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Our Manifesting the Law of Attraction series includes several titles on how to useseveral Scientific Feng Shui techniques to increase the Qi of your homes, offices and business to attract and manifest your life in line with your needs and desires. While the concept of Law of Attraction has gain much traction lately, our perspective goes beyond visualization, thou we strongly support it and teach it in our companion meditation class.
In addition, we teach you how to set up your living and working quarters to gather the right frequency of Qi that will assist you in manifesting your visions. Join us for this basic Feng Shui class on easy and proven Feng Shui techniques to help you create a new personal relationship or re-awakening an existing one. Learn how to increase your energy of leadership to advance your career or to create a new one by using easy and proven Feng Shui techniques.
Learn how to increase your money luck using easy and proven Feng Shui techniques. This is the unabridged video recording of the webinar class held live on April 2015. Whether you are familiar with meditation and visualization or not, this class is very easy and particularly designed for beginners.

Welcome to the Feng Shui for Architecture – American Training Center Online , the only online school of Feng Shui specializing in the application of Scientific Feng Shui to Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Design.
Each course is offered as Live Webinar courses and Pre-recorded Self-Study courses for professional and general public.
You can attend all of our courses from the comfort of your home, without the hassle of driving, parking, flying or lodging anywhere else. My journey to find the Feng Shui teacher started about four years ago, and during that time I've tried taking a few classes online, but those weren't good fit for me. I feel that Feng Shui is a powerful tool we can use to make a world a better place, and I'm very excited to have the opportunity to learn about it. I am now quite confident that the readings I have done match the experience of the people who live in them.
Mainini and proven particularly effective in her experience working with clients for nearly 20 years..

Mainini has selected techniques from the Xuan Kong system, Eight Mansions, Chinese Astrology, Five Elements and Eight Trigrams to specifically help you in manifesting your visions. I think it's a good idea to require students to read lots of buildings - mistakes and all - because I would not be at this point if I hadn't read so many buildings. These techniques will assist you also if you are a business owner planning on bringing your business to the next level. Why… Law of Attraction February 7, 2013 posted by admin The truth about faking it ’til you make itYou really do have to fake it to you make it! Fake… Being yourself January 28, 2013 posted by admin Show the world, let your light shineShow the world!

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