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Both men and women endure the questions and calculations in the hopes of meeting someone compatible that they may not otherwise meet during the course of their day. We all know that dating is challenging, and when adding the lack of face to face interaction of online dating and the possibility of falsified details and dated profile pics, it can leave you frustrated. So, how do we navigate from online to offline dating once we find someone we are interested in meeting?
A radical (not really) suggestion is to leave the virtual reality and locate a base station for romance. Users can simply propose date ideas and the experience of online dating becomes more about getting offline, meeting and sparking real chemistry based on connecting over fun activities.
The concept also serves to alleviate some of the pressure users feel with creating online dating profiles and eliminates endless messaging, while showcasing the experience of the date.

Pew Research Internet Project reports that compared with eight years ago, 66% of online daters in 2013 were more likely to actually go out on dates with the people they met through an online dating site or app. We actually pick up on more from their voice, eye movements and there is an energy that tells us how we feel around a person. All the nonverbal language and unique quirks about a person comes through in person, not online. Begin a fun dialogue to help you gleen insight into their character, morals and what inspires them. If you are seeking a life partner, marriage and children or to just have fun, make it known so that there are no misunderstandings or wasting their or your time. If a guy is really interested he will call before a week is up, and if she thinks you’re a catch, she will answer or return the call.

Do what interests you by clicking on their date ideas or attending events designed to unite couples in a fresh and new dating format.
Kat’s desire to inspire others to embrace the decadence of what love and intimacy has to offer.
Although sex is a delicious part of intimacy, it encompasses many wonderful expressions of affection, trust, emotional, mental and physical sharing.

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