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The image of Tokyo as a wealthy city where possibilities abound is certainly a popular one. Held in Penang Malaysia this April, Penang Fashion Week highlights fashion designers and brands from around the region through exhibits and the catwalk at Gurney Paragon Mall.
I recently moved to a new apartment, my sixth since coming to Japan, and I couldna€™t be happier.
Foreign visitors to Japan can now conveniently make withdrawals in Japanese yen using debit cards, credit cards and other cards issued overseas thanks to the first multi-lingual ATM service provided by Seven Bank, Ltd.
In a world where anyone can fix their nose if they'd like it smaller or plump up their lips if they want them fuller, we expect perfection, especially in Hollywood. We tend to think all leading men should be tall and chiseled and all leading ladies long and lean. After the stress of work and a jam-packed, standing room only train journey home, a couple of drinks in a cheap and cheerful, jam-packed, standing room only bar, is arguably the perfect Tokyo way to unwind. That is certainly one of the brighter acknowledgements of being photographed you’ve had, and perfectly lifts the viewers perception of the bar.
It amazes me how many tiny bars and eateries there seem to be, clustered under railway arches and in rows down certain narrow alleys.
OutlineCirculating message claims that attached photographs depict an "arch" in the Japanese city of Nagasaki that somehow survived both the atomic bomb blast of 1945 and the earthquake and tsunami of 2011. The photographs are genuine but they do not show the same "arch" (more correctly known as a "torii").
This message, which is circulating via email and social media, claims that two photographs taken many years apart show the miraculous survival of an "arch" in the Japanese city of Nagasaki.

The photographs themselves are genuine but, in fact, they do not depict the same "arch" or even the same city. The type of structure referred to as an arch in the message is actually a torii a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or sometimes inside a Shinto shrine.
The first photograph does depict a torii at Nagasaki after an atomic bomb was dropped on the city on August 9, 1945.
However, the second photograph does not depict the torii at Nagasaki, but rather another torii leading to Kozuchi shrine at the town of Otsuchi, Iwate prefecture, Japan. This Royalty-Free stock photo 'House made of Japanese Yen standing on money' is created by Alex Maxim and can be licensed for your advertising, corporate, editorial or other use by clicking 'License this Image' to the right of the preview. This photo can be used as a book or e-book cover, on your company`s website, as a part of an advertising display or a poster and in many other different applications.
If you would like to request more information about this particular photo, please click 'Inquire about this image' and send us your question. There’s the usual decent food and cheap booze, along with the added bonus of a really good vibe. My first place left a wee bit to be desired, consisting of a dreary, small box with alternating views of a machine shop and a cinder-block wall.
Japan has its problems like everywhere else in the world, but I know all too well that I’d miss it enormously if I had to leave. One of the things I love about Japan is how easygoing folks are most of the time about being included in that kind of photo. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Moreover, while the first photograph does show a torii at Nagasaki, the second photograph depicts a torii at the Kozuchi shrine in the Japanese town of Otsuchi.
According to the message, the first photographs show the arch still standing after the city was all but destroyed by the atomic bomb blast of 1945 while the second photograph shows the same arch, again still standing, after Nagasaki was devastated by 2011’s earthquake and tsunami.
The latter is perhaps due to their decidedly rough and ready nature, or maybe even the fairly frequent coming and going of customers, but either way, they are always very convivial.
Besides shopping malls and department stores, the walkways and alleys here are packed with numerous fashion shops.
We've picked out some of the most shockingly short celebs to put in a lineup and see how they measure up against other Hollywood elites, and the average American (5-foot-10 for males, 5-foot-4 for females).
All the women I’ve seen drinking in such places have been treated just like everyone else.
After pressing the shutter and saying thanks or just offering a smile, however, any possible unpleasantness almost always disappears. The photograph was taken by army staff photographer Yosuke Yamahata who began to record the devastation of the city on August 10, 1945, a day after the bomb was dropped. Places where it’s incredibly easy to chat, feel completely at home, and also have fun, unexpected interactions.

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