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For the brands that dominate their industries, we’ll always wonder what makes them so successful. At the same time, however, the 21st century is all about creativity and innovation, and individuality stands as the main ingredient to make these things possible. Ignoring Your Own Blind Spots – No one is perfect and that means we have blank spaces in terms of our understanding. Putting an Emphasis on Opinions Instead of Learning – Opinions present themselves as a barrier to learning. Seeking Instant Gratification – Unfortunately, technology has conditioned humanity to develop a desire to have everything “now”. Focusing on Thought Rather than Action – Perhaps there’s a project in your organization that has been spoken of for years but has no legs. If you look at the list above, you might notice certain beliefs or practices that prevail within your organization.
Identify Obstacles and Discuss Them – Instead of devoting meetings to brainstorm ‘game-changing’ ideas, why not host meetings to discuss your approach to business change? Study the Practices of Successful Organizations – Reviewing a few case studies every week can go a long way. Learn the Art of Change Management – It’s important to recognize change management as an art and science which anyone can learn and implement.
It takes a balance of individuality and collaboration to achieve noteworthy changes within a business setting. So, I am now a Licensed Facilitator for this workshop, and I would certainly recommend to anyone that feels a bit stuck (maybe their Agile Transition is not going so well…) to make a step to recovery and give me a shout, or if you are just thinking of a great change initiative (for instance, want to implement Scrum or XP within your company), that works brilliantly as a planning and team building workshop too. Over the years, John Kotter has found that companies that are the most successful at embracing change follow the same patterns. One of my dreams is to step foot in as many countries as I can in this lifetime, learning and contributing to the well-being of people of all walks of life.
The place is brimming with energy – driven by the vision of great leaders who, in my opinion are tremendous change catalysts.
They confront the brutal reality – to make sure that their economy is not dependent purely on oil and prospers into the future generations, they are taking the difficult steps of diversification and re-shaping the skills and capability of its people. The Emiratis are inspired by a bold and empowering vision, which in turn is creating significant opportunities and in many cases, simply a chance of survival not just for Emiratis but for hordes of expats who are drawn like bees to honey. He makes AED3000 a month (about AUD$800), of which after paying off his rented accommodation and meals, he’d save AED1000, every cent of which he sends home to his family – a wife, one young child and his parents. Mahmoud is just one of hundreds of thousands of people all over the UAE who share a similar story. They believe in and practice the principle of “synergy”, unafraid of drawing on the strengths of others.
Apparently, only 1 out of 11 people in the UAE are local Emiratis – 91% of the population are expats (like Mahmoud) filling all sorts of roles. The place is a hive of activity with ambitious jaw-dropping projects evident everywhere – freeways, bridges connecting islands, world-class tourist-enticing facilities, eye-catching skyscrapers and a way-of-the-future hub for cleantech companies called Masdar City.
What a powerful testimony of what’s possible when we decide to collaborate, embrace diversity, to break down silos and to appreciate the strengths rather than dwell on weaknesses of others. O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios. Yesterday, I wrote a post about how the movie “Moneyball” was an effective lesson in organizational change  and referenced the four stages of team development.
When you understand this simple model and look for the clues in your own team’s development, you can grow through change much easier.  In fact, by understanding this model, you give yourself that slight advantage over others because when problems arise, not only do you expect them, but you welcome them.  Because you planned for it and it means you are moving into a new stage! In the initial stage, everyone gets acquainted with each other and the processes. Most of the team will be positive and polite, while some will remain anxious, as they don’t understand the direction or their specific role. Leadership Role:  Managers will need to be very visible through this stage because roles, responsibilities, and expectations may not be clear.
Management will need to be an active team member and be available to manage the day to day activities.  Goals should not be set too aggressively and focus should be on small victories and celebrating success. At this phase it is easy to be part of the team and new members can onboard very quickly, which means there can be an active talent recruitment effort. Leadership Role:  In the performing stage, leaders should be looking for new leaders to emerge from within the team.

