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Beautifully preserved mosaics unearthed in a fifth-century Israeli synagogue have intrigued religious scholars with their depictions of both Biblical and possibly non-Biblical figures.
The stunning artwork was discovered as part of an ongoing excavation at a synagogue in Huqoq, an ancient Jewish village in Israel’s lower Galilee.
Magness told The Huffington Post she originally began the excavation in order to examine a specific type of late Roman architecture known as a Galilee-type synagogue. According to the Bible, Samson was a legendary warrior of great physical strength who defended the Israeli people against their enemies, the Philistines, Britannica notes. Something of a controversial figure in the fifth century, Samson was relatively unpopular with the rabbinical sages who disapproved of his consorting with non-Israelite women, according to Magness.
During the Late Roman period, both the Jewish and Christian populations in Galilee had strong expectations that either the Messiah (for Jews) or the second coming of Jesus Christ (for Christians) was imminent, Magness said. Another other mosaic unearthed by the archaeologists is also fascinating, albeit because of its dearth of Biblical context. Some researchers have suggested that the mosaic is connected with the story of the Maccabees, a Jewish family that organized a successful rebellion in the second century B.C. Magness said she and the rest of the team will continue to research the origins of their discoveries. On the morning of Tuesday, June 29, 2010, outside the Old City of Jerusalem, we made an unprecedented archaeological discovery related to Jesus and early Christianity. In studying for this devotion around this beautiful parable, I came across all this amazing research and insight into it, and other parables, and its inspired us to do a “Parable Series.” Keep your eyes out for it over the next few weeks.

There was a shepherd herding his sheep deep in the desert, when he noticed one was missing. But because God will always be true to himself, he never abandons us in our lost state, but relentlessly pursues until we accept to be found by him. God isn’t picky with who he goes after, he doesn’t prefer some over others – there’s just lost people he desperately desires to be found.
We should join him in his pursuit as those who have been found, staying true to who God has created us to be: lovers of him, ourselves and humanity. Besides, even though I’m found, I still need finding… it’s the journey of life and faith. Devotions to your InboxSubscribe and get a whole swag of desktop and device wallpapers free!
A team has been working at the site since 2011, led in part by Jodi Magness, a distinguished professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
But in 2012, the researchers found their first mosaic: a somewhat fragmentary depiction of the Biblical hero Samson. The discovery has led Magness to wonder if she might have stumbled upon Israel's first known Samson "cycle" (or grouping of several artworks featuring the same character) from around the fifth century.
In perhaps his most famous story, Samson reveals to the seductress Delilah that his hair is the source of his strength, leading to his capture, blinding and enslavement.
However, the discovery of the Huqoq mosaics suggests that the warrior enjoyed popularity among lay people in the area, perhaps because of his reputation as a sort of "prototype" for the long-awaited Messiah, she told HuffPost.

Samson's mythological associations with the Messiah may have therefore made him a favorite of these cultures, she explained. With its colorful elephants and humans, the artwork appears to be apocryphal (or unrelated to the Bible) -- an extremely unusual find in a religious building. They will return to the site next summer in the hopes of one day excavating the entire synagogue. Deep in the desert, with no one else around, this shepherd didn’t have to look for it, no one would have made him accountable, no one was watching.
V4 says, “If he loses one of them, does he not go looking for it?” If HE loses one… It was the shepherds responsibility to keep the sheep safe. He pursues the one, the lonely, the hurt, the neglected, the prideful, the resented, the hopeless, the sinner… He woos the individual on a global-all-inclusive scale.
We live in Australia and get a bit excited about awesome coffee, beach days, reading books and jumping on the trampoline with our kids. They would hum a short tune or signal, or even had a little flute, and the sheep would follow the distinctive sound of their shepherd. We find it hard to hear the sound of his song in the midst of the bang and clatter filling our lives from all around us.

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