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In Part III of our detailed insight into the tactics and coaching methods of Jose Mourinho, a look at Mourinho’s staff, philosophies and methods. One of the many nice surprises on the “NSCAA Jose Mourinho Tactical Thinking Course” was the fact he brought his entire staff along with him for the presentation.
The first thing that struck me was that they had a few academics among them, who have studied at top universities across Europe and were well aware of how to collect and analyse information that would be vital in helping to develop methods and programs. Faria is always referred to as a ‘Fitness Coach’, however, Mourinho dismissed that label right away. The language barrier made this slightly difficult to understand through the chart, but luckily Faria explained it very well.
With that determined, Faria and Mourinho can then work together to make sure that the training methodology is geared towards this style and is always connected to the game.
Mourinho explained that the selection of training exercises should always be consistent with the way you would like to play.
He breaks a game down by focusing on the ‘Offensive’ and ‘Defensive’ organization of a team.
Defensive organization focuses on shape, marking patterns, and breaking the team into sections e.g. However, Mourinho was quick to point out that the information given to the players could not be as detailed. Well aware of the attention span of a modern day footballer, Mourinho does not bombard the players with all the information in one meeting. After evaluating the player, they then report back to Mourinho with a grade between 1-5 of how much they value the player.
Goalkeeper Coach, Silvino Louro, used a lot of diagrams and bar charts to show the training patterns of goalkeepers. The records of injuries went down to sessions, days, times, and always looked for patterns and any correlation they could find. When we watched the two training sessions, Iker Casillas arrived first for both and I was impressed by his workrate, especially with his warm-up routines involving his footwork. When asked what is the most difficult aspect in working with today’s global stars, Mourinho replied that getting players to “think as a team” is a great challenge. The last question was certainly the most intriguing as Mourinho was asked how he handles his weaknesses. He then jumped off the stage and went straight to practice, not wanting to miss the preparation time needed before the session started.
PLAY is a new section on Just Football for coaching, youth development and all things related to playing the game.  To learn more and get involved follow the link and follow us on Twitter or Facebook for regular updates. Jose Mourinho bullishly declared his side will win the Premier League, as he batted away questions over his squad's morale after they were eliminated from the Champions League. The pair grew close during their time working together at Barcelona as part of Louis van Gaal's backroom team in the late 1990s.
Koeman has fond memories of that time and the "very ambitious" Portuguese, even if he was "quiet" back then -- an adjective rarely used when describing the Chelsea boss nowadays. The pair have remained friends ever since and go head to head on Sunday, when Koeman leads surprise package Southampton out at Stamford Bridge. Mourinho courted controversy after the reverse fixture in December by claiming there was a "clear campaign" against Chelsea -- inflammatory comments which were followed by the Portuguese showing a softer side.
Koeman knows such controversial comments stem from a desire to protect his players, pointing to Mourinho's success everywhere he has been as proof that it works. Koeman is looking forward to facing his former colleague at Stamford Bridge, where he will be hoping things will go better than his only other trip there as a manager, Valencia's 1-0 Champions League loss in December 2007. As well as Spain, the Dutchman also spent time coaching in Portugal and his homeland before joining Saints last summer - a first voyage into English football and one he made without speaking to his old friend. CommentsUse a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The offhand remarks were delivered smilingly (in French) to the owner of Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot, Mourinho apparently unaware that he was already being recorded by Canal Plus. But the bigger story was his earlier pronunciations on his existing strike force – the apparent denigration of Fernando Torres and Demba Ba, and the mocking of Eto'o. Furthermore, it's not as if Mourinho hasn't mentioned Chelsea's lack of firepower before; the previous Saturday, after it took 93 minutes to score past Everton at Stamford Bridge, he had accepted that "obviously we have some limitations".
Four days later, he reacted again to an Arsene Wenger comment that managers of top clubs underplaying their title chances suffer from a "fear to fail".
In both these instances, Mourinho was reacting to another manager's comments; in the Pellegrini example, he didn't even wait for a tee-up question from the media, tearing straight into the Chilean he had succeeded at Real Madrid.

