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Securiser vos communications, proteger vos donnees, surfer anonymement, regarder des series TV americaine en streaming sont quelques raisons parmis de nombreuses de vouloir changer ou cacher votre adresse IP. This article will be about setting up a static IP (Internet Protocol) address in Windows 7.
Basically, instead of connecting to the internet using a different IP address all of the time, it ensures you use one IP address all of the time. How to Set Up a Static IP AddressNow that you know the benefits and what a static IP address is, let's set it all up. Tous les applications de votre ordinateur qui utilisent votre connexion Internet deviendrons anonyme. Votre trafic Internet est cache empechant toute personne ou virus de s’introduire dans votre connexion Internet pour voler des donnees personnelles.

We want to use that address every time, not have a different set of numbers after you connect to the internet again. Setting up a static Internet Protocol address prevents IP conflicts between your devices (such as computers, mobile phones, iPods, etc). Further to this, when you have connection issues and you need to troubleshoot it, sometimes you may need to figure out what IP address everyone has. Under "Active Networks", select your network connection:Then you will come to the below page.
Then click on Properties.  When you have done that, you have finally reached your destination!
I've written an article based on Domain Name Servers, so if you've followed my posts, you may be familiar with this location by now.

This is what it will look like:Now, get your notepad with your numbers, select Use the following IP address and put the numbers in the correct spot. When you have finished this, click on "Validate settings upon exit" to ensure you have done it properly.

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