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Junior Christian Flores joined Oxnard’s boys water-polo and swim team during his freshman year. OHS junior Devon Jackson, can also agree that his sport, wrestling, “has for the most part changed [his] physical appearance [and has helped him] get in shape and gain muscle.” Likewise, Antonio Beltran an athlete who has been in wrestling for two years can agree that wrestling has affected his physical appearance because he is better built. Despite their change in appearance, they believe sports have not changed the way other people approach them but has changed the way they present themselves to others. Since joining their sport, some of our athletes can agree with the fact that they are healthier and happier with themselves. Not only does it affect their physical appearance, but it also has a toll on their attitude towards life.

Some of the athletes at OHS can agree that their sport has changed them physically and mentally by making them healthier and happier. Wesley International School believes that good elementary education is crucial in the spiritual, mental, and physical development of children. Junior Joseph Borja, who plays on the OHS basketball team, has been playing basketball since the age of four.
Since joining the team they “all are burning a whole lot of calories, so [they]  are kind of helping [each other] lose weight,” and Flores has lost around 20-30 pounds. It has ultimately allowed them to take what they have learned from their sport and apply it to situations in life.

Under the loving care and protection of dedicated teachers, our students are able to express themselves freely while being able to explore their dreams further. We also believe that extracurricular activities are of the utmost importance in a child’s spiritual, mental, and physical growth. We provide various activities that help children gain more experiences that would be of great help to them in their future.

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