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However, if we were to take the most technologically advanced and most industrialised nation in the world, America, then we would see that what we have been led to believe is not factual. So the reality is that technological advancement and modernisation have not bought inner peace and tranquillity. Inner peace is for the most part of our lives very elusive; we never seem to get our hands on it. Many of us mistake personal pleasures for inner peace; we achieve elements of pleasure from a variety of things, be it wealth, sexual relations or other than that. W need to understand that peace is not something that will exist in this world around us because when we define peace according to the dictionary definition it states that peace is freedom from war or civil strife.
This is the nature of our lives; we are in toil and struggle, ups and downs, times of difficulties and time of ease.
To deal with our circumstances, the circumstances of toil and struggle in which we live, patience is the key. But if we go back to the inner peace that we are looking for, then patience cannot manifest itself if we do not have that inner peace.
We are living in a world of toil and struggle, but yet within ourselves it is possible to attain inner peace, peace with the environment, with the world in which we live.
The second step is to accept them as obstacles within ourselves.  For example anger is one of the biggest obstacles to inner peace, for example. However, if a person states that, “Yes, it is an obstacle but I do not get angry”, then such a person has a problem.  He has not accepted that obstacle as a problem and is in a state of self denial. If we look at the obstacles in life we can put them under a variety of headings: personal problems, family issues, financial dilemmas, work pressures and spiritual confusion. For example, in this time one might find oneself born black in a world that favours white people over black people; or born poor in a world that favours the rich over the poor, or born short, or crippled, or any other physical condition which is considered a handicap.
So the obstacles that are beyond our control, we may dislike them and we may want to change them, and some actually people spend a lot of money trying to change them. Inner peace can only be achieved if the obstacles that are beyond our control are accepted by us patiently as part of Allaah’s destiny. Know that whatever happens which we had or have no control over, then Allaah has put in it some good, whether or not we are able to grasp what is good in it; the good is still there. These are signs, and such signs can be found in the story of Moosaa and Khidr (which we should read every Jumu’ah, i.e. When the owners of the boat saw the hole in the boat they wondered who did it and thought that it was a nasty thing to have done.
This is the nature of human beings, but a person who becomes an atheist without having been taught it from childhood usually does so because of a tragedy. Going back to the story of Moosaa and Khidr, after they crossed the river they came across a child and Khidr cut that child’s head off.
They are from Allaah and we have to believe that ultimately there is good behind them, whether we can see it or not.
The man was an individual who would get angry quickly, so the Prophet (sall-Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) told the man that he needed to do change his angry nature. Interestingly in western psychiatry and psychology they used to tell us to get it off our chest, don’t hold it in because if we did we would explode, so better to let it all out. Later on they discovered that when people let it all out small blood vessels would burst in their brain because they were so angry. The Prophet (sall-Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) told us to try to be patient, so externally we should give that facade of being patient even when internally we are boiling.
Among the methods is to look at how the material elements of our lives play a major part with regards to patience and us achieving it. This is because no matter what our situation is, there are always those who are worse off than us. While dealing with the material world we should not keep focusing on those who are better off than us otherwise we will never be satisfied with what we have. The say that the grass is always greener on the other side, the more a person has the more a person wants. There is another hadeeth which helps us in the realm of the material world to put our affairs in their proper perspective, and is a Prophetic example of Steven Covey’s3 principle of “first things first”. So a person’s affairs will not come together for him, he will be all over the place, like a chicken with its head cut off, running wild  if he makes this world his goal. When the stock market crashes you read about some of those who invested in it committing suicide.
We have to keep in mind that a person will not get from this world except what Allaah has already written for them, this is the bottom line. This is the Promise of the Prophet (sall-Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) if a person puts “first things first”, and that is the Hereafter. So here is the way to achieve inner peace, to remember Allaah (subhaanahu wa ta’aala) in all aspects of our lives.

This is not the way to remember Allaah because this is not how the Prophet (sall-Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) remembered Allaah and there is no record of him doing that.
