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Social media’s power to reach millions of people in mere seconds makes it a great tool for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ! You can watch our live stream on Sundays (8, 9, and 11:30 am EST), our Change Today Stream on Fridays (2 pm), or connect with us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or our text clubs! We even take one day a year to highlight all of our social media platforms during our services – we call it Social Media Sunday!

We’re making it as convenient as possible for you to connect to spiritual resources that will strengthen and encourage you on your Christian walk. You’ll find a wealth of products, including books, live stage plays, music CDs, conference series and teaching series on DVD and CD that will elevate your mindset and help you to fulfill your potential in Christ. We are excited about the opportunity to reach the world and help people to get connected to our ministry and to the power of God!

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