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Jennifer Lawrence Remembers The Time That Harrison Ford Had No Idea Who She WasPrince Hated the Kardashians Until His Dying BreathGod Might Be Real! Comic book creator Brian Einersen has created a small press comic book, Lady Saga, based on the life, times and public image of Lady Gaga, in the manner of a saint. The book sells exclusively at Marc Jacobs stores in the US, and can be found here, but is in no way officially endorsed by the pop-sensation that is Lady Gaga. DC does a video each Monday that showcases what’s coming up for that week on their TV series. Game publisher Yalla Games and Na3m have had the title Saudi Girls Revolution in development for a little while now, a Middle East-Meets-Fury Road driving game.

Andy Diggle has teamed with Angela Cruickshank and artist Andrea Mutti to create the new six-part miniseries Control for Dynamite Entertainment.
The magazine focuses on drag in pop culture throughout history along with several other interesting profile pieces on the people, places, and things that make the world of drag run.
Since iZombie, Lucifer and Supergirl have already wrapped up, the latest video focuses on the Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.
But before that is released, it looks like we may be getting a comic book, as the publisher have just registered the name as a trademark for comics. Some of the other amazing queens with editorial in this issue include Milk and Shokra, to name a few.

They both bring different styles to life in the magazine and have been paired with some brilliant photographers, including fashion photographer Brian Ziff, who captured Adore Delano (who has a new album dropping in January) in all her radiance.

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