In summary, the search for inner peace involves recognising the problems that we have in our lives, recognising our obstacles, recognising that inner peace will only come when we identify those obstacles and understand which of them we can change and that we focus on those obstacles we can change, the ones which are related to our self.
If we change our self then Allaah will change the world around us and give us the means to deal with the world around us.
Whatever happens we know that it is Allaah’s destiny and that it is Allaah’s trials and we know that ultimately it is for our good. About Dr.Bilal Dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips is a Jamaican Canadian Islamic Scholar who converted to Islam in the early seventies after journeying politically and intellectually from Christianity to Communism. In our time we have been led to believe that technological advancement and modernisation will produce for us physical comforts and and through these we will attain inner peace. The statistics show that in America some 20 million adults suffer from depression yearly;  and what is depression but a total lack of inner peace?
Rather in spite pf the creature comforts that modernisation has brought us, we are further away fro inner peace than our ancestors were. So first we have to identify the obstacles in our lives which prevent us from achieving maximum inner peace and develop some kind of strategy to remove them. If a person is angry worked up and has blown a fuse, how can he or she have inner peace in that circumstance?
We have to be able to distinguish which obstacles are within our control and which ones are beyond our control. We did not choose which family to be born in to; we did not choose which body for our spirit to be blown into, this is not our choice. He had a smile on his face from ear to ear with  his hands stretched out and both thumbs sticking up; his father was kissing him on one cheek and his sister on the other cheek.
A short while later the king came down to the river and forcefully took away all the boats except the one with a hole in it. There are things, things which are apparently negative, things which happen in our lives which seem to be obstacles to inner peace because we do not understand them or why they happened to us, but we have to put them aside.
We can even develop patience, although the common idea is that some people are just born patient.
And we do not try to be patient externally in order to deceive people; rather, we do so in order to develop patience. We cannot achieve satisfaction in the material world if we are chasing after it in such a way; rather, we should look to those who are less fortunate, this way we will remember the gifts, benefits and mercy that Allaah has bestowed upon us with regards to our own wealth, no matter how little it may seem.
Allaah will place poverty before his eyes and no matter how much money he has he will feel poor. A person may have had 8 million and lost 5 million with 3 million left after the market crashed, but losing that 5 million seems to him tp be  the end.
After all that running around, staying up late at night, being a workaholic a person will only get that which Allaah has already destined for him or her. Richness is not about having a lot of wealth, but richness is having wealth of the heart, and what is wealth of the heart? So Allaah will put richness in a person’s heart and this world will come to him submissively, on its knees and humbled.
If it is Paradise that we want then that should be manifest in our lives, it should be the point of our focus, what we keep putting in the forefront. If we sit down with a person and all we talk about are the latest cars, expensive houses, travelling and holidays and money, if the majority of our conversations is about material things or it is gossip, talking about this person and that person then it means that the Hereafter is not our focus. Some people say that we should remember Allaah by dancing around or swaying from side to side. His life was a life of remembrance of Allaah, he lived a life in remembrance of Allaah and this is the true remembrance, in our prayers and in our living and our dying.
Shortly after his reversion to Islam, he embarked on a spiritual academic journey to the other side of the world seeking Islamic knowledge. It is not a desire that is new to our time; rather, it is something that everybody has been searching for throughout the ages, regardless of colour, creed, religion, race, nationality, age, sex, wealth, ability or technological advancement. Furthermore in the year 2000 death rate due to suicide was double the rate of those who die from Aids.
Yes we have personal pleasures from time to time and we are pleased with various things from time to time, but this is not inner peace. The obstacles will not be removed just by thinking that we need to remove them; we have to develop some steps to achieve this. We need to identify them, put them in some general categories and tackle them as a group as opposed to trying to tackle each individual obstacle and problem. While we perceive the ones that are beyond our control as obstacles the reality is that they are not.
He was born black in a world that favours white people, so he spent a lot of money trying to change himself but he only ended up making a mess of himself.

