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Look into every great religious, spiritual, and wisdom tradition, and we find the same precept — that life’s ultimate truth, its ultimate treasure, lies within us. As Jesus made unambiguously clear, we can experience this inner treasure — and no experience could be more valuable. In every case, it’s understood that this inner, transcendental reality can be directly experienced.
Over the past 20 centuries, leading Christian figures have written extensively on this inner kingdom of God and their personal experience of it. Gregory of Nyssa, an early Christian theologian, was one of the four great fathers of the Eastern Church and served as Bishop of Nyssa, in the center of modern-day Turkey. Born into an eminent Roman family and heir to a large fortune, Gregory decided to become a monk.
Sometimes the soul is admitted to some unwonted sweetness of interior relish, and is suddenly in some way refreshed when breathed on by the glowing spirit. The soul has a hidden abyss, untouched by time and space, which is far superior to anything that gives life and movement to the body.
My soul at once becomes recollected and I enter the state of quiet or that of rapture, so that I can use none of my faculties and senses.
Everything is stilled, and the soul is left in a state of great quiet and deep satisfaction. From this recollection there sometimes springs an interior peace and quietude which is full of happiness, for the soul is in such a state that it thinks there is nothing that it lacks.

After completing a masters degree in English at Columbia University in New York, Merton entered the Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani, in Kentucky, as a monk.
The utter simplicity and obviousness of the infused light which contemplation pours into our soul suddenly awakens us to a new level of awareness.
Readers who practice the Transcendental Meditation technique will recognize in these passages clear descriptions of transcending — the natural phenomenon of mental activity settling down, like waves settling on an ocean.
We now know, from extensive scientific research studies, that during Transcendental Meditation practice, during the experience of transcendence, brain functioning becomes integrated, physiological activity settles down, and one experiences a unique state of restful alertness, a fourth major state of consciousness Maharishi calls Transcendental Consciousness.
The Transcendental Meditation technique is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment.
The kingdom of God, Jesus replied, is not something people will be able to see and point to. Plato refers to it as the Good and the Beautiful, Aristotle as Being, Plotinus as the Infinite, St. Augustine, regarded as one of the towering intellectual geniuses in history, wrote more than a thousand works on philosophy, psychology, theology, history, political theory, and other subjects. I find a delight in it, and whenever I can relax from my necessary duties I have recourse to this pleasure.
After he became Pope at the age of 50, he devoted himself to social causes, the first pope especially known for doing so.
There the mind is besprinkled with the infusion of heavenly dew from an inexhaustible fountain. Martin Luther honored Tauler as a primary influence, and Tauler has exerted a profound influence on religious thought ever since. Into this noble and wondrous ground, this secret realm, there descends that bliss of which we have spoken. Even speaking — by which I mean vocal prayer and meditation — wearies it: it would like to do nothing but love. We enter a region which we had never even suspected, and yet it is this new world which seems familiar and obvious.

To go within is so simple; it is so natural for every man to go to a field of greater happiness. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any medical condition. His Confessions, from which the following passage is taken, has remained a popular and influential work for almost 1,600 years.
He reformed the mass and introduced the ritual plainsong known today as the Gregorian chant. He published more than 15 books of spiritual writings, poetry, fiction, and essays, and participated in movements for social justice and peace. The old world of our senses is now the one that seems to us strange, remote and unbelievable.
All this message of the inner life and outer life is not new, the same age-old message of the Kingdom of Heaven within. We are pleased to make his art available as a museum quality print and in full-color photographs. He took great interest in the religions of the East, particularly Zen, for the light they shed on the depth of human consciousness.
His book, Morals on Job, from which the following passage is taken, influenced religious thought for centuries. Teresa initiated the Carmelite Reform, which restored the original contemplative character of the Carmelite order. Without exception, born as man, every man has the right, the legitimate right to enjoy all glories that belong to him, all glories of the inner world and all glories of the outside world.
In 1970 she was Doctor of the Church — one of just 33 individuals, and the first woman, to be so honored by the Catholic church.

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