Another notable example chalked up to Caledonian cunning was Rafa Benitez’s “list of facts” in January 2009. Benitez responded with a five-minute critique of Ferguson’s attitude to authority, referees and, yes, mind games.
For all the perceived psychological success and unquestionable trophy haul of Ferguson and Mourinho, routinely described as the masters of mind games, the raised guns can backfire. Indeed, since Mourinho first bit back at Pellegrini, Chelsea have only won one in four, thanks to that late winner over Everton.
Moreover, by reacting to other managers' words, Mourinho runs the risk of seeming petulant – no matter how amusing the riposte or eager the media to report it. It’s hard to imagine, and not the best outcome: a milder Mourinho makes for a more mediocre media. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho dismissed the quality of his strikers during what he believed was a private chat.
Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic has hit back at critics claiming the Blues’ current strike-force is not up to scratch. We will send regular updates on the ongoing FourFourTwo updates to the email address you have supplied. Dani Alves believes that Barcelona will not enter into Jose Mourinho's mind games because they would lose. But the Brazilian wing-back says that winning on the pitch is where they can beat the Real Madrid boss.
Alves was reacting to the Portuguese coach's continued snipes at the Blaugrana in the build-up to the Champions League matches last week. Alves believes that Mourinho deliberately looks to push the spotlight onto others and that he knows the media will giev him the headlines he craves. Notice: Please subject to GMT+0800 (Beijing Time) if there is no other time zone mark in our info.
Your dealings with such third parties are solely between you and such third parties and we shall not be liable in any way for any loss or damage of any sort incurred by you. Mourinho’s staff includes Rui Faria, Aitor Karanka,  Silvino Louro, Luis Campos, Santiago Lozano, Carlos Lalin and Jose Morais. Like Mourinho himself, the presentation was a lesson in attention to detail and the neccessary steps for a top European club to function. Faria is well know to be Mourinho’s right hand man, never too far away from him on the Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid benches.
He explained to us that Faria has the same sports science qualifications as himself, so would refuse to give him that title. Basically, the “Operationalization of Complexity” is all the areas within the football department that they have to work with. Personally, I see both Mourinho and Faria look first at the desired destination for the team, and plan backwards to great effect.
He then explained how he and his staff got the players to perform the expected tasks when they are required most: during a game. All players can relate to his work on the training ground as he has different objectives for both, and keeps it all within his framework. The biggest factors in bringing in a player to Real Madrid are the needs of the team, injuries, and the marketplace. Mourinho makes the call but seems more than comfortable to trust his staff to evaluate the talent level needed to play for the Spanish giants.
If the keeper was fit enough and could train for periods of high intensity, he had a good chance of success they felt. Although, having just listened to his assistant coaches, I think they probably had it covered.
Southampton manager Ronald Koeman has been friends with Jose Mourinho for a long time, so he knows better than to get caught up in his Chelsea counterpart's mind games. Your Facebook name, photo & other personal information you make public on Facebook will appear with your comment, and may be used on ESPN's media platforms. If it was easy, you wouldn't lose 3-1 at home to Monaco."If Wenger defends well he draws 0-0 against Monaco and wins in Monte Carlo.
But what must have hurt Mourinho is that the media – initially in France, but rapidly thereafter across Europe – were so keen to exploit his unguarded comments… and that he was quite so cavalier about discussing his players with strangers.
The Manchester City manager had reacted to the 1-0 league defeat at the Etihad by saying that Chelsea were "the team that spends the most money this year"; in response, Mourinho wondered whether the qualified engineer needed a "calculator", running through Chelsea’s January dealings to see that "55 [million pounds recouped] minus 32 [million pounds spent] is 23. Alex Ferguson was widely held to be the master of mind games and the siege mentality, and his many trophies have been held as evidence of his success at soundbites. It's worth noting that Chelsea lost their first game after Mourinho's dual duels with Pellegrini and Wenger – back at Man City in the FA Cup.

The season isn’t going badly: Chelsea top the Premier League with easily the best defensive record. It would be a pity if this urbane, intelligent character clammed up and became “media trained” in the modern sense of saying nothing of interest, or nothing at all. He may have to stay on the right side of the line between loquacious and garrulous, but the gladiatorial Portuguese surely won’t sheathe his sword for long. Most people in football – managers, journalists and fans – are now wise enough to see “mind games” as not much more than benign spin. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Despite joking and looking comfortable in each other’s company, this was a group of professional men who believe that wins and losses are all in the detail. As Faria began his presentation, you could tell that it was not a million miles away from that of Mourinho’s own views. They then study at this model with the playing personnel available and find out what style of play will be most effective. Faria added that there was a “Play Culture” that he defined as players knowing exactly what their individual roles and the collective roles are within the team. The “Pattern and Repetition” referred to the organisation of what tactical element they were looking to work on that week. He did not mind sharing that Mourinho was a hard man to work for, because he constantly focuses on small details.
The attention to detail in these reports was always of the highest degree because that is the base of how you prepare for a match, Morais explained.
During the week before a game at Real Madrid, this video is constantly playing in the locker room, medical room, cafeteria, and weights room. He explained that, after initially watching a player play 6-8 times on TV or specialized websites, they then watch the player 2-3 times live. There has not been much turnover in that department at Real Madrid for quite some time, so this possibly was the easier task of the coaching staff. He focuses on his strengths and did exactly this as he made one last comment regarding having to act like he was perfect to everyone outside the room.
The most famous was Kevin Keegan's 1996 "I would just love it" speech – but as ESPNFC's Rory Smith notes, "Newcastle had already lost their previous three games.
It may not be the Portuguese's main target trophy of the season, but he seemed deflated by his team's flat performance. And after the draw at Galatasaray which leaves the Blues easily the best-placed English team to progress to the Champions League quarter-finals, both Eto’o and Ba shrugged off any suggestion that they had been affected by the backstage remarks. Nobody hearing the Chelsea manager deny his side’s title chances will have decided against betting on them or buying a ticket for an upcoming match.
The end result was “Creation of Habits” which they believed would take them through games with the desired level of performance and result. Another great example of influencing players with methods that may be slightly different to everyone else. He also learns more from his players than fellow coaches, because he does not have enough time to share things with coaches.
But it's very enjoyable to deal with a difficult moment too."Chelsea have yet to concede a goal against Arsenal in four meetings since Mourinho returned to Stamford Bridge at the start of last season. The striker comments won’t make Eto’o throw a strop or stop Mourinho seeking reinforcements in summer. The one that the manager thinks about and helps select the best ones.” As Faria discussed training methodology, Mourinho could not help himself from getting involved. In football, that raft is team spirit, ethics, strategy."We had to adapt because of injuries and suspensions. But Mourinho said: "If we can be champions it's a great achievement but we are not there yet. With Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, Michael Essien all that generation finished - if we can be champions with young and new people, that would be great."We have been top of the league since day one. We have scored some of the best team goals of the season."Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City can still be champions mathematically.
But we have been the best team since day one and we want to be the best team until the last day."Chelsea will have Didier Drogba fit again after an ankle injury disrupted his week, but top scorer Diego Costa could also return after three weeks out with hamstring problems.

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