Can you see how powerful this model is?  In the training program we rolled out in March of that year, we planned for the storming stage to happen around September.  And wouldn’t you know it, people started whining, complaining, and pushing back completely. Filed Under: Business Strategy Tagged With: Change, leadership skills, Organizational Change, Strategy, Team Building, TrainingLike this post?
As a bonus, I will send you my Asking the Best Sales Questions Guide to help you build better conversations.
Joe works with entrepreneurs, large multinationals, and everything in between - including universities and government. It’s as if they’ve found a formula or tapped into some mystical force that grants them staying power. As a result, their attempts to reinvent themselves falls into a situation reminiscent of “development hell” found in Hollywood.
It’s not unusual to find that what you were taught in school has little application in an office setting. The hive mind nature of business and demand for uniqueness creates a clash, making change in business a tricky subject. If you don’t acknowledge this, you’ll close yourself off to opportunities that could spearhead the organization. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, once said, “everyone wants to be big but no one wants to lift heavy weight”. While they are important, allowing opinions to dictate whether an idea is good or not can remove objectivity from the picture. However, this attitude can be an Achilles’ Heel for businesses since such desires lead to impulsive decisions that may only hold a company back. But when you follow every idea under the sun, it’s hard to invest time and energy into one or a few that may actually have merit. Remember, if these “roadblocks” are present, it doesn’t mean that they have to stand in the way of organizational change.
When you learn what makes industry giants successful, you’ll recognize methods that can improve the way your own company functions.
There will be challenges, but making the effort to identify psychological barriers is the first step in successful change management. If so, browse through our change management courses to see how they can benefit you and your colleagues.
This workshop allows teams and leaders to explore their particular area of change in an original, fun and extremely powerful way. I would be happy to facilitate this workshop for you, with the energy that characterises all the trainings I run! Last month, I reached another milestone – my first workshop in Abu Dhabi made possible through the tremendous collaboration and partnership we have with Blue Visions Management and their client, the Regulation Service Bureau in Abu Dhabi.
Research (“Emotional Intelligence”, Daniel Goleman, 1995) on emotional intelligence has shown that the ability to lead change is a trait that distinguishes high performing leaders (a la Lee Kuan Yew, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela) from the rest.
I learned first hand that local Emirati women play key roles in the workforce, working with the likes of well-credentialed expats from all over the world.
I am personally inspired by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan former President of the United Arab Emirates and former Ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi – God bless his soul – who I’m surprised and embarrassed to not have learned more about until I got to Abu Dhabi!
When I asked Mahmoud what he thought about Abu Dhabi, he told me how much he loved the place for giving him a chance to support his family. I will always fondly remember Abu Dhabi as a city of great “love” – tremendous sacrifices by people who are able to find simple pleasures in life and express gratitude in adversity.
They empower others who have the expertise they need to get the job done, removing roadblocks that stand in the way.
In many cases, this has created tremendous win-win situations – cabbies, restaurant hosts and hostesses, cleaners, senior HR professionals, engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs etc. An example of this is Emirates Aluminium (EMAL), a state-of-the-art aluminium smelter that is a joint venture between Dubai Aluminium and Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala. The latter is being constructed 17 kms out of Abu Dhabi and will rely entirely on renewable energy sources, with a sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste ecology and will be a car free city. There is an opportunity to delegate and empower potential up-and-comers.  In this stage, leaders should concentrate on developing new talent and looking for ways to really enhance the abilities of the team members. But it all starts with understanding what you are up against, embracing the reality and pushing through to see your goals completed.  Don’t give up at the first sign of struggle.

Also, if you would like to see the CRM and sales training plan, let me know below and I will map that out as well. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.
He applies his skills, experience, and unique perspectives as a top performing sales leader and more than a decade working in education to help his clients get more done while having FUN.
Perhaps your own organization has found itself in such a predicament – tossing ideas back and forth in a tedious effort to innovate from within. The practices that are preached by some experts are rejected outright by others who consider themselves to be knowledgeable. Corporate culture can’t change the ingrained habits and attitudes of an employee, and that right there serves as a roadblock. Even in cases where everyone agrees with each other, the approach that a company takes can be a faulty one. Not only will you learn effective change principles, you’ll also learn things such as critical thinking skills, how to manage conflicts, and negotiation techniques. Think about it – most are first generation within their family to work in a modern office, yet, I was impressed by the Emirati women (and men) I had the privilege of working with at the workshop, who conducted themselves with great competence and grace. His Highness was the principal driving force for the formation of the UAE in 1971, a federation of seven Gulf sheikdoms. He took pleasure in simple privileges like being able to walk out at night without fear, something his homeland of Afghanistan could not provide and something we in the Western and other developed economies take for granted.
AED1000 was “barely enough” to pay for his father’s medical bills – a visit to a decent hospital in Afghanistan sets him back as much as AED3000. Together, they form the fourth largest aluminium smelter in the world, one of the largest industrial projects in the UAE outside the oil and gas sector and one of the key projects leading the diversification of the UAE’s economy. Inspired to create or revisit your vision, to not be afraid to draw on the expertise of others and to have a “whatever-it-takes” mindset to achieve that vision.
The very product or service they sell, their marketing attempts, and the personality of their brand can translate into either recognition or obscurity.
Whether you notice it or not, the conflicts arise because of the ill-conceived notions and practices among the employees. Business by nature functions on the principle of a hive mind – the sharing of concepts, ideologies, and values among an entire organization. Change management only succeeds if you and your colleagues are willing to give up old practices and work outside of your comfort zone. That’s why it’s essential to address attitudes and habits that may serve as roadblocks, before spending time on brainstorming new ideas. Such change can only occur when people believe their leaders have their best interests at heart. A man who believed in the philosophy of TEAM (“Together Everyone Achieves More”) and was able to infect others to share this belief. He gets to visit his family for 5 weeks every 2 years (a part of his “contract”) – making me feel incredibly blessed for every moment I get with mine and my access to Skype!!! The customer service experience provided by the company itself can define a corporate identity – just look at Amazon. No one’s at fault, and there are ways to fix it, but the organization needs to recognize the problem as whole. This ‘setup’ is the reason why there is such thing as a corporate culture in the first place. By doing so, the strategies that your organization undertakes will fall into place and be more effective. A man who is held in deep reverence by his people even after his death in 2004 – see here a moving tribute to His Highness Sheikh Zayed. However, organizational structure can play an even larger role than all the other factors mentioned.

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