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Movie : Laws Of Attraction Get ready to fall in love with the year's wittiest romantic comedy! See their Pictures, Watch Videos and Clips of Movies they were in, Answer Quizzes, and Connect with Fans just like you! Look no further - watch Movie Trailers, Clips, Answer Quizzes, and Connect with other Movie-goers just like you. Discover Travel Destinations, View Pictures, Videos, or get Opinions from fellow Travelers before you book your next Trip.

So what sets this movie apart from the endless parade of silly and boring romantic comedies that regularly are presented to the public each and every year?
It's one of the very few movies that I can watch over and over again, and I often rewatch it whenever there is nothing decent on the 70 cable channels that I have on TV (I bought the DVD).
The characters and plot in this movie are entirely believable, all the actors are a delight to watch, the dialog is witty, and the Irish setting adds a nice touch.
Romantic comedy doesn't get any better than this and I highly recommend it for lovers of that genre.

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