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Using the symbol contemplation meditation cleanses the issues of the lower chakras while activating Witness Consciousness.  This must be done daily to have any effect. The Circle stimulates the third eye and its components witness, intuition, and intellection. Learn more about our audio programs for meditation, stress management, and personal growth.
The serenity of Ajna, the third eye, is a function of harmony, inner & outer attunement, and stillness.
Judgment is noticing (discerning, 6th chakra) the difference in things, people, their actions, etc., and reacting with some level of moral condemnation (3rd chakra).
It takes a certain level of experience and wisdom to use the sharp knives of discernment, intuition, and understanding in a way that is beneficial to ourselves and others.
It is most likely that during the Lower Pleistocene Homo habilis and Homo erectus had some form of communication that was an intermediate stage between that of modern humans and that of non-human primates.
Writing is a form of expression that allows for the communication of ideas over greater time and space than language alone. 3400–3200 BC, with the earliest coherent texts about 2600 BC.  Thus writing, as we normally conceive of it, is probably only about 5000 years old. The symbols must be done in order: first the circle, then the cross, finally, the triangle.

If you observe a lot of mental activity, be still and Witness this process without judgment or frustration.
If we are continually thinking in dualistic terms, we are dissecting, analyzing, and comparing.
Moral condemnation grows from a conscious or subconscious anxiety of the differences we have noticed (potential threats), and assigning it a negative or evil connotation. Deep and consistent periods of meditation, Cobra Breath, and Psychic Bridge Balancing can develop the intuition and sensitivity necessary to harness this faculty. Communication, depending on one’s intention, can lead to understanding and cooperation, or to contradiction and conflict. It begins as the desire to create something (physical, mental, or emotional), gathers the power of manifestation, and then travels to the fifth chakra for expression. If chronic, this response becomes muscular armoring and can lead to physical symptoms such as TMJ syndrome, neck pain, cervical vertebral misalignment, poor posture, and headaches. It is conjectured that these forms were simple nouns and verbs that lacked conjugation or tenses. Cuneiform, the Sumerian system of writing, evolved from a system of clay tokens used to represent goods. This mental activity can reduce the ability to be serene, yet also has a significant survival function as discernment.

More sophisticated forms of utterance may have evolved in Neanderthals, though they may have lacked the brain capacity for the modern speech of Homo Sapiens, who may have developed language and art between 50,000 and 200,000 years ago. By the 4th millennium BC, this evolved into a more standardized method for accounting.  The Sumerian cuneiform and the Egyptian hieroglyphs are historically considered to be the earliest true writing systems.
In a sense, discernment is a basic form of consciousness shared by all life.  How do you know what is helpful and what is harmful to your survival?  What is food, what is poison? It is the development of language that helped larger groups of humans to learn to cooperate and work together, migrate to distant areas, and improve their survival skills. Use the Chakra Sounds track 6.  You can set this to repeat if you wish and 3 or 4 repetitions of the track should be sufficient. In this aspect, discernment is a vital function for survival, abundance, and leading a harmonious life of inner richness.

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