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We all share an in-built tendency, as Freud stated, to want to move away from pain and towardpleasure. You know, of course who hewas - he was the first person to fly the Atlantic solo - non-stop all the way toParis. This tendency is part of the human condition for our own good; itkeeps us away from harm and generally helps us to make good choices. An incredible feat which he eventually accomplished in May 1927.He used to dream of flying the Atlantic during his long-haul flights deliveringmail.
Mostpeople settle for pursuing a career that satisfies these basic human wants andneeds and never really think beyond them to what their life could be about.Somewhere along the line, I came to realise that what God wanted for my life,and what I wanted, were one and the same thing. Once he had imagined the possibility of being the first person to do this,he completely committed himself to its achievement overcoming all kinds ofset-backs. This understanding came afterI had determined to find out what God actually wanted me to do with my life.It was a profound moment for me. He did not allow the negative opinions of the doubters whosurrounded him to influence his resolve.When he was unable to purchase the single aircraft in existence that hecalculated would be capable of making that momentous journey, he had his ownairplane designed and built.

I gradually came to understand my innerhopes, dreams and deepest desires as being implanted by God. When itreally came down to it, I finally realised that I needed to look within to discovermy own purpose and once I had found out what it was, it then became possibleto dedicate myself to fulfilling it.So my message to you is simple: it is time for you to wake-up!
If you are not living your dream - or even if you have no dream atpresent - then do not despair because this little book was written for you. We aregoing to help you to find your dream, develop it and then to actually achieve it!To live a truly successful life, you do need to first have a dream.
That is why you are here on the planet right now.By finding and fulfilling your own unique purpose in life you will be livingyour life to the full.It is my hope that you will begin to see yourself as a special person, with a trulyunique purpose in life - because that is the truth! Read that statement again and let it really sinkin because it is true that you can have anything you want; you can be anythingyou want to be and you can do anything you want to do. This may at first seemself-indulgent, but remember, your deepest desires were implanted by God.

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