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Fans of Star Wars are rejoicing with the release of the seventh episode in the series, The Force Awakens. When the center of mass shifts away from being vertically over the contact point, there is an external torque on the sphere. Once the sphere starts rolling, the inside mass could just stay at the lowest point—except there is some external friction which will require the inside mass to continue to ride up the side and provide some torque.
Lesson Objective: After this lesson, students will have gained a better understanding of the mechanics of toys like the BB-8 remote controlled robot. NuSkool is an entertainment learning platform that finds teachable moments in popular culture.

NuSkool produces articles, standards aligned lesson plans, quizzes and other types of assessments.
Learn the names and locations of the world's major rivers, including the Shatt al-Arab (Arvandrud), with the World's Longest Rivers Map Quiz.
There is probably some type of magnet inside the sphere to attract a magnet inside of the head.
They will get a chance to explore how a sphere-like object can rotate without being pushed.
Our work began as student engagement specialists, and as experts in both entertainment and education with a special interest in student-centered learning, contextual learning, culturally responsive pedagogy, games based learning and 21st century skills.

Here is a more detailed image showing all the forces on the sphere when the mass moves up the wall.
Our job is to show the world that learning isn’t confined to a textbook and occurs both inside and outside the classroom.
Rumors from production claim Sphero’s technology helped with the development of the actual BB-8 and there was also some puppetry involved in the film version of the droid.

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