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Spoof-Me-Now is a very simple and easy to use MAC address changer for Microsoft Windows operating systems. If you want to hide your IP address from others and want to use your internet connection anonymously, you can use IP Changer for this purpose. If you want to access the internet connection securely with privacy, Hotspot Shield is the perfect choice for you. It gives you the freedom to access all of the sites you like though these sites are blocked for the people of your region.
When the red icon on Notification area appears, it means, yours Hotspot Shield is not active. When this red icon turns into green, it shows you have an active connection and you are successful in hiding your IP Address.
Spotflux is another wonderful IP Changer that works amazingly for the users of Windows, Mac and iOS.
It makes your internet traffic an encrypted one and sends all the traffic via Spotflux cloud. When you download Spotflux from its official site, you just need to install the tool to your system and then click on the icon to open it. Technitium MAC Address Changer es un programa gratuito para cambiar la direccion MAC sin importar la interfaz del fabricante o los controladores de red instalados. El programa trabaja de una manera muy sencilla y no invasiva, por lo que los cambios se pueden restaurar rapidamente, y la tarjeta no presentara ningun dano. Copyright © 1998 - 2015 Mac Ip Address Changer - Fast Files Software, All Rights Reserved.

Ecco un software portable per Windows che puo cambiare l’indirizzo Mac di una scheda di rete. Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito.
It pings each IP address to check if it`s alive, then optionally it is resolving hostname and tries to connect at specified in Options dialog box TCP port.The program uses separate threads for each scanned address to reduce scanning speed.
There are a dozen of IP Changers available for the users of Windows, but TechZend brings for you top 5 and the best IP changers, that can be used for hiding your IP Address.
You have to pay a fee for using it, but this is Ads free version and when you use it, you will not get any ads. Moreover, if you are using Hotspot Shield paid version, you would be able to get a 100% sure faster net surfing and emailing and Live chat facility for the English spoken countries only. Spotflux cloud makes your net surfing free from tracking cookies, ads and malware that can be malicious for your internet connection. El programa cuenta con una interfaz muy simple, que ademas de la posibilidad de hacer cambios tambien le dice lo que usted ha instalado a traves de los adaptadores de su ordenador. Despues de ejecutarla simplemente debemos elegir nuestra red de una lista, y el programa mostrara automaticamente la informacion sobre el adaptador de red utilizado para la conexion seleccionada. Cada tarjeta tiene su propia direccion MAC asignada por el fabricante, que luego es utilizada para identificarla.
Una volta lanciato il programma esso visualizza tutte le schede di rete collegate al computer. Le ultime 6 cifre sono 123456 che possono essere sostituite con una combinazione a piacere.

It can also display NetBIOS information: computer name, workgroup, currently logged user and MAC address.
Spotflux gives you a concealed and secure surfing by hiding the identity and location of your net connection and you are able to be more unrestricted and unlimited on net surfing. If you want to disconnect it, you just need to click the button “Disable” located above the “enable” option.
Para cambiar la direccion MAC, utilice el "Change MAC Address", en el que usted mismo podra introducir la nueva direccion o generar una cadena aleatoria de caracteres.
El sistema busca la informacion sobre la direccion MAC de la tarjeta, en primer lugar en el registro del sistema, y si no la encuentra, asigna una de las direcciones que el fabricante suele usar o asignar a esa tarjeta. Click enable, then Surf anonymously, prevent hackers from acquiring your IP address, send online privacy and browse the web anonymous by changing your IP with Hide My IP.
Vi consente di generare un indirizzo casuale per il Mac, oppure vi permette di inserirlo manualmente. One is Hotspot Shield Free that can be downloaded without any cost, but it is Ad supported tool and when you are using it, you will get different ads from Hotspot shield.
Technitium MAC Address Changer utiliza este mecanismo y crea las correspondientes entradas en el registro, por lo que el sistema utiliza nuestros propios valores y deja de utilizar los valores por defecto. Some of the14 Aug 2013 Sometimes changing your IP address is all you need to properly Follow our guide to changing your IP address in Windows or Mac OS X.

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