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Con la pratica dello Iyengar Yoga, metodo diffuso in tutto il mondo, le articolazioni diventano piu stabili, la muscolatura si armonizza e si rinforza, gli arti e la spina dorsale si allineano, la mente si calma e si riequilibria. May this Christmas bring us closer to the spirit of human understanding and closer to the blessing of peace! THE IYENGAR YOGA INSTITUTE of San Francisco, a venerable organization with an imposing moniker, moved to the neighborhood recently in search of an updated space, better access to the community — and a new image.
The students in Iyengar classes generally skew older, less outfitted, less frenetic, less apt to text while on their mats awaiting class.
While Hayden knows firsthand the physical benefits of doing yoga, he says Iyengar runs deeper. The local Iyengar Yoga Institute, now located at 2201 Sutter Street at Pierce, is one of three in the country; the others are in Los Angeles and New York. Patty Dinner, a longtime neighborhood resident and a certified instructor at the institute who has been teaching yoga for 12 years, admits she found the teacher training much tougher than the mental gymnastics required to get through the Haas Business School at UC Berkeley.
But she says the rigorous training is what differentiates Iyengar from other styles of yoga — that, and the common use of props such as belts, blocks and blankets that help emphasize proper alignment. Years ago, in a former life, John Hayden was a building contractor specializing in constructing custom homes in Big Sur. The governing body hoped a move to a new space would also help reinvigorate Iyengar’s elitist image.
At length, they set their sights on the Sutter Street space, in the heart of a residential neighborhood and close to the medical community starting to embrace yoga’s therapeutic value. After six months of negotiations, the lease was signed in May 2012, revealing another type of challenge: The space was filled with construction materials, plywood and insulation.
But Hayden, the former contractor, was undeterred as he relocated from Carmel to San Francisco to manage the buildout and structural upgrades. The move is already reaping rewards, with classes and workshops attracting both newbies and seasoned practitioners. Iyengar yoga, is one of the most popular forms of yoga, is particularly well-suited for people with back problems and for people who suffer from stress and want to cope with mental and spiritual stress.
I learned Iyengar yoga at the IY Institute of NY; after 15 years of study I am certified and teaching in Maine.
I am pleased for the overall positive tone and the attention this article brings to the method.
More than a year after it went dark, Yoshi's jazz club and restaurant at 1330 Fillmore is still looking for new life. City officials have announced they are looking for interested buyers — and for local citizens to help choose among the ideas proposed.
To stir up activity in the meantime, the city is offering to lease some of the public areas in the building to community groups.
While Space NK is getting ready to bring its curated selection of beauty and wellness products from around the world to 2000 Fillmore, New York designer Rachel Comey will pop up in the former home of Paolo Shoes.
At 1905 Fillmore, where clothier 45rpm is coming, Amour Vert's green fashions have popped up on Fillmore for a third time. Likewise next door at 1903 Fillmore: the menswear line Ministry of Supply's pop-up has been extended through the end of the year, at least, before Ardis Coffee opens the newest link in its chain of coffee roasteries. Guruji was able to devise a pathway into the experience, through the different layers of yoga.
Because he had such an in-depth knowledge of the practice, he was able to do it and make it accessible to people who couldn’t.
James Murphy is a Certified Intermediate Senior Iyengar Yoga Instructor and Director of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York . This ingeniousness from the Iyengar lineage is one of the best ways to support your spine while opening up the pecs and shoulders. The Certified Advanced Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Lifelong Student of BKS Iyengar, and YJ contributor remembers his guru. Our beautiful studio is fully equipped for yoga and offers a range of classes suitable for absolute beginners through to experienced practitioners. We teach traditional yoga in a safe, supportive and non-competitive environment with a strong emphasis on learning through practice. All our teachers are Iyengar certified and are highly experienced practitioners, who aim to encourage and nurture each student through their own yoga process. Yoga is a path of self transformation, available to all regardless of age, fitness or flexibility.
Even if you have practiced other a€?stylesa€? of yoga before, start at level 1 and we can place you from there. Every student progresses at their own pace, depending on consistency, but on average you will spend up to a year as a Level 1 student. In level 2 classes we start to work with more subtlety, precision, and longer timings within the postures. For students who have an ongoing commitment to their practice and have already spent some time attending level 2 classes. Here we work to refine our skill in action, and develop greater depth of perception in the practice.
General classes are taught in the same progression as above, but all students are mixed in together. This consecutive eight week course is ideal for new students and includes: six specific beginners classes followed by two Level 1 classes of your choice. Students start as beginners together and the course will develop confidence while starting a yoga practice. The beginner classes are progressive, and the course is designed to build a fundamental understanding of the method of Iyengar Yoga, and its use of props. Our courses are taught in a way that is encouraging for beginner students and will help you get started with a practice that can support you throughout your life.

