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Well if you want to have Social Media Success, there are many things that you can do, but here are 5 key points that will help you get just that!
If you use all of these keys for social media success, I'm sure that you will gain the following that you want. In our experience, these projects do not meet expectations and have a high degree of failure because organizations did not take the time to fully plan and define the project in the beginning.
Statement of Work (SOW) management is the key to bringing these important projects in on time and on budget.
Mark Young is the senior vice president of the Human Capital Practice for Synergy Services. The opinions expressed by guest authors do not necessarily reflect the positions of Staffing Industry Analysts. Feedback provides a clear expectation of performance.  Learning what they do well increases a team member’s confidence. Providing feedback in a timely and respectful manner with the intent of helping others improve and succeed, sends a very strong message of support to our team members.  That support fosters loyalty. People like to do business with those they know and respect.  It takes time to build relationships with guests and clients. Feedback drives performance of  the team member aligning it with the objectives of the business. My recommendation would be at least one or two posts per day with a maximum of five posts per day. Unfortunately, many of these projects do not meet their objectives and lead to significant cost overruns. No matter the size, scope or budget of the project or program, creating a well-defined SOW forms the foundation for success by providing the basis from which both parties can effectively manage the project, while supporting a compliant, independent engagement between the two parties.

He is certified as a Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR) and is an accredited Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP).
They are more likely to try more, stretch themselves and share their skills.  Becoming aware of those areas that need improvement helps them improve performance more quickly aligning it with business objectives. When given effectively and in a positive manner it will yield great results.  Check out next week’s post for tips on making your feedback most effective! But a good rule of thumb to follow is five extreme added value postings to one call to action.
The new thing for all of social media is so that you can possibly search for  and have other people search for you is the use of hashtags #. People are good at figuring out whether or not you are you, and when they do if they don't like what they see or they  think it's not you being authentic they will likely unfan your social media. I have worked a wide spectrum from the mainframe computing right to the personal computers of today.
And the great thing about social media is that each of the different ones will teach you what you are doing right and what you doing wrong. A CTA could be a phone call or a phone number or a redirect to another website or an ask for a sale of whatever it is that you're trying to sell.
In Facebook it was launched this past week where people can actually put a # and then the word that they are trying to have searched for and other people can then do a search for that same term.
So if you are starting to post to much you will lose your fan interest, if you are  not posting enough to lose your fan interest. Remember the CTA should just be in one posting per five postings so never more than 20% of what you're posting! If so, start logging those conversations after-the-fact so you can start to use that information as fodder for your social media!

This is an increasing way to cross reference posting, and create niches in which you can thrive. A great tool to use (which I recommend to many of my clients past present and I'm sure will the future) It is called dictation! So if you have a tool either an android or an iPhone or even on your PC or Mac there's an option to dictate directly what you're saying into words on your computer device.
So experiment, and see what the perfect value for your fan base is try to go to much one day try not enough the next.
If you were to talk to just four people in one week and each of them had five questions that is 20 postings for you!
If you consistently use the same #'s likely when people do a search for those #'s they will find you! As a matter of fact, I dictated much of this article utilizing the function on my computer.
Remember if they got those questions than likely 10 other people do too,  so you are not only helping them but you're also helping your own fan base or your prospective fan base or your present-day clients. Of course you have to go back and do some grammar checks,  because obviously the dictation may not work perfectly, but you'll get the idea and it will flow a lot more smoothly once you start writing as you talk! Then on your LinkedIn account if you are doing postings there which are professional basis then you should do probably somewhere between two and four per day.

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