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You can also return to Priestess Corelon and intimidate her with persuasion to receive some gold. The Valley of the BlessedSpeak with Priestess Corelon in the middle of Tirin's Rest M7(1) and afterwards enter and exit the tavern.
The Secret of the Fae PoolsIn the southern part of Galafor you will find the corpse of a man and his journal lying beside M7(9).
If you place them inside the urns in the proper order, you can summon a friendly Boggart or gain a blessing. The woman will ask you to recover her wand which she has lost in the ruins of Adarus M7(8).
The artifact you're looking for can be found at the very end of the tunnels, protected by a group of monsters.
The first option will give you with quite a lot herbs and the second gold and a weak talisman. From it you will learn that was experimenting with some strange stones before finally dying. The woman will ask you for help in getting rid of a group of people inhabiting the northern part of Galafor.

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