After the six beginner classes, students can then merge into any of the level 1 classes they choose, with two classes included in the course cost. Iyengar Yoga can be very useful in identifying and correcting faulty patterns of movement, which we all have and which with time can lead to strains and sprains.
BKS Iyengar originally developed not just the use of props in yoga, but he also developed restorative yoga as a practice in itself, which is now very popular and widely appreciated for its therapeutic benefits. The restorative classes are slower in pace with an emphasis on quietening physically, emotionally and mentally. The new, Restorative 1 class is a great way to ease your way into this practice if you are newer to the studio. The Restorative 2 class is suitable for students who have been attending the studioa€™s classes regularly for a year or so and already have some understanding of Iyengar Yoga and use of props. The Sunday night Restorative session is the perfect way to rejuvenate at the end of your week. In addition to the regular timetable we offer 3 hour "Yoga Sundays" with a specific focus, weekend workshops and retreats.
Tessa has studied with Geeta Iyengar at conventions in Auckland (2003) and Australia (2010) and has also studied with the Iyengars at the RIMYI, India.
Tessa has been studying under the guidance of her teacher, Peter Thomson, for 17 years, and is immensely grateful to Peter for the teachings and inspiration. Tessa teaches all the evening classes from Monday to Thursday (other than Wednesday night Level 1). Tessa has studied with Geeta Iyengar twice at conventions in Auckland and Australia and has also studied with the Iyengars at the RIMYI in Pune, India. Jo started Iyengar yoga in 1996 and was quickly captivated by the practice of yoga, finding it both challenging and inspiring.
Jo studies regularly with senior Iyengar yoga teachers including her teacher, Peter Thomson, and in July 2010 she visited Pune, India to study at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute. Jo has degrees in Political Science and Sport Science, she has worked in recruitment advertising and in communications.
Catherine has been devoted to the study and practice of yoga since first experiencing its great benefits whilst living in India during 1997-2000.
She started teaching in the Sivananda tradition in 2001 and soon after began Vipassana meditation. Catherine now teaches in the Iyengar tradition and has an Junior Intermediate Level 1 (certificate). Catherine brings to her teaching a deep devotion to yoga and a sincere desire that her students also discover the same great benefits that she has received from yoga. Catherine has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Sydney majoring in Physical Education and Mathematics.
Rosie began practicing Iyengar Yoga in 2005 as a way to maintain general health and learn to touch her toes. Rosie trained with senior Iyengar yoga teachers Peter and Sue Scott while living in Melbourne, Australia and currently holds an Introductory Level 2 certificate. Rosie has a Media Arts degree in film and is currently studying graphic design at Massey University. Originally from Northern Ireland Jo promises to slow her fast paced native tongue to be understood during her instructions but will keep her Irish vowels intact to keep you listening and alert! Agata was first introduced to yoga in 2000 at one of Polanda€™s oldest Iyengar yoga studios. Agata is currently in training towards introductory level teaching certificate with Peter Thomson.
When not on the mat Agata is most likely to be found reading, writing or discussing philosophy as she is about to submit her PhD thesis in this subject. Up until only weeks before his passing, he still practised daily at his institute, RIMYI, in Pune, India, where he lived and worked with his son and daughter, Prashant and Geeta, who are also highly esteemed teachers and authors of yoga. Iyengar yoga (a term coined by his students) is a practical and holistic approach to the vast subject of yoga, made accessible to all, and is practised by millions of people worldwide. Extensions of time on the cards are possible if you become sick or intend to be away over the duration of the card a€¦ Talk to Tessa.
Wear comfortable clothing, preferably that fits around the knees, or so the knees can be seen.
Remember, yoga is non-competitive a€¦ Do not be concerned with how others do, you are practising for your own yoga process. Il contenuto di questo commento esprime il pensiero dell'autore e non rappresenta la linea editoriale di IVG.it, che rimane autonoma e indipendente. Iyengar Yoga Institute instructors endure a rigorous training process of daily practice combined with a year of study of poses, anatomy, physiology and philosophy — and that’s only the first level teachers. It was then that he was introduced to yoga, and in the most prosaic way: by a magazine article that touted its ability to build strength and balance. He opened a studio in Carmel, but traveled to the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco, then located in the Outer Sunset, to teach and take classes. The 120-year-old Douglas fir floor was buried under moldering carpet and three layers of linoleum. She brings to her teaching attention to detail and a strong focus that links clear intentions to the organs of action. The practice of Iyengar yoga is renowned for its ability to aid recovery from injury, correct imbalances, improve and optimize overall function of the physical body. The preliminary postures, or asanas, are taught in a way that develops a foundational understanding of the method of Iyengar yoga and ita€™s use of props.
