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Iyengar Yoga is characterized by great attention to detail and precise focus on body alignment. Iyengar teachers complete at least two years of rigorous training for the introductory certificate. I have raised funds for Greenpeace (2012) and the Prison Phoenix Trust (2008) by organizing a yoga workshop and participating in the Om yoga show yogathon. I am a South-east London based Brazilian Iyengar yoga teacher with a warm dynamic manner.
Traditional Iyengar is highly focused on the eight limbs of yoga, first defined by Patanjali in his now famous (among yoga enthusiasts) book, Yoga Sutras.
An extension of Iyengar's reputation for using various equipment and devices to facilitate a greater ease in which the movements and poses can be performed is the emphasis on alternative poses when some become too difficult.
Traditional Iyengar yoga leaves no room for errors like other more experimental yoga types. The use of props and ease of pose substitution associated with Iyengar mean that there are few physical and mental requirements that you must meet to attend your first traditional class.
Traditional Iyengar yoga is primarily focused on building leg strength, improving circulation and increasing balance, and offers little to those looking for an aerobic effect.

However, for individuals that would like to receive an increased level of cardiovascular work, consider performing the exercises in a heated environment before resorting to increased speed, which may sacrifice form.
Many yoga instructors and students prefer Iyengar as a traditional approach to yoga due to its strict adherence to proper form and encouragement of a lifestyle approach to yoga, including altering other activities like eating and leisure time. Through the practice of a system of asanas, it aims to unite the body, mind and spirit for health and well-being. They may complete subsequent intermediate levels and senior levels of certification, potentially entailing a decade or more of training. Iyengar also developed extensively ways of applying his practice to various ailments, diseases, and disorders. If an instructor observes a student performing a movement or pose improperly, the error is usually corrected as soon as possible.
These exercise leg muscles and increase balance and coordination as well improving circulation. Moreover, the focus on every detail of the movements within traditional Iyengar make it an ideal starting point for many beginning students. Instructors of Iyengar yoga often discourage students from decreasing the time between poses to achieve an aerobic effect as this defeats the effectiveness of each pose.

By utilizing this approach you will achieve the health benefits from elevating your heart rate and maintain the fitness benefits from still performing the poses correctly. The primary purpose of Iyengar is to focus on the structural alignment of the body with a meticulous approach to each pose.
Many of these sources of suffering, such as chronic backache, immunodeficiency, high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, menopause, and many others have specific programs of Iyengar yoga associated with them. To this end, traditional Iyengar, like all yoga types, require that the individual perform all movements, series of movements, and poses correctly and with precision. At the minimum, you should be open to critique as this is a normal part of the very vocal classes associated with Iyengar yoga.
Through the use of these props, novices can enjoy the benefits of traditional Iyengar yoga safely.

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