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Leaders who understand how people tick can get them working with change rather than against it. Instead of focusing on “overcoming resistance”, you find out how to work with human nature to engage people positively with change. You learn why change fails and, more importantly, what you can do to ensure that people remain certain, purposeful, in control, connected and successful during times of change. Simply put, the course equips you with a straightforward practical framework, and a set of tools and techniques that help you deliver a substantial return on investment in change.
Participants can then go on to run ‘Embracing Change’ with their teams to achieve the double benefit of effective leadership working with receptive people. Leading Change is a Canada-wide movement started by young environmental and sustainability professionals working together to catalyze action and influence positive change locally, regionally and internationally. The next Forum for Emerging Environmental Leaders will take place March 1st, 2016 at the Morris J. Thank you to all who applied – you will hear from us soon regarding the status of your application! This year’s theme is “Preparing for the New Paradigm,” an energy-filled day of workshops focused on learning about new models and economies shaping the sustainability space, discovering emerging career opportunities, developing professional skills and building capacity.
Based on years of research from some of the worlda€™s foremost thought-leaders,a€?Leading Changea€? takes a refreshingly simple but highly effective look at the challenges change presents. Using the best principles of Accelerated Learning, this workshop engages, stimulates and educates the learner in a way that ensures retention and application of knowledge is maximised.
For a€?change-in-operationsa€? (change) initiatives to be successful, new work practices must be integrated and refined until they are equally repeatable as existing work routines.

Finally, delegates learn a process for leading the change journey using the 8-Step process for change developed by John Kotter. The workshop culminates with the completion of a Leading Change™ scorecard and action plan to capture the delegatesa€™ learning and actions against all of the elements of the programme. Discovery learning a€“ pre-work introduces concepts and the workshop draws out this information to develop skill and insights. Activity based learning a€“ engage participants in a series of exercises and activities to apply key learning to their current change focus.
Application based a€“ results in a structured action plan to assign accountability for next steps and guide team activities.
Research Based a€“ leverage the 30+ years of the top thought leadersa€™ applied research on Leadership and Change from Harvard Business School plus the experience of the facilitator who has worked in the corporate world for 25 years having held various senior executive positions. Practical examples a€“ Our Master Facilitator has had over 25 years of practical experience in the corporate world.
John Paul Kotter (born 1947) is a professor at the Harvard Business School and author, who is regarded as an authority on leadership and change. Take 10 minutes to visit the following websites and educate yourself on Kotter’s 8 step change model.
You then learn the leadership principles and behaviours required to work with the grain of human nature to get people working with you to accelerate change and make it stick.
The objective is to address environmental, social and economic issues that are critical to attaining a sustainable future for the next generation.
Wosk Centre for Dialogue in Vancouver, BC. The one-day Forum, engaging 150 Future Leaders 19-35 years of age, is held in association with the GLOBE 2016 Leadership Summit for Sustainable Business.

Based on years of research from some of the worlda€™s foremost thought-leaders, Leading Change™ (LCa„?) takes a refreshingly simple but highly effective look at the challenges change presents for managers and leaders alike. LCa„? works by engaging leaders at all levels to become an active part of the change effort; to understand the principles of effective change and provide leadership and support necessary to make change stick. Once again, this is reinforced through activities and exercises linked to the story of penguins on a melting iceberg as well as relating the process steps to change in the delegatesa€™ own organizations.
Please become familiar with all 8 steps as you will need to apply these in the next learning activity. This event is focused on building the next generation of corporate leaders, policy thinkers, entrepreneurs and community actors. This leads us to a€?The Change Challenge.a€? The issue that most change programmes fail to address is all to do with implementation. Kotter proposes an 8-step change model (Figure below) to assist organizations in successfully implementing change initiatives. They fail to identify the talent needed for tomorrow and once they manage to secure the talent, what do they do with it?. Understand the indicators of change progress within the Bridges (personal) and Kotter (business) models.

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