He had dashed down to the airport to catch the flight and when he got there he had one stamp missing on his Passport (In Cairo you have to have many stamps on your documents. When Khidr made a hole in the boat of the people who were kind enough to take him and Moosaa across the river, Moosaa asked why he (Khidr) did that.
This child honoured them and was good to and for them, but the parents would always have a hole in their heart due to losing their first child, right until the Day of Judgement when they will stand before Allaah and He will reveal to them the reason why He took the soul of their first child and then they will then understand and praise Allaah.
First we identify them, then we move to the second major step and that is removing the obstacles by developing solutions for them.
If we are consistent in this then the external image of patience also becomes internal and as a result complete patience is achieved and is achievable as mentioned in the Hadeeth quoted above. Nowadays the material life is a huge part of our life, we seem to be obsessed with it; gaining all we can in this world seems to be the main point that most of us focus our energies towards. Every time someone is nice to him or smiles at him he feels that they are only doing so because they want his money, he can’t trust anyone and is not happy. It is contentment, and this is where the peace comes from, when a person submits themselves to Allaah, and this is Islaam. Yes, such a person is saying Allaah’s name, but if we think about it, if somebody came to you (and for example your name is Muhammad) and kept saying “Muhammad, Muhammad, Muhammad…” you would wonder what is wrong with that person.
This is not the way to remember Allaah, as this too is not how the Prophet (sall-Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) remembered Allaah and there is no record of him doing that.
Allaah created us in this world and the world as a means to attain Paradise and the trials of this world is our own spiritual growth.
This journey took him to Saudi Arabia where he completed a BA in Islamic studies in Madeenah, and an MA in Islamic Theology in Riyadh, then to the University of Wales, UK, where he completed a PhD in Islamic Theology in the early nineties. However, the news media being what it is, we hear more about those who die from Aids than we do about those who die by committing suicide. True inner peace is a sense of stability and contentment which carries us through all the trials and difficulties of life. If we look at peace in terms of the state level then peace is freedom from public disorder and security, but where in the world do we have this in a complete form?
So how do we go about removing these obstacles so that we can achieve what is possible of inner peace? They are the things that Allaah has destined for us in our lives, they are not really obstacles, but we have misinterpreted them as being obstacles.
You get this person to stamp this and sign that and that person to stamp that and sign this) But there he was at the airport with one stamp missing.
Khidr told Moosaa that the child had righteous parents and if the child had grown up (Allaah knew that) he would have become such a terror for his parents that he would have driven them into disbelief, so Allaah ordered the death of the child. This is a very basic level in which we can judge ourselves, so we should stop and ask ourselves, “what do we spend most of our time talking about”?
Also more people die from suicide in America than from homicide, and the homicide rates themselves are massive. If we look at peace on a social level, family and work, then peace is freedom from disagreements and arguments, but is there such a social environment that never has disagreements or arguments? As he was a teacher in Bahrain and this flight was the last one back to Bahrain which would enable him to report back on time, missing it meant that he would have lost his job.
Or a person (who became an atheist) may have had a child who died and say why did this happen to my child?
In terms of location, then yes, we can have a place which is calm, peaceful and tranquil, some islands for example, but this external peace only exists for a small amount of time, sooner or later a storm or a hurricane will come. He became frantic, started crying and screaming and going berserk, but he could not get on the plane. It is abnormal to disbelieve in God, whereas it is normal for us to believe in God because Allaah created us with a natural inclination to believe in Him. Remind yourself that He hears everything that comes out of your mouth and the whispers of your soul, so indulge in beneficial speech, keep your tongue moist with His remembrance, speak nothing but the best and safeguard your tongue from vain talk, backbite or gossip, for He Hears it all. He went (to his home in Cairo) distraught, thinking that he was finished and that his career was over. The next day, he heard the news that the plane he was meant to be on crashed and everybody on board died. But the day before it was the end of his life, a tragedy that he did not get on the flight.

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