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Whether you're a self defined foodie or a take away fiend, the chances are that somewhere in your heart lies a little bottle shaped soft spot for Heinz tomato ketchup.
Heinz are working with celeb chef Paul Rankin to promote Heinz tomato ketchup as a 'secret ingredient' and have launched a new interactive website to encourage the public to cook up tasty recipes from scratch using the secret ingredient, Heinz Tomato Ketchup.
We caught up with the Paul Rankin to find out why he's backing Heinz's Secret Ingredient campaign and generally discover how he feels about one of the nation's favourite sauces.
According to Paul "Heinz tomato ketchup works well in tomatoey, ragu recipes, bolognese, and stews, plus there are some vegetable soups it might suit. Hearing on the grapevine that top chefs use tomato ketchup in professional kitchens, I wanted to find out from Paul whether this was indeed true.
Naturally intrigued by the idea that this is 'standard practice' in some of the world's top restaurants, I asked what dishes exactly chefs are putting tomato ketchup into and got the answer "You know before chefs finish a sauce they'd add a seasoning, like they'd add stock, sugar or honey, maybe a little bit of wine reduction or lemon etc?
Having established that chefs don't think twice about adding a blob of ketchup to a sauce they've slaved over, what I wanted to know was whether Paul himself preferred it on it's own or as a component in a dish.
After a short pause he continues, "But from a cooking point of view I think it works really well in a lot of those asian fusion sorts of dishes, you know.
The days when Heinz tomato ketchup was unrivaled are long gone and this made me interested to learn if Paul thinks that there's any difference between the various brand's versions of tomato ketchup. After rather unsurprisingly finding out that Paul thought Heinz was the premium brand, we moved onto another hotly debated issue; glass bottle or squeezy plastic. The House of Peroni residency in Shoreditch this summerOld Spitalfields Night Market Friday 13 MayChik-Fil-A. Engaging stories of love, joy, comfort and friendship with proven scrumptious, healthy recipes, we celebrate LOVE as the secret ingredient for wonderful food! February 16, 2013 by Mary Frances 18 Comments Last weekend, I promised you this recipe, so here it is!
Place the beef in a crockery bowl, add the wine, cover, and marinate, refrigerated, for 3 hours. Add the onions and carrots to the Dutch oven and saute until wilted and beginning to brown, about 7 minutes. Meanwhile, take ancho chilis (remove the stem and a few seeds) and ? cup of the water they were soaking in and puree in a food processor.
While the stew is reheating, wash your mushrooms quickly and let dry thoroughly on paper towels.
If the sauce in your stew has reduced and is a bit too thick, thin it out with an extra cup of hot chicken stock.
I served this with a baby spinach salad with basil leaves, roasted beets, Pecorino Romano cheese and toasted cashews, drizzled with a sherry vinaigrette.

TIP: When toasting nuts for a recipe, always toast extra to have them ready to use on salads or green beans for another dinner. You can try other eggless cakes like Almond Vanilla Eggless Cake and Wacky Vegan Chocolate Cake. These momos can be made with filling of all sorts ranging from meat to chicken to vegetables to cheese and even khoya, milk solids. Most people, me included, think of it as a sauce, a condiment or an accompaniment not as an ingredient to be used in cooking, but Heinz are looking to change that.
He answers with a knowing tone, saying "There's never been a kitchen that I've worked in that hasn't used ketchup.
His answer to the question is what I expected, he says "I always think it's the quality and consistency and deliciousness of Heinz  that works for most people.
When I first met her it was like, is there no other sauce in the world for you than heinz tomato ketchup?
Save the skins (sliced into strips), and at a later date butter and salt them and toast them for hors d’oeuvres.
Rub scrubbed clean potatoes with oil, pierce the ends with a fork and bake for 45 – 60 minutes until done. Rose water will still give you some flavour.The quantity of Milk can vary depending on the variety of Semolina. Cover the bowl with a cling wrap or kitchen towel and let it rest for 30 minutes till you make the filling.
In a steamer put water for boiling and place a greased perforated plate or sieve for steam to escape.
It can be minced meat, chicken, cheese, mashed beans and vegetables.You can even add minced green chili along with ginger to make it much more hotter and spicier.
The top Chinese restaurants use it a lot in that sort of stuff, but they only use a little bit of it.
Mix the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, bicarbonate of soda, nutmeg and ginger into a bowl. Place dried ancho chilis in a bowl and cover with ? – ? cup of water and let sit to soften for 20 minutes.
Cook, scraping the bottom of the pan, using a whisk, until the roux turns a dark golden brown.
Set aside, covered with a tea towel, until ready to reheat.  (This may be done an hour before dinner). Lightly mark the batter with knife into 3cm square and place a blanched almond in the center of the square.

Apply water at the ends and gather the edges in the center and pinch in the center to seal. You can use fresh mushrooms and saute them in little oil for a couple of minutes.Separate a few leaves of cabbage from the root and wash them thoroughly. You can always tell when you go to these burger joints and stuff that refill their heinz bottles with some cheap ketchup. These recipes can also easily be cut in half if you don’t have a big crowd, as I did last weekend for just the two of us and we finished the last of our leftovers for lunch today.
Cut butter into pieces and mash in with a hand masher (do not use an electric mixer, as it will make the mixture glutinous). It is made with semolina and soaked with sugar syrup which is flavoured in orange blossom water or rose syrup. Chop them finely using a chopper or you can even use a knife or grater.Put the chopped mushrooms and cabbage in a bowl. After using that bottle for 40 years I haven't figured out yet how to get the right amount of ketchup out of it. Remove the peel and cut them into two halves.After 2-3 hours preheat the oven on 200 degree Celsius. It really is better to make it a day or two before you plan on serving it, for this allows you to degrease it and let the flavors meld together and the whole thing becomes even richer. As soon as the butter foam subsides, add the mushrooms and spread out over the bottom of the pan and do not touch the pan for 3 minutes. The basis for these recipes, comes from Lee Bailey’s cookbook, Long Weekends, but I have made many changes, particularly in the stew recipe. Then stir and flip the browned mushrooms over until they start to release the fat they have absorbed and brown some more, about 3 – 4 minutes more. Cover with a lid and let the water boil.In the meanwhile divide the dough into 20 equal sized balls.
You can choose to make any shape you desire.Arrange the momos for steaming on the greased perforated plate in a single layer and cover with a lid. You can do it in batches.Steam them for 10-12 minutes and serve them hot with Szechuan Sauce.

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