If it is your first class please arrive ten minutes early so the teacher can ask about any specific injuries or medical conditions you may have.
Beginners therefore also benefit from working in with, and observing more experienced students.

The class will focus on patterns particularly common among those who love running, cycling, climbing, hiking or playing sports.
These classes are especially helpful to relieve stress, tension, anxiety and to balance and soothe the central nervous system.
In 1998 she started teaching classes at the Aro Valley Community Hall and has been teaching ever since. She is dedicated to teaching yoga in a way that enables students to understand for themselves, so that their practice will engage and support them mentally, emotionally and physically throughout their lives. I believe regular and consistent practice can bring a deep understanding of who we are, and enables us to live more fully, with equanimity, regardless of the bumps along the road.
With the subsequent sharpening of awareness, her passion intensified which led to an extensive exploration of many yoga styles and teachings throughout India, Europe and Australia. After traveling and experimenting with other styles of yoga, she was drawn back to the systematic and disciplined approach of Iyengar yoga. In 2012 she spent two months studying at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RMIYI) in Pune, India. Rosie also teaches the Beginner coursesa€¦ see the notices box for details of upcoming courses.
After damaging her back in a trapeze accident she was introduced to yoga at the Iyengar Institute in London and has been practicing since 1995. She started teacher training with Rosie Holland and in 2011 passed her Introductory Level 1 assessment and is currently studying to sit Intro Level 2. She sees teaching as a natural extension of her practice, and finds it to be a deeply fulfilling experience. She also teaches the Beginner Courses, the Wednesday night Level 1 class and the Restorative classes on Sunday night.
From a young age he dedicated his life to the practice, and to sharing his wisdom and passion for the art, science and philosophy of yoga.
Iyengar Yoga is distinguished by its innovative use of props, its precision and detail to alignment within the asanas, and is renowned for its healing and therapeutic capabilities. This is so the teacher can check the alignment of the knee joint, especially if you have knee issues. Il metodo prende il nome dal suo ideatore, Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar, pioniere dello yoga moderno e di quello terapeutico. I messaggi inclusi nei commenti non sono testi giornalistici, ma post inviati dai singoli lettori che possono essere automaticamente pubblicati senza filtro preventivo.
But the nuances that distinguish it from other forms of yoga are largely lost on much of the public, and sometimes puzzling even to practitioners. They are judged in a series of evaluations in which others observe them teaching and in practice. But the discipline is imposed to help prevent you from hurting yourself while doing yoga,” Dinner says.
I drove a lot of nails in this place,” he says, surveying the spacious, light-filled rooms at the new Sutter Street studio. Iyengar teachers are remarkably generous, and maybe it’s the other styles who need to rethink, since venerable, highly-trained iyengar teachers are constantly fixing their mistakes!
Coretta graduated from the Teaching Training program of the Iyengar Institute of New York in 2004 after studies with mentors and Senior Teachers Mary Dunn, James Murphy and Bobby Clennell. She also has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and history from Goddard College in Vermont. Devoted to the idea of a “long, uninterrupted, alert practice” of yoga to build the foundations of a happy and healthy life, she seeks to help the student find liberation through Iyengar Yoga. New students will be given alternative postures when more experienced students are practicing inversions and other asanas not suitable for beginners. More than just increasing flexibility, this (often hard!) work can help to prevent injuries, improve speed and endurance and deepen awareness and sensitivity. The training process spans years, and once the candidate successfully passes assessment and becomes certified, they continue their training with senior teachers, and work to further develop their practice-based understanding and skill as teachers. In the class situation, Tessa teaches to the individual and encourages students to develop their depth of perception within the practice. She quickly realised yoga is not about touching her toes but rather the cultivation of self-study and awareness through a regular yoga practice.
When she moved to Wellington in 2010 she started attending Tessaa€™s classes, which greatly helped her to take her practice to a new, deeper level. The entrance is on the side of the building, through the stainless steel door, upstairs and to the left. Gli insegnanti di questo metodo sono formati per correggere gli allievi, guidandoli nelle posizioni in modo da individuare i punti sui quali mettere attenzione e personalizzare la loro pratica. I commenti che includano uno o piu link a siti esterni verranno rimossi in automatico dal sistema.
Most other types of yoga instructors are given the green light to teach after only 200 hours or less of classroom instruction.
If they didn’t have the flexibility, the stamina, the strength that he had, he’d find ways for people to have the experience and get the profound benefits. He has given us the tools and the guide to work from the outer body inward to gain access and insight into yourself. Now these props are all a big business, but they were just simple items he had around the house. In India they still say “get a brick.” They’re actually wooden blocks now, but it was originally a brick that was outside and he brought in and used.

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