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What is the goal and vision of IMPOK Cooperative?IMPOK is bonding of all OFWs in the Middle East to help and assist each other in times of adversity.
How do I become a member of IMPOK Cooperative?Since IMPOK is on its initial stage, we are encouraging possible members to join now so you will be classified as Pioneer Member! Is one member entitled to only one share in the cooperative?A member must first pay the initial membership fee and the first annual dues to be able to entitle him to enjoy the privileges of being a member. When does one applicant for membership for IMPOK Cooperative acquire his rights as a member?After full payment of the FIRST annual dues, any member then becomes eligible to any and all privileges and rights of being a member. How will the IMPOK Cooperative be funded and where will it get its financial resources for their projects?The sources of funding are:the members share capital and annual dues collection loans or borrowings against the deposits of the cooperative donations, grants aids and other assistance the Board of Directors can acquire from both local and foreign institutions that could help the Cooperative implement its projects and services. Can a member terminate his membership?Membership in the Cooperative may be terminated voluntarily or involuntarily.

IMPOK Cooperative is in infancy stage so we encourage Pioneer Members to enjoy ALL benefits of the Cooperative.
The cooperative is set to ensure that all will have a business of their own enough to sustain their families and in the end could also help them start building their own homes and making their dreams a reality soon. Any members of the family who are active OFWs in the Middle East are eligible for membership as Primary Member. Any member who wishes to terminate his membership must just do so by giving 60-days notice to the Board of Directors.
An interested applicant just have to pay the initial one-time membership fee of $100 and upon verification, a member applicant will then be approved by the Accepting Committee and will be issued their identification card and the Insurance benefit form either by mail or email.
This is a newly registered Cooperative in the Philippines aimed, designed, formed and to be managed by OFWs in the Middle East to help them be able to have a livelihood and housing assistance after their work in the Middle East expires.

And every Primary Member is entitled to enlist up to 3 family members as Supplemental Member. A supplemental member shall enjoy the rights and privileges of a primary member even if they are not OFWs.
Having seen the problems faced by most OFW in the Middle East, she took it upon herself to start and organize a Cooperative that will be based on one common bond- that OFWs can now have a life and a future after their working contracts in the Middle East expires. With the strength of PATV, she believes that we can call the attention of the government, seek support and assistance from other organizations and with dedication and hard work… all the members will be able to build new lives with their families together back home.

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