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Are you thinking about applying for the elite SES ranks or for an SES Career Development Program within the next five years?  If the answer is yes, then now is the time to start planning! Federal employees eligible to apply for the government’s SES-track Career Development Programs (CPDs) come from the manager and senior technical levels: GS-14 and 15.
The best advice to all potential SES applicants is to start writing the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) right away.
The Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) are OPM’s tool for assessing whether you have demonstrated the levels of leadership necessary to join the SES to be accepted into an SES Career Development Program.
If you start writing your ECQs now, you can also use this as an important self-assessment tool. The practical reason for this self-assessment is that you’re going to have to prove your SES worthiness with specified types of real-life examples. ECQ #1 – Leading Change: This competency is about leading change, not just implementing change. ECQ #2 – Leading People: The second ECQ centers on the ability to lead people toward meeting the organization’s vision.

ECQ #3 – Results Driven: The third ECQ relates to action, staying on task, following up, and being driven by the desired results. ECQ #4 – Business Acumen: To tackle this qualification, you need three “hats” – leading finances, human capital, and technology.
ECQ #5 – Building Coalitions: The fifth ECQ is about partnering, political savvy, influencing and negotiating.
Writing your ECQs is like writing your own executive leadership book about what you have accomplished. Like in show business, in government there are no “overnight successes.” Instead there can be many unnoticed years of dedicated hard work as you head toward future leadership roles.
If you are lacking some of the real-life examples, then you need to fill in the gaps over the next several years by seeking career opportunities to help you achieve your goal. You need to write two examples for each of the ECQs from your past work experience which show that you already demonstrate a particular leadership competency. Your example might address conflict management, leveraging diversity, or implementing career development.

It’s an important exercise that can result in increased confidence in your achievements and an impressive resume. If you have managed a program, changed an organization, lead staff through difficult times, worked through a changing budget, or developed a new partnership, then you have some excellent accomplishments to start writing your ECQs. The ECQs are also important talking points for your next behavior-based interview.  For instance: What is your best accomplishment for 2011? But think of contracts, procurements and budgets for finance, restructuring, recruitment and training for people, and security, IT security and automation for technology. What was my role in the change?” Remember, this is not about what your department did, but what you did to lead change.

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