a billboard along EDSA as I was driving. Couchsurfing gives you the best venue for an exciting and unique travelling experience.Couchsurfing is a worldwide network for making connections for the travelers and the local community they visit.So how does it work? British-Filipino Charlie GreenCharlie Green - the amazing 10-year-old Filipino-British who made it to the semi-finals of Britain's got talent. If not then I suggest that you log in and open your Dashboard and look at the June 18, 2009 update. ShoutOut has been a medium of communication between these bloggers and I could call it a growing ShoutOut blogging social community.
With here I can blog and share not only to my friends but to the whole world everything that I sense essential to share.
In case you don't recognize him by his true name, he plays "Chuck Bass" in the hit TV series Gossip Girl.

Fellow bloggers with SO read each other's blogs (as one click could bring you to a blogger's page), comment on each other's posts and give tips and advice. The movie will be showing in May and the protagonist is my favorite boy-next-door character - Emile Hirsch (lead guy in the hit movie Girl Next Door).
What did I say about my previous entry about the hottest british indie-rock band The Filthy Youth? It's playfully fun with those sexy gladiator sandals.Cindy Crawford wears a hot sexy red but screams simplicity at the same time.
There were also non-bloggers who have stumbled upon SO and fellow members encourage them to make their own blogs. I can just remember the joy, pride and satisfaction of having to go through a rigorous college training and mind-breaking exam and pass it.It was always a tradition that if you pass the CPA Board Exam, you would automatically apply for a job in an auditing firm. Christina Ricci is his leading lady and that made it much more interesting.I found out that Speed Racer is a 1960s Japanese anime series. Yep, I love british accent!Charice Pempenco - the Big StarShe is now known as Charice - her official screen name. Its contractor is DMCI homes and they are getting more and more popular these days.One of their architects is a friend of mine and bias aside, I really liked how they disigned the building. She placed third on the Philippine's TV show "Little Big Star" but in accounting terms she is a premium. It is designed in a way that the hallways still recieve proper ventilation outside so you could still breath fresh air when you're waiting for the elevator doors to open.

I don't know if I am regretting it right now and i don't really know if it was the right decision for my career.Here I am now working for a company and doing management reports. Meaning, her "effective value" is way higher than actual as proved by her appearances on SBS, Ellen DeGeneres show, Paul O'Grady Show and Oprah. I have a good employer and I have almost 200 hours of training since I started working here last June 2007. I could say I have friendly and healthy relationship with my officemates, my boss and my boss' boss. All in all, I love my current job and I love my benefits and salary.Meanwhile, I still keep on thinking about my college buddies who are now working for audit firms. Two masked people wearing green lab gowns rushed in as they brought along with them a green stretcher. I read the label in the door where they brought me and it says a€?Pre-Surgery room.a€? I found myself being assisted by a scrub as I was changing my white gown to green. Apparently, I had a short-term memory loss but my doctor explained that this is just normal for surgeries using anesthesia.

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