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This healing meditation download is for people who may have had difficulty getting their physical and emotional needs met during their childhood. Indulge in childish fun with your spouse with this date that is sure to leave you both in stitches… from laughing that is! Diva Central is the one place online that’s dedicated to YOUR marriage, where you will find exclusive information tailored to YOUR specific relationship needs, with ideas, advice, and TIPS galore. This Diva Central EXCLUSIVE date is designed to bring out the inner child in both you and your spouse! When you become a full member of Diva Central, we’ll deliver this full post plus all the printables you see below!
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This child consciousness or inner child still lives within us and if the child is still wounded then we may find this causing difficulty for us as adults. It comes with darling printables and lots of fun ways for you to both let loose and be care-free for a whole evening. You’ll also gain access to many other exclusive posts, articles, printables, and more that are created with your marriage in mind! It may be that we get overwhelmed with emotions, that we sabotage our success or that we withdraw in intimate relationships. There is great wisdom and truth to be learned from our inner child, particularly with regard to living your life purpose. If you want to join or simply try it out, To introduce you to Diva Central, your FREE week provides unlimited access to Diva Central to show you what membership is like.

This meditation takes you into a dialogue with your inner child to find out their needs, heal the wounds and integrate this learning into your everyday life. As our way of starting your experience off right, you’ll get our 7 Day Love Quest Challenge for FREE – just click the link at the bottom of this post!Who says kids get to have all the fun?
WARNING: This recording is not to be listened to while driving as it takes you into a deeply relaxed state.

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