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Dieser zweite Band - Inner Awareness and Self-Initiation - hilft Dir, Deine eigene personliche Reise zu umarmen und verbessern. Guru Rattana Kaur ist Autorin der Bestseller-Bucher Transitions to a Heart-Centered World, Relax & Renew, and Sexuality & Spirituality. ShareJoin your KYC community this Saturday 5 September for the Aquarian Sadhana at 5am – ok yes that’s a wee bit early we know! Share“Without meditation, and without a relationship to your mind, you fail to use the power of the mind. ShareThis Friday 6 March at 7pm at KYC Newtown we will use the power of the full moon to practice Kundalini Yoga and meditation and strengthen your third chakra. No doubt, when you begin kundalini yoga meditation practice, you might never have had spent such devotional time ever before but once you are into it, you will experience immense peace and satisfaction within you.
Today, with the advent of internet, it has now become possible to access kundalini yoga tips. I'm sure you're used to people calling when they have problems or confusion and then after they sort it all out, live happily ever after you don't hear from them again! Die Erforschung der Ten Bodies und Chakren-Systeme bietet eine klares Verstandnis fur die physischen, mentalen, emotionalen und subtilen energetischen Aspekte dieses Prozesses des Erwachens und zeigt, wie wir uns vom Ego zum Seelenbewusstsein entwickeln konnen. Ihre neueren Bucher sind The Destiny of Women Is the Destiny of the World, The Inner Art of Love, The Gift of Womanhood, The Power of Neutral, and Your Life is in Your Chakras.
No matter, you either master your energy or the energy masters you, kundalini energy is one of the most perfect things you can experience within you.

Initially, kundalini yoga experts recommend working on the development of the meditation muscles.
Before you begin practicing such type of yoga that is closely associated to spiritualism, it is very important to prepare your body and settle down by practising yoga poses five minutes a day initially moving forward to the required twenty minutes a day. Correct alignment is the first and the foremost thing that requires your attention while you plan to begin kundalini yoga for the first time. Find the correct music that soothes your heart and connects you to the eternal love hidden within you. Covering up your spine and head before getting into the yoga position is an important  advice by the kundalini yoga experts as it helps keeps the spine and head warm during the meditation.
Guru Rattana kombiniert nahtlos die Essenz der Lehren Yogi Bhajans mit ihrem eigenen Wissen und einzigartigen Einblicken, die sie aus fast 40 Jahren der personlichen Praxis und des Studiums der Lehre gewonnen hat.
Sie begann ihr Studium mit Yogi Bhajan 1977, ist KRI-zertifizierte Kundalini Yoga Lehrerin und unterrichtet in 15 Landern unter anderem viele Kundalini Yoga Lehrer Ausbildungen.
The inner journey when travelled through by an individual is exceptionally unpredictable and cannot be expressed in words. The right yoga and the right music will boost up your meditation and inspire you in every way. According to the traditional and ancient aspects associated with covering up the head is that this gives much ease to your meditation without mental distraction allowing  you to completely focus on the same. Ihre Weisheit erleuchtet den Weg, der tief auf eine herzzentrierte Reise der Transformation und Selbstfindung, zu einem Ziel der Selbstliebe, des inneren Friedens und der Einheit mit allem fuhrt.

This type of yoga is practiced since the ancient times which work with awakening the energy for spiritual growth.
There are many ways of kundalini awakening but to begin the correct way, it is very important that you find an expert and experienced practitioner who has hands on expertise in kundalini energy awakening. It is always better to learn to sit on the ground as required for doing kundalini yoga so that the natural curves in your spine comfortably fit to the yoga pose you are practising. Listening to 2 or 4 versions initially is advisable until you find one that resonates with you. Though, turbans are the first recommendations for covering up your head but bandhans and scarves can also work. Being considered as one of the powerful spiritual practice, it is advised to begin kundalini yoga under experienced guidance. Yoga associated with kundalini is practiced in sets known as Kriyas which consists of exercises features poses, breath and sound. A few stretch poses are perfect for everyday practice to help develop your core muscles and connect yourself with the base of the spine and spinal cord region as they are closely associated with the kundalini energy awakening process. Once your body adapts a natural position, it will become easier for you to maintain the spiritual kundalini yoga postures during meditation.

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