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I would like my future husband to be between 40 and 65 years old and he should be very independent. The following press release and information therein has been obtained by ARGYLEnews from Stefan Hendrick who works for Red Square Media, a third party company.
Press your menu button and find the option to bookmark this page (a star icon for some browsers). The popular international dating site, Anastasiadate, is receiving wide acclaim for the new mobile appa€™s innovative design and simplicity, which has contributed to making it an extremely successful app. The company is very well known for the quality services they offer and innovation in online dating world. Our affiliate program has an extensive range of banners customised landing pages and marketing tools to help web masters.Every affiliate can track their earnings, growth and other statistics online by simply logging into their account. Along with the most upto date features and high security we really do offer a outstanding online dating experience for men searching for Russian brides dating sites. Red Square Cupid is a digital media and internet information services company that operates innovative, database driven interactive dating sites focused on niche markets. The award winning dating site has more than four million members globally, who access the site more than ten million times each month.One of the things the users find so attractive is the international flavour of the site. The application can be downloaded free from Google Play.The mobile app, which can run on either mobile phones or tablets, gives members the opportunity to enjoy the sitea€™s services regardless where they are.

Successful American men looking for companionship want to connect with unique, beautiful women, and not the kind of ladies they usually meet.
This affiliate program - which features a number of different payment plans and commission rates is considered by many to be one of best affiliate programs in the dating business.
The affiliate program is open to any web masters, although mostly aimed at dating and relationship sites we are happy to form partners for all types of sites. This is one of the top reasons AnastasiaDating is increasingly more and more popular.Ita€™s not just American men though, who want to experience the international flavour of online dating. Some countries can conquer us and capture our heart forever I also love dancing and I like to stay fit. One of the qualities that people like in myself is that I am a very flexible and cheerful person. He wants to have a strong and happy family, where each member of it trusts each other and helps each other in any situation. They are educated and interesting, able to have meaningful conversations, and get to know the men who are interested in connecting with them.Countless number of couples have found each other through AnastasiaDating. Distance and miles are irrelevant for millions of people who would probably never have met each other. No matter the distance or the oceans between them, AnastasiaDate is giving people a chance for love.

Using top quality membership services, secure systems, and state of the art technology, the company is consistently delivering the best internet dating experience available.High praise for the company through social media and top reviews for the AnastasiaDate mobile app prove how successful the service is. Members are able to access the site at all times of the day, and the mobile application is providing the members with the opportunity to enjoy online dating no matter where they are.It seems millions of American guys love logging on during lunch breaks to chat to their favourite international beauties. There is no better way to access their member profiles, browse profiles of other members, and message ladies they would like to chat with.AnastasiaDate has helped its members find love with an international flavour for more than twenty years. Founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple, AnastasiaDate now has over four million international users and attracts more than ten million online visits monthly.
AnastasiaDate is committed to member safety, customer satisfaction and the on-going pursuit of innovation. Headquartered in Moscow and New York with additional representation in every country it touches, AnastasiaDate provides a high level of customer service to a worldwide clientele.

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