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Narrating two ITV documentaries, Secret Life of Cats (Mon) and Secret Life of Babies (Tue), Martin Clunes kept whispering.
Vicky Pattison lands ANOTHER top TV job!Joining Kelly Brook and Eamonn Holmes on new Channel 5 entertainment panel show. This documentary reveals fascinating feline facts, including how cats spend one sixth of their lives grooming, sleep for 12 hours a day and even have UV vision! We cant wait to see what kittens Topgun has with our girls, we expect a lot of lovely rosettes and super type!

He is in line for a Regional Winner as a kitten, and is currently the best bengal kitten in our region( Western Europe). There are also incredible stories about cats that have saved the lives of their owners or those that have themselves beaten the odds. Sir David Attenborough used to narrate his documentaries by whispering, but that was generally because he was crouching close to the animals he was whispering about, and didn’t want them to hear him. He has an amazing pedigree with plenty of regional winners and supreme grand champions going through all the generations. I don’t think Martin Clunes was crouching close to the cats or babies, but his whispering made it feel as if he was.

I kept picturing Clunes nervously hunkering down behind a nursery chest of drawers, his voice low lest his subject should detect his presence and suddenly attack him in a savage blur of claws and roaring.
I really had just watched a group of 11-year-old children merrily singing a song about a man who spies on couples having sex.

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