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The Secret Files to zbudowana na bazie Jazz Jackrabbit 2 kontynuacja niezwykle popularnej platformowki dla najmlodszych graczy.
Zapraszam po wiele nowosci: z lektorem, napisami (Avi, Rmvb) – same nowosci, w tym "STARCIE TYTANOW" (3D , Lektor) "Druzyna potepionych" (LEKTOR PL)"Policja zastepcza" (napisy wtopione) " ROBIN HOOD " (lektor), "Remember me" (LEKTOR), "Sposob na gangstera" (napisy),"Iron Man", "Repo Men" (LEKTOR PL) , “You don’t know Jack” (Pacino) “Righteous Kill” (R. W ramach Chomikuj.pl stosujemy pliki cookies by umozliwic Ci wygodne korzystanie z serwisu. Jazz Jackrabbit is a series of 2D cartoony platformers set in a fantasy universe featuring our hero, a gun-toting rabbit called Jazz Jackrabbit, saving the people of Carrotus from an evil mastermind turtle called Devan Shell.
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 was released in 1998 by Epic Megagames (now just Epic Games) and Orange Games, packed with 30 singleplayer levels split among 5 episodes, a new character called Spaz, full multiplayer support, a level editor and a whole slew of extra features compared to its predecessor. I'll be playing through all the singleplayer episodes on Hard difficulty, including expansions. While I do want to show off as much as I can, I'm much more experienced with playing as Jazz which is why I'll use him for most of the game.
I know a lot of people like Jazz Jackrabbit 1 too and I'll admit it has its charm, but Jazz Jackrabbit 2 improves it in every possible way and I enjoy it a lot more than its predecessor. Bouncer - Fast fire, ricochets and bounces off everything, handy for closed spaces and diagonal angles.
Seeker Missile - Homing missiles that'll target any nearby enemies, but with limited range.
TNT - An explosive charge that goes off after a short time or if triggered by enemies and weapons. Electro Blaster - An evolution of the regular Blaster that is more powerful and can shoot through walls. It had been a while since Jazz's last game, four years in fact, and it seemed he had undeservedly ended up in the same obscurity that belonged to lesser mascots, like Socket and the seal from High Seas Havoc.
Jazz himself was changed from a Rambo-esque mercenary to a more Han Solo-ish secret agent, and the villain this time around is a turtle named Dark Shell.
Jazz still has helicopter ears move from Jazz 2, and it's much more important this time around now that Jazz can actually take fall damage. The focus this time around is more on the guns instead of the speed, which was a smart move considering the GBA's small screen size.
The problem is that you WILL need to use these weapons because the enemies can do so much damage to you. The level design is sparse and empty, and pretty much every level feels like the same routine of walking around, shooting enemies, finding keys, and pulling levers.
Jazz Jackrabbit on the GBA is a really mediocre game, and only worth playing if you absolutely must play every game in the series.
After the success of the first two games, Epic started work on making a new Jazz game, this time using their Unreal engine to put Jazz in a 3D environment for the first time. Apparently, the story would have involved Devan kidnapping Jazz's children and taking them to an alternate dimension, the third one, to be exact, where Devan rules and everything is in 3D. Instead of being set in separate levels like the previous game, Jazz 3 is split into areas that Jazz can travel between freely.
The graphics are pretty good for such an early alpha, although the models are blocky and untextured, giving them an odd 'shiny' look to them. Overall, what's left of Jazz Jackrabbit 3 is pretty fun, as early as it is, and it's a real shame it never ended up to market.
While Jazz isn't a playable character in One Must Fall 2097, Jazz, Devan, and the princess, Eva Earlong, appear in the game's tournament mode as secret challengers. If you have trouble to run Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files (Windows), read the abandonware guide first! Tym razem Jazz powraca w nowych przygodach do ktorych zaprasza nas razem ze swoim bratem Spazzem i siostra Lori, ktora jak na dziewczyne, ma nadzwyczajna moc.
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I know how it is; I don't like it when I'm browsing a site and I accidentally trigger an awful flash ad where a big, freakish iPhone starts singing at me.
Please, if you enjoy the site, consider adding us to your AdBlock whitelist—it really does make a difference. Inspired by the various console platformers of the time like Mario, Sonic and Mega Man, Jazz Jackrabbit became a staple of the PC platforming genre.
I'll take Jazz through all the standard episodes, Spaz through Secret Files and Lori through Christmas Chronicles.
By no means a perfect run, but I'll try to explore the levels thoroughly and show off all the secrets within, and hopefully make this a wholesome experience for us all. He can use his helicopter ears to glide across long distances, or high jump to get over tall obstacles.
He can quickly karate chop enemies, or use his double jump to get at harder-to-reach areas. Infinite ammo, good enough to take down anything throughout the game, ricochets off metal surfaces.
