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After years of evolution, we have finally come to understand that a real separation between our inner and "outer"world is simply non-existent. The old idea of the world being a gigantic clock where anything is correlated with everything else merely by cause-and-effect is gone. As a consequence of that, traditional logical thinking and perception based merely on our five senses, even though immensely valuable, is no longer sufficient to perceive the a€?new realitya€? as it appear to be.. In order to fully understand and effectively interact with our environment, they need to be integrated with new and more creative ways of thinking and perceiving.

After watching The Secret and discovering more about how we as human beings, truly have the creative ability to manifest the lives we want, a few friends and I have put a group together to discuss The Secret and our experiences with the Law of Attraction. We meet every week, alternating between a face-to-face meeting and a phone call, and the energy in this group is amazing.
It's an outrageously fun, but intense, discussion about how we're using Law Of Attraction every day in our lives. Our thoughts and beliefs extend their effect beyond our physical body constantly co-creating our environment in a field of possibilities that knows no limits.

In order to understand this, we no longer need to be religious, because now even science has scientifically proven that Universe where we live has its own intelligence (Quantum Physics).
It's non-religious focused (although religion does come up from time to time) and non-political so bring your great ideas and positive energy!

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