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Another week on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, another week of unresolved issues. In "Interference" Amy misplaced her rings, causing a lot of tension in her already shaky relationship with fiancee Ricky. The trouble with Amy and Ricky is that they both do a lot of talking, just never to each other. Normally I rag on Madison and Lauren because their characters have always kind of sucked, but I was actually glad for once that they spoke to Ricky.
If I'm just your live-in girlfriend trying to get into college while you have this big important job then I don't think you're gonna be so proud of me. Kathy and Ethan's storyline was pointless and Danica McKellar's guest starring role was also useless.
If Ricky can be faithful to Amy then I'm sure at some point Jack can be faithful to me and everything will work out just fine.
Take Ricky, for example: he spent the entire episode talking about his relationship with Amy but it was to George, Lauren and Madison.

I felt really bad for him when he admitted "I don't even know if she likes me." That should never be a sentence you utter about someone you are in a relationship with!
Let's keep focusing on the original characters as we enjoy the final run of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
Amy and Ricky are still in a fight over Amy snooping through his phone, so Amy refuses to go to school because Ricky won’t speak to her. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, win Free Stuff, and play our insanely addictive Games! Anne questions whether George actually wants to get married, contrary to his original claims, and suggests that they finally spit up without hurting their children. Little did he know that Ben had creepily slipped Amy's rings in his pocket while she was sleeping!
While I feel bad for Ricky as we watch him do whatever he can to make things work, maybe he should also think about if he really wants to get married. Pam from True Blood, did have a point though, Grace hasn't always been the best girlfriend.

Then the rumors spread that they broke up, which obvs is like, music to Adrian’s ears. Plus, after Leo confesses to her and Bunny that he and Betty are splitting up, he tells her she can come back to work for him at the office. We've got all the info you'll need on your favorite teen celebrities, TV shows and new movie releases like Selena Gomez, One Direction, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, The Hunger Games and Divergent, plus fun games and polls.
Jack is torn between letting Madison sleep over and Grace continues to build her relationship with Grant. Apparently it was enough for Amy to overhear, rush in all loving, and ask to set a wedding date. If you're a teen girl in middle school, high school, college or beyond, get everything you'll need to know about celebs, red carpet style, popular movies, TV shows, and funny vids right here!

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