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Technology is undeniably changing the face of education, and it’s easy to see the impact already.
Tissue paper flowers, banners, rainbow chalkboards, and loads of glitter adorn the walls of many elementary classrooms. A new study, published in Psychological Science, found that children in highly decorated classrooms are more distracted and make smaller learning gains compared to a minimally decorated classroom. For the study, 24 kindergarten students were placed in classrooms for six introductory science lessons over the course of 2 weeks. The decorated classroom was furnished with decor commonly found in classroom such as science posters, maps, and children’s art works.
The researchers also measured off-task behavior, such as talking to their peers, in both conditions.
The results showed that children learned in both classroom conditions; however, they learned more when the room was not heavily decorated.
The researchers suggest instead of removing all classroom decorations, teachers should consider whether the visuals serve a purpose to learning and how distracting each display may be to young children. Furthermore, visuals that also serve as interactive teaching tools may boost young children’s memory skills and learning (similar to the map in the picture above). Lots of thoughts here- one study with 24 children is not a large enough sample to be very valid. Just wanted you to know that i put this on my FB page and so far it has been shared 32 times. My room eventually becomes decorated by words, student work, and anchor charts as they are created this allows students to easily draw on prior knowledge and support new growth throughout the year. This study supports what I felt was true for most of the students I taught (high school students with behavioral challenges.) Our district encouraged teachers to cover classroom walls with information but I felt that was counter productive. There is so much information about e-learning products and software, but where can you go to get it? This easy-to-navigate site provides you with a variety of resources specific to e-learning. I’ve included this specific link because it’s primarily an app information site for a variety of industry segments.
Once you make your selection, an easy-to-read navigation chart appears with a column for each software you selected. As shown in the diagram above, many of the methods traditionally used in school and training are not the best way to learn. After my book is published I have a still nebulous idea of migrating my small company into being more of a training resource than an implementation resource. I learned that the last project I worked on at my previous employer had an AGV’s battery pack blow up and take out the AGV and the neighboring machine.

I learned that just because someone says that something will happen at a certain time doesn’t make it true. I learned not to turn our bird feeder over to dump out the old seed because lots of seeds pour out of the side pockets making a huge mess.
I learned to never, ever, under any circumstances spray paint anything inside the house even if you put up newspaper to prevent overspray and cover things up. This is a great post and brings up a lot of good points about the different ways people learn and retain new information. Imagine what classrooms will be like in 20 years with the speed of technological innovation. Therefore, it’s important to maintain focused attention in the classroom since young children usually spend the entire day in that environment.
Three lessons were taught in a heavily decorated classroom, and three lessons were taught in a sparse classroom. In the sparse classroom condition, all materials irrelevant to the instruction were removed.
They were interested in finding if children’s attention would shift to another distraction once the visual displays were removed.
Children’s accuracy on the test questions was higher in the sparse classroom (55 percent correct) than the decorated classroom (42 percent). Teachers – you may want to consider a minimalistic, yet relevant, classroom design for the next school year. Not mentioned but in my history shows that ADHD kids fare ever worse in highly decorated classrooms. I have three sources that will give you the perspective you need to be well informed about your e-learning options. Articles older than 90 days are available to everyone, but for more current articles, membership is required.
The three I’ve highlighted will provide you lots of great information and perspective as you navigate the world of e-learning.
I really enjoy the feeling of helping others, at the same time I need to keep learning myself. One reason this is effective for my own learning is that I am forced to read and understand something and then put it in my own words. This involved setting dip switches on the unit , configuring the address, rebooting the power after resetting the dip switches.
Although Automation Fair does include lectures and presentations that fall into a more traditional learning method, Rockwell Automation recognizes that learning-by-doing is extremely valuable for manufacturing professionals. At the 21st Century Educational Technology Classroom Infographic you will learn about some of the key advancements in the 21st century classroom.

By the time the children were taught the science lessons in the sparse classroom, they could’ve performed a bit better because the format of the lessons made more sense to them. Guild research, publications, an events archive, and a conference archive are also available; access varies by membership level. Yet these are the methods most people pay thousands of dollars to engage in with university and tech schools. I agree with the pyramid diagram above that the most effective way to learn is by actually doing the thing you are being taught. I also think that books can serve as a more permanent repository of knowledge than our brains (especially mine).
I have done this in the past but for some reason I don’t think I will forget how this time. Fortunately it didn’t hurt anyone, but it cost a lot of money and delayed completion of the project. Everything else in the schedule is predicated on this, which means that a part run on the first section of the line is set up for the first week in September and a full parts run is set for the second week.
Even if I can’t remember the details of something I have learned I usually remember where I saw it.
That probably would have been my computer, I wonder if I would have been sitting there… This is on a system where lots of safeguards have been planned to ensure that there are no sparks or electrical discharges anywhere near the product.
I haven’t actually learned that this is not going to happen since its not September yet, but having started up, coded and debugged many machines in the past I can see that it is VERY unlikely. At the same time by writing a book and speaking at seminars isn’t that just encouraging others to use the methods that are only 5% and 10% effective according to the chart? How learned: I asked someone who had just powered up their machine and then went and did it on my own machine. I believe that the system will end up shipping unfinished and require lots of work on the factory floor.
I tend to agree with this generally, however as I mentioned in a previous post without a formal degree there are doors that may never be opened to us in the technical world. I could have looked it up (again) in the manufacturer’s documentation but it would have taken longer.
This is where reality meets idealism and people need to make their own judgements on how to achieve their goals.

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