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Iggy Azalea dominated airwaves this summer thanks to her star-studded collaborations alongside Charli XCX, Ariana Grande, and Jennifer Lopez.
Plus, the duo reveal additional details of their secret collaborative album, Post Pop Depression. Overlong album fails to carve out a niche in an already crowded field of stadium-sized personalities.
Whist Iggy has stopped crowd-surfing and any other activities that will allow her fans touching here, mostly because they end up fingering her.
Now, she’s looking to continue her meteoric rise into fall as she preps the release of a new track with British pop star Ellie Goulding.
For her part, Goulding sneers with dreamy tenacity as guns fire, buildings explode, and Colin Firth generally acts like a badass super-spy.

Robot’ Season 2 Trailer: Elliot Goes Certifiably Insane After Fsociety Hack Sends Economy Spiraling [VIDEO] Elliot's delusions are even more twisted in 'Mr. In a recent performance in London the pop star who wore her typically revealing stage attire as she rocked the stage in a silver cut-out leotard got up-close and personal with her fans. Robot' trailer teases the aftermath of Fsociety's Evil Corp cyber-attack and it's not looking good. 2 is Nintendo's next highly-anticipated Mario title for the 3DS, but 3DS owners who were looking to purchase New Super Mario Bros.
Nintendo president, Tatsumi Kimishima spoke to Asahi Shimbun about how the company is actively looking to get movies based on its IPs made.
TJ Miller reveals Weasel could get a few X-Men cameos, and there may even be a solo 'Weasel' film planned for the distant future.

Check out this Scott Alexander short story on zombies to see what kind of over-penetration I’m talking about. If this trend continues, distracted walking may become as big an issue as distracted driving.
Is it indicative of the same kind of tone-deaf, unfunny “humor” of Matthew Vaughn’s previous directorial effort, “Kick-Ass”?

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