There really should be some kind of rule of comedy that making a parody of a parody never works out. There are a few times when you'll have to use this move to get up to a higher platform by activating it right before you hit the peak of your jump, which the game never explains to you at all. Jazz now has to collect guns before he can use their ammo, which is a minor change, since there's no separate ammo pickups, anyway. Aside from your standard blaster, which is much less useful this time around because of how little damage it does, the only really interesting weapon is the richochet gun, which fires metal balls that bounce of walls and 45 degree slopes.
Most of them fire hitscan weapons at you, which drains away your life without much you can do to dodge it. There's not really any real hazards or gimmicks to vary things, except for a few moving platforms and some spikes at the end of the game. It barely acknowledges its roots, the level design is static at best and monotous at worst, and the difficulty curve just doesn't know where it wants to be. A lot of concepts were made, but sadly, they were never able to find a publisher, and the game ended up cancelled. In the alpha, Jazz is the only playable character, but menus seem to indicate you might have been able to play as Spaz and Lori, too.
Once you set the controls to WASD, it controls pretty well, although Jazz's jumping feels a bit off. Jazz starts off in a small village with a few rabbit NPCs he can talk to, as well as enter a mine that serves as the tutorial.
There are a few songs in there, still composed by Alexander Brandon, and they all sound great, although the suitably metal boss theme hadn't been finished yet.
Whether it would have been any good is anyone's guess, although that there is to play seems promising. They have their own unique dialogue when you're about to face them, but they still control the same robots as anybody else. Czekaja ich zupelnie nowe przygody, ktore przenosza naszego ulubionego krolika w nowe, nieznane miejsca.
That's why here on the Let's Play Archive we'll only ever serve up nice banners that behave properly. She has Jazz's helicopter ears and Spaz's karate chop, which makes her a kinda broken character since she's got no special jumps.
Upgrading it doubles the damage and fire rate, so it's actually faster when holding down the Fire button instead of mashing it. Whether Dark Shell is actually supposed to be Devan in a new outfit or not is never explained. Jazz can also aim in shoot in all eight directions, both on the ground and in the air, which is pretty handy.

He also has a supply of carrot grenades he can toss with the L button, which are powerful, but are perfectly capable of blowing him up, too. Every level is more of a test of enduring enough damage to make it through without losing too many lives, especially since 1-Ups go for a ridiculous price in the shop.
All the levels tend to be pretty short, but they all feel like they play exactly the same, almost like you're playing the same level with a new tileset. The small screen size isn't an issue, since Jazz doesn't move as fast in the previous games. However, there's a very early alpha floating around across the internet, so at least we have some idea of how the game would have ended up.
Jazz no longer has his helicopter ears or his jumping punch, but he can now hang onto ledges, just like any proper 3D platformer hero. The only 'real' level in the alpha is Carrotus Castle, which ends with something resembling a boss fight before the alpha ends.
There've been talks in the air of another attempt at making a Jazz 3, but sadly, nothing's ever come of it. Oczywiscie napotka on niezliczone ilosci przeciwnikow, sprytnych wrogow oraz przemyslnych pulapek. Crowe, PL), „22 Bullets” z Jean Reno (najlepsza kopia) „Niezniszzczalni” ze Stalone (NAJNOWSZA KOPIA!) I duzo innych nowosci (duzy wlasny upload) . The only real involvement Epic seemed to have had in this was putting their logo in the opening to the game, as it was by some unknown company called Game Titan. Jazz is the only playable character this time around, although a weird looking Spaz makes a cameo appearance. Unfortunately, he's also a bit floaty and slippery to control, which makes precision platforming a little tough at points. A lot of the weapons can actually hurt Jazz if he's not careful firing them, which doesn't match the way you could spray projectiles all over the screen in the previous games at all. It's nice that you can't just breeze through the game for once with your default weapon alone, and all the other weapons so much more damage than the blaster that you'll want to use them as much as you can.
It does help you respawn right where you die when you lose a life, and the game saves itself at the end of each level, keeping track of your ammo and lives count.
The problem is that each of the three levels on each of the five planets look more or less identical, and you'll only be fighting one or two enemies throughout that entire level.
It's nice that somebody wanted to bring the series back, but if they were going to put this little effort into it, they really shouldn't have bothered. There's actually something of a plot this time around, with dialogue and cutscenes between words. Jazz can also collect money scattered around the levels, and at the end of each planet is a shop where he can use the money he finds to buy weapons and extra lives. The writing's not mind-blowing, of course, but it's appropriately goofy, with a few chuckle-worthy lines. You have to wonder why they needed this kind of realism was needed in a game about a cartoon rabbit who can hold six or so guns in his pocket.
Combing it with the blaster makes it shoot fireballs, and combining it with the Launcher makes a rocket launcher. The music is made from samples, so it automatically sounds better than 90% of the GBA's music library, but it's all very generic and lacks a suitably metal boss theme. You no longer have ammo, instead your weapons are tied to a regenerating universal ammo bar.

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